Sunday, May 19, 2019

Issues with legalities of parental neglect & statuatory rape as child trafficking

Unless a child is abducted, or a teenager;- there should be some charges of neglect put on parents & guardians in statuatory rape charges. There is heightened child trafficking today, and alot of deception by families to lure men with money.

This by no means is fair to anyone, particularly the child" who in manslaughter or a more "serious" charge might be tried as an adult.
However the Traffickers are generally abusive pimps advertising hurt and vulnerable people, regardless of sex & gender. How parents circumvent being charged with a base neglect is unbelievable.
Noone seems to question why a teenage child was in the situation if there are no abduction charges and a willing compliance.
So in this, I think there should be some scrutiny of the families the children reside with permanently.