Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Memory: Imperial staircase with Prussian blue carpet

One of the houses I was taken to as a child was very strange. It was a dirty farmhouse on one side, quite dingy and I walked into a kitchen with a round kitchen table. The F. Poust couple, gamblers my mom met, creepers to me even in early grade school sat at this table when I arrived. The follow up was my entry up a white Imperial Staircase with Prussian blue carpet up the stairs. There were a few large, gold leaf framed oil paintings.
They said maybe someday I would remember... Yet I never forgot.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This sux- book or Testimony

Tough to get rest tonight. I turned down a few book writing opportunities to get more perspective. And then I got to the point where I decided that maybe Noone should hear how toxic people have been to me in my life on the East Coast. A d on the flip side, verify to my assailants what a long list of assailants & assaults  I endured so they can sit back and glean notes off my writing.  This is a page I've thought about starting, and starting to draft. It doesn't make me feel good, like the rest of my testimony of persecution in the USA. Persecution, yes that is the correct word today. I hung onto my life just to write my testimony of my real experiences in the USA 1 generation after the a-bomb. There was little love in my life here, few smiles & lots of haters. I even got into an argument with a MSM (conservative liberal) friend of mine who seems to prefer the jaded &  fairy tale flub and non internationally binding story that ALSO;- doesn't involve the CIA & my father actually having been former USAF intelligence.

I suppose my entire idea of healing took me on a good path. That's a path I rarely speak about over here. So many of USA people don't think I'm a good role model because of my being mixed race Japanese female. It's reality, believe me In the past I payed for a life coach to help me through the hateful comments they make year round.

It's just that the past 11mos. Back on East Coast mainland has torn open all the wounds and trauma of everyone who worked so hard to destroy my family.
I've had to take a really hard look, objectively,  after several people showed me the framework of my reality.
I know my relatives overseas in Japan might not have time to ever hear or read my message. For the. To know that the majority of my life was off course from the knowledge I had of my parents relationship and the toxic Bucks County community where I was raised.
Noone ever lets me speak aBout it over here. All the Americans tell me I'm offending them and should be gratef for the pain and agony they bestowed on my "mongrel" life as a Japanese woman. I don't know where the good people are, those who I really needed to help lift me up. Instead, I gained alot of negativity from the classical piano world and others.
Noone in their right mind would read beyond here. Especially if they think I was like them. No, not like you. I was born to a family Union of two people whose Nations and families murdered hundreds of people at Iwo Jima & Pearl Harbor.
These people hate my existence in the family and on the planet. So instead of having a great happy life, everyone around me was always violent. I'd go to visit my dad's relatives on the weekends and my great grandmom & aunt's would become venemous and my mom told me go & hide from them. She was afraid they would kill me. After all, the hospital murdered my sister in front of her. So she brought me up knowing that I wasn't safe from emminent danger in Pennsylvania for as long as I could remember. She taught me that we were only tolerated in the area because we weren't black. However I wasnt tolerated at school. Kids made fun of me in the bus line I. Kindergarten because of my dark brown summer tan, or because of my brown eyes. They hammered me with every racial slur and Taunt when I was 4-5years old.  They said their parents said I was all of these things. And, it was comepletely dreadful. Noone ever apologized to me.
The teachers only gave their approval of my persecution. And, it evolved into them watching 5girls regularly gang up on me to grab my hair and swing me around while kicking me and beating me at recess. They were the class heros at Richland Elementary back then in 1980-1986. So remember these kids grew up to be adults with kids now. They are no better than they used to be.
So, returning here Is painful. I still don't have much of any sense of being included in the community in a positive way. Not only socially, but financially. The men here don't have anyone to answer to except the women. Knowing how hateful the women are just lends itself to not having many friendships. What started on the playground and in the bus lineup, has become an adulthood living nightmare. Socializing is strained because the friends I do have can't explain my presence to anyone white who is racist. So, I'm excluded from big chunks of social time in the adult world here. Basically persecuted and shamed by the community & even moreso since 9-11.
It's ok if I am present for a few things in public. This is tough to explain to everyone reading. I had a few people who care about my safety and even they got real about telling me they can't trust people around them NOT to hurt me.
So, going to big concerts, festivals, social outings just has never been safe. I have to mention that I'm A repeat abductee & rape victim.  So, obviously my chances of having a relationship or marriage have vanished.
I write this because Japan really doesn't know much of USA besides the happy side of the USA West Coast & Hawaii. There are few of us on the East Coast, and I learned most Japanese over here have green cards. They aren't hafu like me and use that stupid phrase "all Asian" as if nationality has to do with genetics since 1980's. Even in Hawaii, it seems like many people don't read the newer nationality laws of Japan or other places. They speak as if it's still the 60's & 70's.

