Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Start of my United Nations Complaint

Main contents of my Complaint Letter in short to

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva

July 31, 2019

I was born in the USA in 1974, to a Japanese National mother who remained a Japanese National until the late 1980's after Japanese Nationality laws changed. .  The USAF instructed my mother she was not permitted to name me with any cultural indicators. I was registered at birth in USA as  Angela Meredith Kneale, and I am the aggreived complainant & last survivor of my known siblings who were murdered in the town of Quakertown, Pennsylvania in Bucks County, USA. Recently I filed a complaint at your United Nations form website where I completed the form to the best of my ability at a public computer at the Congressional Law Library. It is my individual complaint where I want to assert the United States of America & United States Air Force as well as individuals I name specifically, violated the following Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR);

Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, (9?), 12, 13, 15, (16?), 17, (18?), 20, 22, 23(1), 23(2), 23(3), 25, 26 (2), 27, 29(1), 29(2).

My purpose is to bring light to the abuses in an international setting.  I am a grand-daughter and neice of well known Japanese Nationals who are or were involved with Japanese Security & infrastructure and/ or employed in Japanese government.

This is in addition to other articles where it seems USA violated my rights specifically to ensure Surveillance monitoring of my life & family such as;

Articles of the UN Convention against torture Art.4

Declaration of Right to Development Art 2 (4)

USCA 50  s1886 , 1881a(f)(2)

As well as forcing me into statelessness as perceived supranationally upon legal reading of the  USA Patriot Act after the events of 9/11. 

My complaint is extensive and spans my life to date of 44years. 

One of the goals of my complaint is to present the United States of America as a non-benign & benevolent society who is likely criminal since they brought my mother to the USA via their military personnel and with ATS clearance. I also will refute that USA intended to entrap me with it's nationality laws so that I would be tortured and unable to choose & obtain my Japanese Nationality at any point within reasonable, natural, and normal means given my family relation also to my uncle Takenaka, Yoshitomo a now retired executive of the Takenaka Corporation. I fully believe that the United States of America trafficked my mother from Japan in order to torture her. And, that I was born an attachment to her as an additional trafficking victim. 

My complaint against the United States, USAF, NASA, CIA, and it's state agents will also include normal tortures under war Tribunals as well as the illegal non-consensual testing of humans in CIA MKultra program protocol(s). This is of course after the basic fact that I was denied so many basic human rights due to my unique DNA which has, by some tests 10HVR1 mutations that span 10 distinct European, Asian, protected indigenous Asian, and Japanese markers. I feel They violated me in every way possible. 

I do not have choice but to file this complaint independently due to the high number of CIA & Yakuza & MI5, MI6 perpetrators who have taken advantage of the weak USA public and further causing harm to my personal life. I hope you can understand that my Japanese family relation made me a target by USA since birth.

I will appreciate any assistance since I have been forced out  of normal housing for safety liability, and financial reasons largely since my attendance at APEC 2011 in Honolulu, HI. 

I was again threatened in 2019 by perpetrators & my father and my tortured mother who does not seem to understand legal complexities any longer.

I have little recourse and defense against the State of Pennsylvania or any other USA domestic perpetrator.

I have contacted Ithaca, NY Human rights organization however they have never had such a case. So, I am decidedly better off independently working with minimal need to know information I received from Japan years ago.

In light of the death threats I received since leaving Oahu, I am making my situation known publically online. 


Angela M. Kneale

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Watching logan

So you steal their eyes you see what they see you've got every angle they see on me but it's mine

