Thursday, March 07, 2019

March flow rhyming

Hull of my Heart
Is safe from Storm
Weathered n' worn
My firery tears fall heavy
Into Ground
Up a tree grows of 
Skeleton folk

Never never
Allowed to cry
Now now
I know why
Life of my tears
Is death of all fear
Ur jus like a devil
Telling us lies
Teaches us ways
Not good, I survive

I found a good tune
That helped me survive
Feeling alone,
after such a big loss
Walking alone,
sacrifice is a huge cost.
Walking alone
With an empty heart
And they think it's alive.
Lot of us live,
Feeling empty inside
Saying alot
it would be better to die
Walking alone
with an empty heart
My heart it aches
And it kinda wipe out
So much I did
I wasn't about
But I did what I did
All that I had
Met a few others
Kept me smiling around.

Walked down a highway
With a mystical man
Moves all the ocean
Waves & d sand
And I turned around
See two guys n they dreads
They sat smiling by
d'grocery store across from sea
Place in my heart
Special to me

Returned to my home
After so many years
Nothing is same
Big hole bringing on tears

Weight of my sorrow
Didn't dull a bit
Suprising me like
a big birthday cake

Weight of my sorrow
Weight of my tears
Haunting me for
So many years
There's a time to be
A time to thrive
Walking in past footsteps
It ain't really alive
Gotta find a groove
Make amends
Even after loosing my closest friend
Keep living for you
It ain't really my way
Memory treads on my heart everyday
Poverty is a disease of belief in virtures of leaders who keep us safe.

Fueling your hatred
Ain a good vibe
Do I fear (F-E-A-R) it out
Do I flip the page
Changing my vibe
Speak of different ways
I got my own way of thinking
How our world should be
I stand with others
In a real (MK online) city
Our game is real simple
Didn't you know
They making it tough
For everyone's soul
I show you my way
Struggle every day
Fighting like crazy
Between every post
Here's what I got
Here's what I did
You know I got skills
To get through these trials
Imagine doing this
As a mother & child