I know they want to blindsided the outsiders who visit.

I was abducted in 2006

Pennsylvania & New York persecution &  Discrimination continued;-
Perpetrators: Buckingham Township Engineering office in Mechanicsville, PA.

From the time my brother was killed, I was stalked, harassed, abducted, raped repeatedly, held in confinement and my life was threatened. Buckingham Township Police were able to triangulate my location however they did not take a report from me. There was an initial report opened, however due to the me. Involved running the Township Engineering office;- they refused to take my report later. James Brasted & Ernie Knight were the main perpetrators. Knight happens to be the last name of the attorney who set my brother up multiple times and failed him in court deliberately.
Before my brother was found shot dead
There was one more incident with the rapist & abductor where Doylestown, PA police arrived and didn't take a report from me.
The PSI temp agency, Gail Howard, involved typically took $6000 payment for placing me at these fake "jobs". The men also accessed my laptop & email accounts to make it look like I was working. They threatened my life during this time and would not allow me to leave their sight.
When I was able to return to my office, I found all of the hard evidence and police report numbers had been removed from the file I kept.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Enochian magic ∆Square 3x3 =9

I decoded that they intended to murder me sometime near April 4, 2020 or 2025 close to one of the major Highways for which I have a number. I obtained this information from decoding an enochian magic square from the recess of my mind. 4-4
My sister was killed near 6-6-1970 (8)
Brother near 5-5-2005 (7)
Me  4-4- 2020 (4)

487 is a redundant number on 2 cipher levels if they seek to kill me next year and the number of the highway in Hiroshima, Japan. Obviously sum of the year totalling 6 is possible too. 9 another option as well in 2+0+2+5=9.

When I did my enochian. Square with
The name of God & 3 columns of initials of my siblings and I. It resulted in 3 locations
Valley forge in green & red
Numbers for 2 highways; 1. In Bucks county 2. 1 in Hiroshima

Cipher decoder: numerical
Cipher decoder: Name of God  = 9th Son of Light
Cipher decoder: colors elements

So, it seems they plan to murder me and rest me in sacrifice at Hiroshima.
My late sister RIP Valley Forge
My late Brother RIP Bucks County

They do this to take away power.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Talked about my solutions

So tonight I was searching for some solutions. Discussed finding someone to talk to such as a therapist;- here is the issue with USA counselors & doctors;-
They have a wide range of variety and don't need to match the level of personal attention actually needed to be legally functional and have a valid opinion.
Obviously the CIA MK Ultra psychologists and psychiatrists fit this profile as well as racist local level USA psychologists & psychiatrists.

I hired a suitable life coach, graduate of Columbia University, in the past whose fee was $300+ travel/hr. I did this to depart from the onslaught of racist & nationalistic attacks I withstood from Doylestown, PA after 9-11. Is it fair that I have to pay such a high price to navigate their a terse international hatred while they broke labor laws and shut me out of legal reporting to police in Bucks County for their hate crimes? Only about 10% of people were actually didn't cause harm while 80% were easily swayed by racism and verbal attacks on my character for being non-white or black. The remaining 10% were either neutral or took an extremely vehement side to persecute me.

JSDF Trade Wars affecting my personal safety

My United Nations complaint due to emminent danger threats & experiencing  another theft in NY (likely) or MD of some of my identification information to obtain a new passport.

