Thursday, June 27, 2019

Caught my interest: Architecture Books

"Space, Gender, and Urban Architecture" by Cyrus Vakili-Zad.
Isbn 978-1-63485-281-4
"Making Places for People", C.J. Coffin & J. Young

On the water Palisades bay, MoMA
Isbn 0-7506-597-2
Solar radiation and daylight models,(1997, 2004) by T. Muneer
Isbn 978-7-5618-3565-4
REPOSITIONING the relation between man and nature"
Tianjin University Press, 2010
"Rematerial from waste to architecture", Bahamon and Sanjines 2010

Architecture for Rapid Change & scarce resources by Sumuta Sinna, 2012; isbn 978-1-84971-116-6

22euros inGerman;- "Home Not Shelter! "
Gemeinsam leben statt getrennt woheben
--- Green Walls Green Roofs
Images publishing 2014
Isbn 978-1-86470-552-2
"Ultra Low Tech Architecture" ISBN 978-84-15223-34-4
Call number NA 2542.36.U48.2011
"The Sniper's Log, Architectural Chronicles of Generation X", by Alajandro Zaera-Polo, 2012, Princeton University School of Architecture isbn 978-84-92861-22-4
Architecture and Violence (essays) Edited by Bechir Kenzari publisher ACTAR; isbn 978-84-92861-73-6

"Sex And Buildings"
By Richard J. Williams. Publisher Reaction Books LTD, 2013
"Hypersexual City the provocation of Soft-Core Urbanism" by Nicole Kalms publisher Routledge;- pg 23 "Lavin criticizes..."& How heterosexism can be cloned reproductions
Published by Department of Architecture National University of Singapore 2015;  "Dementia Design Sourcebook" by Fung John CHYE
isbn 978-98109-6833-5 (hardcover)
"Architecture and the body, science & culture" edited by Kim Sexton
isbn 978-1-138-18882-2
Call number FINE NA 2542.4.A71815.2018
"Body, Memory, and Architecture", Kent C. Bloomer & Charles W. Moore
New Haven and London University Press 1977
Isbn 0-300-02139-9 (pbk.)