Saturday, March 16, 2019

My Reflections of USA mainland

Hi all. I'm having a very difficult time.
I am asking  for prayers so that I can find a safety here in Pennsylvania & USA far from the friendly faces I miss in Hawaii Pacific region.

As you know, my brother was found shot dead on the property here. I have alot of trauma from people here. He was found with his head literally blown apart. I also had to watch his body burn at the crematorium my mom's request with her for what she calls custom.

Things are more difficult with my parents than when I grew up here.
I documented his fake friends who also were inappropriate backstabbing white supremacists.
This has cost our family alot, even if my parents are ok with it since they don't have to worry about him anymore.

I am a Japanese mixed race  human being who is his sister. I do not agree with the nonchalant attitudes of my parents and the communities & people who violently pushed him to his final resting place at age 27 & 2mos.

Additionally, my sister was killed in 1970, prior to my birth. I filed a basic police report regarding what my mother told me when I was still a toddler. The story of her death was my mother's lesson to me of how awful the people in this Pennsylvania community are.

In my late teens, I became an activist due to the continued hate crimes  & racial discrimination against my life throughout k-12 in the Bucks County & at college in upstate NY & surrounding communities. It included my teachers, pastor(s), schoolmates, and people who should have been there to protect me.

It was an international incident.
Regardless of any USA law enforcement covering it up as a simple suicide.

Today I am in my 40's and I was asked to try to fill a role that needed both of us to participate In starting a legal export-import related & USA based, international family related business. Obviously things have taken a turn for the worse with the entire USA on the international stage.
These plans did not include either of my parents. This was to give us & our future kids a way to survive better than how racism dictated by mainstream USA. Instead, I am left without anyone or anyone understanding what they did and how damaging they were.

Due to several factors we were supposed to be protected without special favors from USA. However that turned into my being trafficked & used for clandestine ops against Japan by several people who are very powerful or wealthy in USA related to infrastructure & export-import or security. My own father potentially being the biggest backstabber in my life by manipulating us directly as children through what is known as MKUltra or MKstargate.

I have taken the past 2-3 years to sort through the abuse & damages to my life in total from all of this.
The odds may be stacked against me, however I pray to God that sharing my story helps to save other's lives.

I hope to have an international affidavit completed in the next month or so.

It has been at extreme expense to my personal professional & financial life to do this. If you can help support me through this, please do.
I am also seeking work that still enables me to complete this massive project.

Thanks & Arigato.
Namaste, Mahalos, obligado