I did speak with someone through a call I MADE TO THE FBI in March/April. For this reason, I am uncertain if the thefts of  my phone & ID, including a portfolio that held my overseas family information in Japan was civilian or Federal or Police. #JSDF

This is more than 50 thefts I have experienced of sensitive personal ID, information of mine.
It is not safe for me in Mainland USA with POTUS current immigration issues, DHS, and trade wars.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Alice programming; my dream experiences

Alice programming; my dream experiences 

For those who are unaware of mind control protocols, it is a lifelong schedule of administered torture level traumas; mental, physical, emotional throughout a mind control test victim's life. Typically, this trauma begins in the womb. However, I have not gone under hypnosis like other victims due to extreme circumstances & erosion of trust in USA, to uncover possible locked memories in my subconscious.  To this day, I believe that my childhood nightmares were induced as result of illegal psychotronic technologies. 

  • Remote Viewing
  • Martial Arts training 
  • No Cry - beaten daily till I stopped crying while being beaten or blacked out.
  • Alien Invasion - Technology induced dream
  • USMC style problems (supernatural answer) - Technology induced dream

Vigilante altar programming that I believe I underwent as a non-consensual test victim (within the bounds of MK ULTRA/ Monarch Program related sub projects),  I experienced through what I  identified later in life as a subset program emulating elements of Project Stargate.  My immediate childhood environments from 1974-1990 didn't have or allow much more than 30min television or other Hollywood film viewing daily. came across the Alice programming aka Alice in Wonderland protocol in my late 20's and it matched up with several major traumas I experienced In childhood. 
My experience awakening to the realization of extensive mind control affecting my life decisions  caused major issues for me in my sense of trust. 
My Dreamworld was where I have other known & related protocol/programming memories. In other words, my dreams were induced by handler(s). One night when I was 7-8yrs old, I woke to my father administering some sex kitten altar next to me at my bed. As a veteran, He was not declassified from USAF until 2001. His typical command to me was to always 'bring it back'.

I experienced repeat terrifying nightmares for years of my childhood that remain clear in my conscious memory.  I was able to identify as (1) militant alien invasion of armed humanoid aliens in body armor with an alien looking helmet or head (2) and one repeat dream closely resembling a house of pain USMC military question/drill that evolved each time It occurred. I also had other dreams of being hunted and shot at by military dressed men.  

I will however list a few of my dream experiences with less detail;
  1. My Alice Door
I used what I named my Alice door, a tiny door for me to crawl through, in my dream visualization world. The hallway I followed lead me to the altar or dream where I viewed martial arts training in a large hall. Typically, I used this Alice door to also remote view Japan & my Ojiisan. My Ojisan was a high level kendo practitioner, Judan or higher rank in Japan. So, once I used the Alice door and he caught me entering and made me sit in the upper walkway to watch the kendo practice on the floor below me. 
This dojo, was a place I visited frequently and also viewed the same place with a large stunt air bag in it. So, this also was not a small Dojo.
  1. Technology or Psychotronically induced (US) military training. 
Normally these nightmares began with me in bed laying awake. 

A  Mr. Potato Head toy dressed as a doctor walked across my pillow with a needle and other faceless potato heads. I felt pin pricking pain all over my body, which I can only compare to the tingling pain of nerve damage or pinched nerves. It is possible I was drugged or my nerves were tingling from some Electromagnetic frequency of known illegal mind control technologies developed after being banned in Russia after the Russo-Japanese war.
After I passed out, I was in either the dream USMC type problem where they forced me to hide from armed soldiers in an empty white room with soldiers entering from a flush sliding door. This dream changed in number of soldiers, and the angle of the floor. This was my Dreamworld for as long as I remember dreaming till age 12. Though largely between ages 7-9 since I woke screaming and my mother was in the hospital. Once during this dream, they told me I was in my home. This changed my normal blackout reaction so that I ran out through the wall since I realized it wasn't concrete block. The soldiers chased me shooting at me. It took many years of repeating this terrifying dream till I was able to "hide" from the soldiers in plain view. The answer, I do remember. However, the solution to this problem is not a typical answer. My answer that ended this dream s in having developed a supernatural ability.
I had this dream linked up to Godzilla who started appearing outside my window watching me. They included that I was responsible for Godzilla's well being. Godzilla is a metaphor for nuclear war of course. There was one time, I don't remember where I returned from, yet my brother had a strange friend over at the house. I was instructed by my mother that I couldn't play Ultra Man with them (despite a lack of appropriate toys)and that I had Godzilla to take care of(though I didn't have a single Godzilla related toy).
I also had alien invasion repeat nightmares. There are 2 versions I remember repeated.

