Saturday, June 29, 2019

Passive Personality Principal

While many European & USA courts have refused this international legal principal "passive personality principle";- I want to challenge it in the sense that
USA Capitalism and diplomacy have been at aimed at creating torture & trafficking victims in the upper echelons of immigration.
My life story is filled with my own testimony of being stonewalled by USA government to the local level, including the grade schools I attended in order to live without abuse & torture from USA. Both my brother & sister are dead, neither of natural causes.
The abuse I endured was a threat to even having my family & mother in my life. As the United States I experienced did not consider my Japanese immigrant mother or her Japanese family humans. So, I was thought of as less and was tortured by CIA protocols set forth at home & in the community. I was "offered" relief from the heavy daily abuse yet the foster care option did not include my return to Japan, to one of a handful of aunts and uncles or to my Japanese national grandparents.

I have also had to file police report of the murder of my sister in front of my mother at the Quakertown hospital after I found evidence of her burial in records at the cemetery.
It was a horror my Japanese national mother, still on Visa, shared with me until they took her away to do erroneous surgeries that rendered her disabled.

I have many horrific complaints I gathered through the course of my life. And I have fought for my life literally, in this world of Bildeberg influenced white Americans.

I have never experienced any good intentions towards me underlying their positive demeanor. It is reptoid mind cold blooded murder that they seek to mask.