Saturday, June 29, 2019

Im Japanese-American Nisei AND ALSO VEGAN!!!

I'm beyond pissed off from the FISA monitoring since 1978. Every targeted individual & follower I have on social media knows this. I also had a long standing reputation as a vegan activist since the 90's.
I literally REFUSE to compromise and take work serving animals;- that is until I started working in April 2019 after returned to the East Coast in Sept. 2018.  So I'm pissed off at my employers, although they will hire me due to my ethnic background being "other". The catering work has me shuffling around the tortured & rotting flesh of God's creatures. They even went so far as to have me serve it up at Cornell graduation.
Granted when I can I dish out the vegan sandwiches, & more wilingly though not happy put out the vegetarian hypocrite food. So, can I call myself vegan since April? For the first time in over 30yrs?

So, the catered work is through a highly questionable to me temporary agency. Trump's racist following has ignited so many small businesses and others with a conflict of interest in hiring me. I also attended an international summit called APEC since I had consulted small businesses & had plans to start my own business (that got crushed under the racism invoked by theTPP that I DIDNT WRITE!)
So aside from seeking help from the vegan community in establishing parameters for vegans who cater in Ithaca. I'm faced with those who call themselves vegan yet are in full force cooking up animals for these wasteful events where large garbage containers for trash trucks are filled with cooked animal remnants after the largest of events.
For Shame!

So much of this angers me that I feel I don't have any choice but to quit.
Ithaca disappoints me on several levels. This one is the most unforgiveable to me. I get the racism, I got that a long time ago.
However they are piling on their opinions again of what makes one vegan. And, they do not HAVE any decent options in town.

That is aside from the social environment that is geared towards the partying staff smoking weed & whatever else. They intended to socially make working uncomfortable for me as an adult who needs to pass clearance checks to attend sometimes high security events.
It's entrapment again as a targeted individual. And, I've been researching enough to believe that the temporary agency is a perpetrator that controls my location & whereabouts by putting me on certain events in order to embarrass me internationally at these events. This means they are Masonic &/or CIA linked Deepstate.
I'm a freelancer who is seeking employment. I left the continental USA due to similar issues that became life threatening to me.

None of this agrees with me.
Plus of course they have all of my personal information that could wind up in the hands of new perpetrators.