MkUltra my experience part 1

This may accompany my complaint to the UN. I am putting this here in global public access view for purpose of expressing my USA experience. Especially since I was not permitted to use normal means of communication via telephone since 1978 at age 3.
I was named Angela Meredith Kneale in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania USA.
My mother a Japanese National on Visa to the USA informed me that "they (USA) would test on us and that the testing was normally for white people, but they were going to test on us anyway." And she told me that I would be raped and explained the act of sexual rape to me when I was approximately 4 years old. She also instructed me to kill myself, suicide when I could not handle anymore. That no one was there to help her or me and that my death alone would be a message to Japan. Additionally, that I have a duty to my Emperor to serve Japan by representing our family in the United States where few, if any Japanese exist. My mission, peaceable in nature, was explained to me as well. And, that I was not to make complaint to Japan because they didn't care what the USA did to us. I remember her telling me that she was considered genetic garbage since she was a toddler when the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. She also told me about the USA biological warfare in Japan by the USA government. And, that the USA also gave them DDT to which she was exposed in high quantity. Additionally I was told that I wasn't expected to live long for these reasons and so I did not matter as a human being to those around me in Pennsylvania and specifically Quakertown, PA. 
They said the USAF & USA government should track the radiation experiment with us and by age 12 I was instructed to eat a shojin ryori diet or water soluble diet to lower my chance of cancer.
There are multiple levels of the MK testing that included me for tracking in their radiation experiment. Later in grade school years, my parents explained to me
the government intervention in naming me. My Japanese mother was upset they did not permit me to have a Japanese name. They also told my parents my initials needed to be A.M.K. respectively.
My USA father told me that this was because he liked AK-47's the gun. However, I later learned that my initials also embodied an indicator for Alpha Mind Kontrol. Additionally, later in my life I found a copy of what appeared to be the original name I was born with. It was a birth name certificate that stated I was born with the name Angela Merideath Knell. This name has a Master builder number and my middle name was linked to (in verbal explanation) the fairy godmother's in the Sleeping Beauty fairytale as in Meri Weather in that Meri-Death as an allusion to the Angel of death or Dr. Mengele. The last name of Knell being that of the death toll itself and possibly linked to CIA conspiracy theories of the Philadelphia experiment Mr. Knell.
In anycase I was registered with my USA father's surname KNEALE as it was inherited through the Isle of Mann. At the time, only 150 people carried the surname KNEALE within the United States of natural birth to the family. I have never legally married or changed my name in the USA. However, other USA women have stolen my identity from all backgrounds in order to harm my life further.

Re Japanese 731

I came across Japanese unit 731 while researching the illegal CIA MKUltra program. To the best of my knowledge since childhood, the only biological warfare I was made aware of was the United States biological warfare against the Japanese public after dropping the a-bomb. This included United States military contaminating the Japanese paper money system with biological warfare viruses. I understand that there are truthers such as James casbolt who bring light to Japanese unit 731 and testing of biological warfare, however my perspective is that the United States MK ultra program recruited Yakuza who are typically multi-national and seldom all Japanese yet live in Japan. And today in the until World Yakuza have risen to the top as contractors willing to commit crimes of humanity against any Asian American European or other human population. In all of my years in the United States I have only experienced and heard of biological warfare from the United States aimed at Asia and Japan. I do not believe that the American public understands the links between the CIA and Yakuza.

I have had too explain to American people that Yakuza typically targets my specific family in Japan. And they attack as part of the CIA attempts to gain control over Japan's government. And that it is for this reason that I am persecuted and my only siblings are dead and my mother was tortured in the United States of America.

