Sunday, August 04, 2019

MkUltra my experience part 1

This may accompany my complaint to the UN. I am putting this here in global public access view for purpose of expressing my USA experience. Especially since I was not permitted to use normal means of communication via telephone since 1978 at age 3.
I was named Angela Meredith Kneale in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania USA.
My mother a Japanese National on Visa to the USA informed me that "they (USA) would test on us and that the testing was normally for white people, but they were going to test on us anyway." And she told me that I would be raped and explained the act of sexual rape to me when I was approximately 4 years old. She also instructed me to kill myself, suicide when I could not handle anymore. That no one was there to help her or me and that my death alone would be a message to Japan. Additionally, that I have a duty to my Emperor to serve Japan by representing our family in the United States where few, if any Japanese exist. My mission, peaceable in nature, was explained to me as well. And, that I was not to make complaint to Japan because they didn't care what the USA did to us. I remember her telling me that she was considered genetic garbage since she was a toddler when the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. She also told me about the USA biological warfare in Japan by the USA government. And, that the USA also gave them DDT to which she was exposed in high quantity. Additionally I was told that I wasn't expected to live long for these reasons and so I did not matter as a human being to those around me in Pennsylvania and specifically Quakertown, PA. 
They said the USAF & USA government should track the radiation experiment with us and by age 12 I was instructed to eat a shojin ryori diet or water soluble diet to lower my chance of cancer.
There are multiple levels of the MK testing that included me for tracking in their radiation experiment. Later in grade school years, my parents explained to me
the government intervention in naming me. My Japanese mother was upset they did not permit me to have a Japanese name. They also told my parents my initials needed to be A.M.K. respectively.
My USA father told me that this was because he liked AK-47's the gun. However, I later learned that my initials also embodied an indicator for Alpha Mind Kontrol. Additionally, later in my life I found a copy of what appeared to be the original name I was born with. It was a birth name certificate that stated I was born with the name Angela Merideath Knell. This name has a Master builder number and my middle name was linked to (in verbal explanation) the fairy godmother's in the Sleeping Beauty fairytale as in Meri Weather in that Meri-Death as an allusion to the Angel of death or Dr. Mengele. The last name of Knell being that of the death toll itself and possibly linked to CIA conspiracy theories of the Philadelphia experiment Mr. Knell.
In anycase I was registered with my USA father's surname KNEALE as it was inherited through the Isle of Mann. At the time, only 150 people carried the surname KNEALE within the United States of natural birth to the family. I have never legally married or changed my name in the USA. However, other USA women have stolen my identity from all backgrounds in order to harm my life further.