Sunday, March 17, 2019

Quick summary- Bucks County terrorists

Life here in Bucks County is awful for me. Every interaction is tiptoeing around whoever these white people are. I

The levels of emotional abuse & threats subtle,social, backstabbing & overt have historically been covered up by local & state police.

White supremacists are gangstalkers moreso than any other type of perpetrator aside from invasive Electronic Warfare from other nations.

They targeted me in K-12 ;- and include racism by Italians and other so called non-white yet European ethnics.
They hire an ethnic or token person for fear of retaliation & verification of the token person. Sometimes they hire more than one which serves as their "progressive & compliance" cover. It does not mean they actually don't continue to overtly attack other non-white minorities. Additionally they don't define the divide between international USA citizens when they attack families. They simply attack every family to create international incidents in multiple nations. This is what I have endured and witnessed in Bucks County from Doylestown to Quakertown & New Hope as well as Mexhanicsville & Buckingham TWP. In Pennsylvania.

Also the organizational figureheads switch position within the community in order to still enable serious felony crimes against non-white minorities. It is difficult to sort out due to the non-inclusion. And also life threatening when they do include minorities.

I have seen the interactions through my life as well as understanding the legal bulldozing their agencies & police propogate in order to effectively traffick, abduct, or assault women like myself.
Though not always sexual trafficking, they may also be trafficking and doing clandestine ops of their own coordination. This was aside from Ritual Abuse interconnected to demonic witchcraft by some Masonic & Illuminati in the community. However, many who work within Government & human services did express their links to IRA or CIA or MI5/6 individuals in the past.