Thursday, March 07, 2019


I have the pain &  waste of my life on my mind. In the back of my head...
Somehow, supposed to give them hope.

Hope hasn't been there for me since I was a child. Recently I've been filling out a 90some odd page international affidavit to let whoever is looking for such information know that. That is, if they understand anything about my existence & how it affects/ affected politics globally.
I did have some say in my family as my extended family in Japan paid some attention up to recently.

I've been praying alot for life here in the USA to change for the better for me. My soul & finances pounded into the ground along with everyone else's frustration of seeing me in failure mode due to the sheer cost of attacks on me & what was my family that left my 2 siblings dead.
It's hard to prove its not a farce that my family just doesn't care, or they gave up long ago.

After all, my mother moved to the USA with a man, my father who reads my writing & has had his attorneys involved in civil conspiracy against us Japanese-Americans for as long as I can remember. It wasn't just MKULTRA my mother informed me of;- but that our presence here would have been a diplomatic peace mission if he had been an Ambassador class person.