Monday, March 11, 2019

Spider season. & Old farmhouse

Anyone know when spiders hatch?
Had several of these guys when I got here. This one died by my  frankincense resin (which is higher vibrational frequency) in coconut oil (barely a spoonful i had in a bowl) a low toxin

Programmable Life forms?
I gave light to one with intention & they went up to location atop a dresser with Bruno picture where i gave them a little water. Spider didn't run away and allowed me to serve a small bit of water. So it seems if I direct light with intention they obey a little. 

Non-toxic yet Dusty remedy to hard shelled insects & arachnid;

In Hawaii I scattered Diatemacious Earth & left the apartment for a month upon finding a pinky nail sized brown fiddle head spider. Baby brown recluses after heavy rain in my 2nd floor apartment.

Vengeful arachnids & others I'll willed  programmable intentions;-

I'm a bit worried. Tons of webs we're left in the basement when I arrived. These weren't the daddy longlegs I played with in childhood. The bigger adults wolf spiders stalked me out too after vacuuming. I feel their eyes on me aka their psychic frequency;- & find them easily. I learned to recognize their intent in Hawaii. Some of the spiders & large tropical predatory millipedes & centipedes also send Psychic energy of attack.

Older folks not in reality;

How to explain the health hazard to my parents? They have gotten into protecting animals (as a cover for abusing me in childhood). They also and been using tons of pesticides on their own sleeping areas & not cleaning the cat's water bowl of slime from being near a we'll used winter stove. The cat, a familiar walks around crying for water when the weather is ill. Both have hand issues from surgery or carpaltunnel or Lyme disease issues. I even vacuumed webs for hours...

I vacuumed out 1/8 of the basement where there was an entire colony of webs & eggs under the stairs. The 1 brown recluse worries me due to number of egg sacs. OMG. I'm going to be sleeping in my car soon just for them NoT walking on me.

So, how to tell them how dangerous this is now that it's spring? Or just still do I do Einstillen for it...yes.