Sunday, March 03, 2019

On a happier note

In winters weather mix,
Birds come to eat seeds tossed on the ground. Usually they fly away when the see me approach. However, since I shovelled a couple days ago & tossed some 5am seed for them;- I added some Unhulled hemp seeds.
So today, the bigger of song birds landed by our patio door. Birds looked at me and then looked over remaining birdseed like (what is this ?) Then looked back at me.
It was an oh man, I didn't feed u.
So I got my bag of seeds and tossed a few handfuls out for them. They returned to eat the seeds. And, only a few hemp seeds were left when I returned to check.

Birdseed makers need to add hemp seeds to every mix. Birds all over the world seem to pick hempseeds as favorites.