Tuesday, August 27, 2019

My thoughts: Procedure 1503

Issues ;-
1. FISA Surveillance Abuse by State actor &/or  Licensed Telecom utilities & non transmission of communication or hacking by state actor:
            Decisions of Cases "...transmitted to you & State Party simultaneously"

USA licensed T-MOBILE & AT&T & Bell Atlantic have allowed Surveillance Abuse in my case, and under Classified 2001 USAF OSI State actor since the inception of FISA in 1978. This also presented in my case as torture; emotional, mental, physical torture and violations of my language freedom to communicate wiith my relatives including my Obasan/ Grandmother in Japan. This form of torture began when I was 3 yrs old in 1978. It continued after 9-11 terrorist attack, and well after my attendance at Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in 2011. I documented this also as electronic warfare &/or Cyber warfare from my end user issue and before current US President Trump cited AT&T as an issue.
My counterargument stands largely on illegal crimes of Humanity that State actors committed against me as a child. This is linked to my being the attachment to a trafficked Alien. The term trafficked I am using in reference to the USA's reason my mother was brought into the United States of America. I was used in illegal experimentation by the local government in Bucks County that resounded through State and Federal Levels of USA.

If there is or was any reservation by the state, United States of America, for classified personnel at home and for their children in public educational institutions that are funded by the government;- I still exist as a sentient and individual human type entity, regardless of the numerous DNA mutations I possess that make me distinct minority in the normal human population. My mother, to whom I was born and who remained a Japanese national well past 1986, had worked building NASA satellite components at Ford-Philco in Landsdale, Pennsylvania, and was exposed to toxic contaminants. 
The State actors who were or are USAF personnel and/or USA intelligence classified individuals and their attorneys, JAGs, and those who enforce and/or supervise their actions at work violated my rights of language freedom, freedom from torture, freedom of association, and heinous cultural violations. I assert that it is not part of Japanese culture for Japanese-American girls as young as 3-5 to be instructed that they were to be raped by USA men. Even under classified programs to date in 2019, there are heinous acts of pedophilia that were exposed under Pentagon.
I was not permitted to speak to my family in Japan over the phone. Additionally, the Richlandtown Elementary School in Quakertown, PA 18951 USA, in Bucks County, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the United States of America enforced such torture and persecution with its Principal, Administration, and teachers so as to torture me and severely affect and impaired my family and social relations as a child. I assert that these acts against humanity are and were an extension of 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ,also known as FISA. The acts against humanity not only involved physical torture at the local government school, also includes being isolated from other children in class to attend what they called speech therapy. It was in a small room and I was instructed to say 'lollipop' for hours in a room with an instructor at the Richland Elementary School up to age 10. Mrs. Nagle specifically was a pedophile who sexually exploited me and physically tortured me at Richland Elementary by isolating me from my classmates during recess and lunch hours. They punished me because I am Japanese descent, not because I had any speech impediment.
This was also an extension of the illegal yet USA funded MK Ultra brainwashing and behavioral projects that continued until 1996.  All of this and more, occurred throughout my attendance K-12 in the Quakertown Pennsylvania, USA school district. I do believe that my father was the enforcer at home of the FISA portion, at our family home as well, in conjunction with saying the word Konnichiwa to my Obasan. There is a difference in State actors as I was physically tortured relentlessly with the Alice Protocol that requires a female torturer in other instances.  All of which are non-consensual and illegal experimentation by the CIA and its actors for behavioral studies in mind control and torture.