Monday, August 12, 2019

Enochian magic ∆Square 3x3 =9

I decoded that they intended to murder me sometime near April 4, 2020 or 2025 close to one of the major Highways for which I have a number. I obtained this information from decoding an enochian magic square from the recess of my mind. 4-4
My sister was killed near 6-6-1970 (8)
Brother near 5-5-2005 (7)
Me  4-4- 2020 (4)

487 is a redundant number on 2 cipher levels if they seek to kill me next year and the number of the highway in Hiroshima, Japan. Obviously sum of the year totalling 6 is possible too. 9 another option as well in 2+0+2+5=9.

When I did my enochian. Square with
The name of God & 3 columns of initials of my siblings and I. It resulted in 3 locations
Valley forge in green & red
Numbers for 2 highways; 1. In Bucks county 2. 1 in Hiroshima

Cipher decoder: numerical
Cipher decoder: Name of God  = 9th Son of Light
Cipher decoder: colors elements

So, it seems they plan to murder me and rest me in sacrifice at Hiroshima.
My late sister RIP Valley Forge
My late Brother RIP Bucks County

They do this to take away power.