Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I was abducted in 2006

Pennsylvania & New York persecution &  Discrimination continued;-
Perpetrators: Buckingham Township Engineering office in Mechanicsville, PA.

From the time my brother was killed, I was stalked, harassed, abducted, raped repeatedly, held in confinement and my life was threatened. Buckingham Township Police were able to triangulate my location however they did not take a report from me. There was an initial report opened, however due to the me. Involved running the Township Engineering office;- they refused to take my report later. James Brasted & Ernie Knight were the main perpetrators. Knight happens to be the last name of the attorney who set my brother up multiple times and failed him in court deliberately.
Before my brother was found shot dead
There was one more incident with the rapist & abductor where Doylestown, PA police arrived and didn't take a report from me.
The PSI temp agency, Gail Howard, involved typically took $6000 payment for placing me at these fake "jobs". The men also accessed my laptop & email accounts to make it look like I was working. They threatened my life during this time and would not allow me to leave their sight.
When I was able to return to my office, I found all of the hard evidence and police report numbers had been removed from the file I kept.