Monday, April 29, 2019

Unregistered Diplomatic Mission

Whether Japan has had unregistered diplomatic mission or not.
My parents apparently have clearance to murder me & walk away free.
I arrived in Pennsylvania to receive 6 mos of mental & physical abuse from both of them. They have spent the past decade actively planning to murder me and pass lie detector tests by generating and role playing a false story about how I am there to murder them so they can murder me.

They have destroyed my income and credibility and also alerted the police to assist them to murder me.

They have lost all my trust currently. I have new burns, scars, damaged property, and a healing tendon from yet another surprise attack from behind intended to tear my arm from my socket & break my elbow 3months ago.

April 2019

I have been working at a new restaurant this past month, and in-between I have been able to brush up on my vocalizing and play piano to ready myself for any teaching job audition or other opportunity as piano faculty at music community schools. I haven't taught piano much since I closed my piano studio after I attended APEC 2011 and waited out the 5yr TPP decision process of the USA for the EXIM opportunity that had been extended to me from those in Japan & China & ASEAN related nations. My involvement was meant to be a civilian approach to prevent the long dead Air America (CIA tainted, USAF) deal my parents had been offered to do in the late 60's. It's not a blessing, rather a huge political quagmire of politics from Asia & the USA that literally puts my life in jeaporady. My Japanese relations already do business globally through the world's largest construction firm (founded by their family) with secure shipping lines through multiple nations which scrutinize the USA treatment of us. So, many privy Americans want to kill me to affect war politics, globally.

The USA has not been a reasonable place for me in my lifetime. I in fact, as a 12yr old did not want to be a USA citizen. The CIA/USAF learned that and interfered on every level of my ability to retain my Japanese born citizenship through my deciding nationality age of 21. USA rather promoted varying degrees of racism and humiliation of my person to impose their power and political statement to Japan post Hiroshima. Especially since I am the last living USA relation  niece of A Japan Steel Broker. Remember USA dropped the Abombs on Japan to eradicate Japan's Steel Industry. So, with the old USS Langley types on my USA family side;- I have endured 40+ years of abuse & CIA & other factions actively harming me at every juncture in my personal life. That is to say and includes my mother and father after she became a USA citizen in the late 1980's.

Back to the last Saturday of april 2019;- Since I'm not a performing singer, I went to grab a cup of coffee at my Alma Mater snack bar. Caffeine is a vocal chord taboo for those with exquisite classically trained operatic voices. I face the fact that my singing is a self driven motivation. And useful skill that improves my speaking voice. That is, despite  majority USA Americans' astonishment that this "brown thing", a "mud" (derogatory term for a mixed race person) they called me in elementary School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania speaks English. It's a very frustrating issue since I have had to tolerate such comments from certain German Europeans & USA whites amidst my daily activities prior to and apres my Attendance to rep the USA at the International Trade Summit hosted in Honolulu since I had worked with a variety of USA startups  in the decades prior to USA considering the TPP. Yes I'm sick of mentioning the TPP, Trans Pacific Pact that multiple nations signed to alleviate intertaxation aka Free Trade to alleviate steep Consumer Inflation. Yet, highly protested by many due to the packet of stipulations and attachments to the overall issue of industry specific manipulations of standards throughout the international supply chain. Things I had nothing to do with and are traumatic to me since my brother was suicided in 2005 by USA & Cheney's Cabal for varying reasons. He was found dead, 1st by my parents or the dog. His head blown apart by a sawed off shotgun without serial numbers, I was told. I was the one who called 9-11 hoping it was a matter that emergency services could resucitate before our family Akita inu showed me where his body lay face down. His brains a pile of mush on the ground. I think I screamed into 9-11 operators ear on the phone. This is my reality that one cares to hear. The police & ambulance arrived and cleaned up his splatter and harassed me angrily, asked ZERO questions and left with his body.  They view me as a mud too and added to my trauma by chasing me as if they were going to murder me. That was my 2005. For real. No one, not even my friends asked a question & I was also ostracized by Bucks County's elites who are loosely or tightly connected to various Intelligence agencies and legitimate, world renound, USA music traditions.
But, noone cares about me in a sufficient way, not even and especially not my own parents who were legally guided to be able to murder me without consequences in order to remain in Cheney's Cabal land. My life fell apart financially as they denied me services I had paid for for times like this through credit & banks. I was harassed, abducted, and assaulted heavily for 2 years after his death. The PA police prompted over 1/2 of the attacks on me and refused to take my reports.
Reality, my reality. It's only redundant in my writing.

So, anyway  2019 end of April, I got my cup of coffee early at the dining hall barely.  I had vocalized from 7:30-8:30AM long before most students & performers  might arrive for their weekend rehearsals. And I walked back inside the city blocks long covered hallway that joins multiple buildings on campus. Being an alumni,  I saw several event tables with refreshments set up for Saturday.
One table was actively staffed and the word "Feminists" jumped out at me from the plain B&W text sineage on a simple easel. It said "REGISTRATION" at the bottom when I skimmed it. So I inquired about the event, more as a way to see where current thinking is 2decades after my graduation . I saw the name of a woman who was involved in the comic book world's racial upheaval that impacted Hollywood's economy.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing on a simple text only, b&w, printed conference schedule. It was so humble. I thought that the 1/2 cup of  not so great dining hall coffee I had sipped at followed up by a closed mainstream coffee source was to blame.
Since it was sleeting outside I decided to attend. I had a close parking spot too so I was not eager to loose my spot since I have barely bones minimal gear/clothing for cold weather as I lived on Oahu for the past 10years for my own safety, till it became draining due to POTUS followers who started to actively campaign against & attack Asian-Americans on Oahu.

Yes, on Saturday the 27th of April 2019 I heard an hour live interview with Dr. Nnedi Okorafor. I did purchase a book in the long corridor to complete my alumni morning & personal survey of my undergraduate Alma mater. And I did stand in the line for her book signing period. I had alot I wanted to communicate, yet kept it short as she also acknowledged quite involved discussion material. I wanted to know if the African community has a similar Globalist language issue they speak about as the Asian Cinema directors discuss as an issue of sharing stories with USA's Hollywood. And, more...