Sunday, August 04, 2019

Alice programming; my dream experiences

Alice programming; my dream experiences 

For those who are unaware of mind control protocols, it is a lifelong schedule of administered torture level traumas; mental, physical, emotional throughout a mind control test victim's life. Typically, this trauma begins in the womb. However, I have not gone under hypnosis like other victims due to extreme circumstances & erosion of trust in USA, to uncover possible locked memories in my subconscious.  To this day, I believe that my childhood nightmares were induced as result of illegal psychotronic technologies. 

  • Remote Viewing
  • Martial Arts training 
  • No Cry - beaten daily till I stopped crying while being beaten or blacked out.
  • Alien Invasion - Technology induced dream
  • USMC style problems (supernatural answer) - Technology induced dream

Vigilante altar programming that I believe I underwent as a non-consensual test victim (within the bounds of MK ULTRA/ Monarch Program related sub projects),  I experienced through what I  identified later in life as a subset program emulating elements of Project Stargate.  My immediate childhood environments from 1974-1990 didn't have or allow much more than 30min television or other Hollywood film viewing daily. came across the Alice programming aka Alice in Wonderland protocol in my late 20's and it matched up with several major traumas I experienced In childhood. 
My experience awakening to the realization of extensive mind control affecting my life decisions  caused major issues for me in my sense of trust. 
My Dreamworld was where I have other known & related protocol/programming memories. In other words, my dreams were induced by handler(s). One night when I was 7-8yrs old, I woke to my father administering some sex kitten altar next to me at my bed. As a veteran, He was not declassified from USAF until 2001. His typical command to me was to always 'bring it back'.

I experienced repeat terrifying nightmares for years of my childhood that remain clear in my conscious memory.  I was able to identify as (1) militant alien invasion of armed humanoid aliens in body armor with an alien looking helmet or head (2) and one repeat dream closely resembling a house of pain USMC military question/drill that evolved each time It occurred. I also had other dreams of being hunted and shot at by military dressed men.  

I will however list a few of my dream experiences with less detail;
  1. My Alice Door
I used what I named my Alice door, a tiny door for me to crawl through, in my dream visualization world. The hallway I followed lead me to the altar or dream where I viewed martial arts training in a large hall. Typically, I used this Alice door to also remote view Japan & my Ojiisan. My Ojisan was a high level kendo practitioner, Judan or higher rank in Japan. So, once I used the Alice door and he caught me entering and made me sit in the upper walkway to watch the kendo practice on the floor below me. 
This dojo, was a place I visited frequently and also viewed the same place with a large stunt air bag in it. So, this also was not a small Dojo.
  1. Technology or Psychotronically induced (US) military training. 
Normally these nightmares began with me in bed laying awake. 

A  Mr. Potato Head toy dressed as a doctor walked across my pillow with a needle and other faceless potato heads. I felt pin pricking pain all over my body, which I can only compare to the tingling pain of nerve damage or pinched nerves. It is possible I was drugged or my nerves were tingling from some Electromagnetic frequency of known illegal mind control technologies developed after being banned in Russia after the Russo-Japanese war.
After I passed out, I was in either the dream USMC type problem where they forced me to hide from armed soldiers in an empty white room with soldiers entering from a flush sliding door. This dream changed in number of soldiers, and the angle of the floor. This was my Dreamworld for as long as I remember dreaming till age 12. Though largely between ages 7-9 since I woke screaming and my mother was in the hospital. Once during this dream, they told me I was in my home. This changed my normal blackout reaction so that I ran out through the wall since I realized it wasn't concrete block. The soldiers chased me shooting at me. It took many years of repeating this terrifying dream till I was able to "hide" from the soldiers in plain view. The answer, I do remember. However, the solution to this problem is not a typical answer. My answer that ended this dream s in having developed a supernatural ability.
I had this dream linked up to Godzilla who started appearing outside my window watching me. They included that I was responsible for Godzilla's well being. Godzilla is a metaphor for nuclear war of course. There was one time, I don't remember where I returned from, yet my brother had a strange friend over at the house. I was instructed by my mother that I couldn't play Ultra Man with them (despite a lack of appropriate toys)and that I had Godzilla to take care of(though I didn't have a single Godzilla related toy).
I also had alien invasion repeat nightmares. There are 2 versions I remember repeated.