Called quantum quantum theory of mind

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

International Law & Legalities between HIC USA & Japan

Despite the High income Country classifications of both Japan & USA;- the USA and it's States of Pennsylvania & New York largely refused me legal right to report the following; assaults, abduction, rapes & many other human rights issues that forced me into destitution and homelessness. In fact, the United States & it's intelligence community, and some of its Military & it's actors have also made me an isolated, social outcast over my lifetime.
On these grounds collectively, they and the discriminating public treat me as a Japanese enemy of their Nation since birth. This is torture in every tier of my human development, not to feign my perceived torture of my mother & torture & state sanctioned murders of my 2 late siblings.
The USA and a sufficient number of it's actors & citizens have and still condemn me as a torture victim, whereas I am subject to perceived aleotoric violations of my human rights with Physical Financial, Societal, and Legal entrapment well within USA domestic borders. I feel that this is in violation of my US Constitutional Rights as  US born citizen by land and jus sanguis in order to reinforce that I am not actually a US citizen entitled to human rights even under International Declarations of Human Rights for the type of HICs I was born into dually USA & Japan. It seems the overriding issue for the United States itself was to torture me, and to torture my mother on Japanese Visa well until I was 15yrs of age.
Later, I learned that some, not all of the  torture I endured, fit into the macro structure of a CIA MKUltra protocol under "Alice in Wonderland" that was designed to suicide the torture victim or hinge the personality to a vigilante. The protocol itself included repeated sexual assaults over a long duration of time in order to normalize it. In USA this is not only "rape" but also statutory rape of a minor. It was not child trafficking from my perspective as I did not Witness any exchange of money. The heavy daily physical abuse I endured was not any type of martial arts program. In fact, when I attempted to defend myself or retaliate from the abuse with a single word, I was beaten till I stopped crying or blacked out. And, once I retaliated at age 14and was beaten till unconscious and was sent to school with half of my face black & blue. Since it was state sanctioned as many other freedom of speech violations occurred which prevented me from speaking to my mother or grandparents & cousins in Japanese over the phone or at home.
In anycase, Noone in the Pennsylvania community where I lived in Bucks County did anything to help me. They in fact were delighted that I was beaten up Japanese girl all of 5'2 and appx 108lbs.
I strongly feel and assert that at no point in time, I was considered an American citizen to my school teachers and that it was simply a farce so they could torture me. They also made the students patriotic by making fun of me and teaching my schoolmates that Japan and I am evil enemy that deserved death. This is well known from my time in US Cultures/History class in 9th/10th grade at high school.
Aside from this, FISA allowed my father who was veteran USAF & OSI which is USAF intelligence officer to justify my torture usually implicating my mother as she was the Non-US Citizen for most of my childhood. She was tortured also with invasive surgeries my father told me "destroyed her". Before these surgeries took place and I lost touch with the person/personality who was my caring mother;- she had told me that the USA was going to experiment on us. She also reminded me that I'm Japanese and should serve my Emporer, as well as telling me by age 4 that I would be raped by Americans and that I should suicide when I could not handle anymore. Those were my real instructions from my mother.

I am currently compiling my perspective with the reality of unenforced international laws between nations. This is with and without Japan's changed nationality laws and the fact that things have worsened for me with USA civilian & military population in interpersonal & court interactions from assaults made on me over the past 5 years.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

My parents in MKULTRA

I don't think the Japan community or the Japanese-Americans who are not "all Asian" understand where im at in my thinking or what I am fighting, let alone who.

My story begins with said "my biological parents" one Japanese woman on Visa to the USA from 1968-1990, before she naturalized as a disabled USA citizen after horrendous surgeries performed by a well known Philadelphia hospital.
My father, now a USAF Veteran & former intelligence & recon officer, told me she was "dead", when I was 6yrs old, in his evil altar. My brother was too little to know what ordeals I had with both of my parents till he was older and eventually forcibly suicided by a neighborhood conspiracy involving the Police department cover up 100% in 2005. I have been fighting my own parents who claimed that they need help yet have threatened to murder me and also blame me for the death of my brother in order to live comfortably into older age.

You see, they have always viewed me as 'property' as does the US intelligence community. I have 10 hvr1 mutations and am in .02% of the global human population. My biological parents claimed that "they" patented my genes when I was a child. This was what I was told in childhood well before the internet became public & gene patenting was a common news item. My biological parents personalities are not living, and very evil & contorted even back then. Especially at home for me. So, I was rarely allowed to have friends to be at the house of the rare friends I had made on my own.
Once in middle school, I had a friend over and it resulted in the Middle school principle making a foster care threat that would not have placed me with my grandparents or aunt's & uncle's in Japan or the USA. In fact due to FISA being new in 1978 when my grandparents & aunt visited from Japan;- my mother adopted a language probably from the US attorney of referring to her own family as "those people". It was a tactful step above being called mongrels for my grandparents & relatives from Japan, but not much of a step away from how they were referred to by my neighbors and community. In anycase, I sat at the principal's office and had to weigh out my options. I quickly questioned him and figured out I would be subjected to more unknown abuse from white supremacists who had already attacked my toddler brother & murdered my sister in 1970, a fact my mother brought me up knowing as a middle child toddler, before her heinous surgeries.
You see, my parents did the bidding of their handlers, lawyers, and occult friends in order to harm me. Both of my parents worked for USAF/ NASA as either intelligence operators &/or handling sensitive components.  They rarely acted of their own independent volition and followed a daily protocol of extreme physical abuse known as MKULTRA Alice (in Wonderland) protocol.
The protocol they still implement is & was designed to use me as an information mule, even in childhood. It is designed to break a person, meaning to force me to become a vigilante or suicide from the extreme abuses that are defined as torture even by Mossad. I was subject to this abuse daily for most of my life, In Addition to being ridiculed and physically abused at elementary & nursery school for my Japanese nationality;- by both students & teachers.

So this is another facet of my attempts at summarizing 40long years of abuse I endured in the USA. Futility though, I still seek the legalities that could potentially unravel this disaster. I expect restitution, however it may no longer be in normal orderly and social forms due to the lengthy stonewalling by USA local security & courts to expire statutes of limitations.

This is what I live for each day. Proving and fighting to show the world what USA I have experienced. My family has lived and been documented over 3000yrs of human history. The USA is a small percentage of that time in Earth's trade/ merchant history.

I forgave my parents, yet I cannot condone any of their continued willful or coerced actions against me.