Sunday, March 03, 2019

Prespective: Diversity, Dating, Dailylife.

Diversity USA

Born As a 1st generation Japanese-American & dual national, I have been forced into USA's diversity debate.

It seems my Caucasian east coast counterparts  still hypothesising about diversity. They are still in a sea of Homogenized eurocentric family traditionalists.  Their dating habits are also largely Caucasian. They don't interact with women like me in an equal manner or consider the constraints of their biased gender & employment systems.
It's virtually inescapable, and is an "investment" decision and risk assessment to even venture on the highly unusual first date. Rather, they opt for insulated sexual harassment, abduction, and sexual assault as their primary interactions for "diversity". While mildly sitting back and interloping with collegues of minority desparity, and statistical comparisons of race based plights.

My return from diversely integrated Hawaii has shockingly contrasted this common Eastern Seaboard experience. There are virtually zero Japanese men for me to date here. They are scooped up quickly by others who target them for income viability. A prime social slave.
It's USA's pecking order of slaveship, nothing my Japanese family has ever had to endure. They know little of racism. Even my cousins who attended University in Philadelphia were quick to adopt Jibe to fit in.

I've grown weary of the Caucasian dating scene due to their sex trafficking pimp attitudes towards dating me as a rare American-Asian privvy to their racist tonalities.
The same tonalities they scorn me for spotlighting as a USA standard over 3000miles away from the crossroads of flourishing Asian-American culture.

It's lonely here. Quite possibly worse than being a severely disabled child all through life. Friendships are scare due to encroaching 'let me get at you to prove myself to the others' Caucasoid conquerer mentality.

I'm so exhausted and disheartened from this, it makes me miss being poor in other more friendly places.
However, I'm financially trapped again. 5months of violent & angry threats in the Quakertown Community. It's not the uninterested or positive people I have to worry about. I have to worry about the few haters who are active about causing harm. They have engulfed and sunk my hopes of a pleasant life on the Eastern Seaboard.

Prayers to me, I still hope for a nice life.