Draft Quantum Blood & DNA genetic memory

I am certain that my genetics, not only my national origins of Japan, are a central part of discrimination and persecution I experience in my life. I possess some blood quantum of two tribal Asian indigenous DNA with Hyper Variable Region 1 (HVR1) of 10 different HVR1 mutations. While still in grade school my parents informed me that my DNA was patented. Also their attorney, the late Samuel Litzenberger, ESQ of Philadelphia, PA, communicated that I was considered property less than cattle in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. My parents swore by Litzenberger's word and justified the MK ULTRA ALICE protocol torture by his legal analysis. They viciously informed me of not having any rights within the United States while making me aware of my helplessness in MK ULTRA program from 1974-Present.  In any case, my DNA may have been used without my consent as a child, to the development of biological warfare. Due to a more resilient natural state of my DNA at 10 HVR1 mutations, I overcome disease quickly and or frequently encapsulate foreign invaders to my biological system. However, I was an unwilling test subject under the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) MK Ultra at birth.

I am a stolen and persecuted generation of innocents after USA A-bombed Japan. The US government would never explain my family ancestry as it has been published in Asian history books.  I am not the persecuted generation of Japanese Americans who lived through internment. I am a different and separate generation founded in the United States whether I like this fact or not, . And my persecution occurred before I was born, due to CIA and/or US Air Force that sought particular genetic lines to bring into United States and cultivate in such projects as MK Ultra and/or Military Abductions (MILABS) . I was well aware in childhood of the conversation my father and mother shared of different
U.S. military members or related cult members attempting to bring women in from places like the Congo to capture DNA from the coveted Dan Tribe among others. Tribes that were known to have psychic powers and long range tribal communications without modern technologies. 

So whether or not this was a United States covert and illegal trafficking of humans for their experiments remains to be tested. CIA & USAF were genetic hunters long before I was born. My mother and her family possess some of the last generation of pure Japanese Ainu bloodline. My Ojiisan ( grandfather) had given the Japanese government the extensive records another relative in Japan documented on the Japanese Ainu tribe. 

So, I may not have the cultural upbringing of Ainu people as one of the tribes within my family lineage, however it was a well-known fact that my Ojiisan gave family records to the Japanese government. It may be to this day why Ainu people are being protected in 2019 in Japan and are largely addressed as having affluent backgrounds despite this discrimination.

I am having issues laying claim to being Japanese within the USA, this is due to the United States interference in my Japanese language since age 10 and due to their tampering with records of my mother's immigration to the United States. To date, the Department of Homeland Security & Immigration and SBA refused my access or information of these records from them since 2006 and through 2011. This may be due to my 1997 discovery of being blacked out in the Social Security system with the attribute BLACK PLUMBER as my name. Additionally, my family in Japan is documented as merchants for over 3000 years in human history. For this reason, I believe the United States government targeted my mother specifically.

And, once I was born in the United States they delivered me & asserted any and all brainwashing activities on me through their MK Ultra program. This includes giving my name the initial based attribute of MK Ultra as, AMK for Alpha Mind Kontrol, the particular program that I mention started approximately 1978 and was connected to MK Ultra's Stargate sub project. I was still a toddler at this time. I overheard talks about Uri Geller in my highchair while eating dinner in the Chesapeake Bay.  Later in 1999, in Venice Florida, I met my elderly handler while concious, the late Dr. Joel Elkes , who was a prominent in modern psychiatry & headed up Neurosciences department at John Hopkins University.  

Though, the famed publicized stars of Stargate subproject generated swooning by the American women, mothers of a few of the children I knew, and an impenetrable front for the subproject. They had to the best of my knowledge, cultivated those of us with genetic lines linked to tribal or traditional marital arts long for experiments and long range psychic communication. They approached Asian martial arts training and spirituality in a supernatural European sense of thinking. They transposed non-European warring and spiritual arts to their supernatural and new age way to approach and understand phenomenon. Largely, it seems that CIA and its MKULTRA project subordinates lay claim to owning the cultural appropriation of Asian cultural traditions in the United States. They translated the cultural traditions to their predominantly Eurocentric languages and American mindset. And, they allow prolific practice of gross motor movement without requiring the average spiritual or martial arts practitioner to approach a level of communication that is highly literate in Asian writing and speech at any time.

