Thursday, June 27, 2019

Autoword psyop & surveillance virus

Auto word itself does not behave normally. And, my phone has had many updates to possibly change the words that are Psyops as Google suggests different videos and news from my "suggested or recommended" markings. When I input Harajuku the autoword today;- autoword re-spelled it to Hara jakku so I caught the oddity as no words in English even exist to be a correction.
I'm taking my 10min break to write this.
So Hara initiates my thinking of Harajuku
jakku is not an English word, yet phonetically alludes to mastrubation done by a male.

The autoword fought my trying to correct it back to Harajuku as in a Japanese town.
Finally corrected as I wanted to comment on a video about Harajuku girls removing makeup in public.
I am guessing it is CIA again with FISA monitoring.

American women here don't dress up and party in pretty ways. Many of them approach my life and Japanese culture with anger of USA military relatives in their hearts.
They are not pretty. They insult pretty women because they do not find joy in life that we live, unless they are doing intelligence operations against Japan.

I strongly dislike American women for this. They make fun of me as they encourage their groomed rapist men to attack me so that I live in poverty. The ratio of reported rape is 1report for every 16 actual rapes that occur. Then add in the fact that Police in Pennsylvania & New York refuse to take police reports in addition to the University & Private College campus security refusal.

One must understand the average American woman is pretty until age 30. And due to genetics & chemical deteriorating of white European genetics they become ugly and wrinkled by age 40.  So this makes them more vicious and hateful to people like me as a matter of how they actually are.

Sorry, this post is a but more than auto word. I have many comments to make on my experiences as a Hafu Nisei in America.
My experience is different and has had increased intensity of being tortured by USA intelligence agencies. As I stated before, they murdered my sister in front of my mother at the hospital as a form of torture while she was on Visa to the USA from Japan. In 2005 I was urged to expatriate from USA prior to being abducted & assualted in an empty  apartment for over a month& how they also suicided' my brother without investigation.
I have testimony to the contrary of my brother's suicide. However USA federal govt sees us as property. I have no choice except suicide to escape their continued torture. They stonewalled me & my mother so I could not make my nationality choice as I wanted Japan only.