Regardless of how much Quantum blood I have from a single indigenous Asian tribe, I possess Quantum blood from two Asian indigenous tribes of a natural state. when I say a natural state, I mean that my DNA came into being without medical DNA manipulation in a laboratory.  I think my blood Quantum is arguable since I should have 25% from one or both  tribes respectively; Sakha from Yakutia, Siberia and Ainu from Kurils, in normal human generational biology. However my high number of HVR1 mutations may reduce that expected percentage of Blood Quantum. And conversely my DNA does not prove that my parents are accurate since I am over 50% different genetically from each of them. The numbers unfold in a scary tale against my life.

Yet a single fact remains,  

I do not carry less genetic information of these expressions encoded in my DNA.

I am in a volatile position since the United States government has already done irreversible harm to my family and to violated my human rights in every sense that makes life precious. 

During college I became a animal rights organizer in 1993, due to severe infractions of my own human rights that continued in both the dormitory and classrooms. I was subject to multiple sex assaults in my 1st dormitory when I was 17yrs old in 1992. I was prevented from reporting to police by the Resident Assistant in the closed dormitory environment.  I think this was deliberate action somehow and a continuation of the Alice protocol.

In the mid 90's I met members of the Onondaga Nation who identified me as one of  'the old ones'. I did not completely understand what 'the old ones' at the time because I knew little about the cultures behind my  prolific genetic history on a conscious level.  I met them at a time when the US government the New York State Police had done a media blackout after sending hundreds of police officers to beat and harm people on their tribal land in upstate New York. Later in 2007 I met a Tibetan monk at His Holiness the Dalai Lama's monastery in Ithaca, New York. He addressed me from my other indigenous tribal lineage of being Sakha from Yakutia in Siberia. As in the similar frequency to Shakyamuni Buddha or Guantanamo Buddha. I also have ancient genetic history from Northern China where there was an extraordinary Buddhist monastery.  I also am genetically Japanese. I know that my family and ancestors, traded from China through to Japan the best wintering horses, weapons, fish. They relocated from China to a political sanctuary known as Akita  and remained separate from the Chinese & Japanese governments for over 600 years.

 So it is my understanding that Indigenous peoples of Asia and North America understand my presence. I can only guess that they participated in a conversation about my genetic tribal history and were aware of my presence from a young age, yet I have no single tribe with which I identify.
I have known persecution from the United States of America for the duration of my life due to my genetic history and USA's perception of the Japanese and United States union of my parents being offensive to them. And despite good people in the United States, those who are actively against my existence have already murdered my only siblings.

/////edited to here/////

August 2019

My notes of International Concern for Japanese Nationals in the USA, particularly East Coast: 

The human rights organizations I contacted in USA are inexperienced or discriminatory against Japan. The consequences are severe as I have witnessed my brother's suffering and torture that included American Civil Liberties Union in his life upon white supremacist attacks on him for receipt of a Scholarship to University of Pennsylvania. The loss of this case placed him in rural Susquehanna University in central Pennsylvania where he was clobbered with white supremacist attacks. He was stonewalled there and stayed with me in Ithaca, NY when he was in eminent danger. This ACLU intervention impacted his role in family business internationally and ultimately led to his depression, further persecution in Pennsylvania, and his unnatural death by age 26.
USA's East Coast,  New York and Pennsylvania severely lacks Japanese translators.  The USA attempts to recruit noone and shows little to no value for Japanese nationals lives. That is independent of those people who came to the United States to represent Japan politically. The United States encourages lawsuits against individuals, like my mother,  who do speak Japanese as their natural language by attempting to recruit them as translators and create multiple lawsuits abroad by USA ignorance of Japanese domestic laws. The United States has never provided a translator and has severely impaired my communications with my Japanese relatives and the Consulate of Japan.