Monday, March 25, 2019

Greatest sin & overman path

Synthesis of overman & humility
About the path of the ubermensch or overman Excerpt written By Angela M. Kneale
All rights reserved July 1993 

What is left to live for?
Come down from the heavens and look beneath you.
"Once the sin against God was the greatest sin; but God died... to sin against the Earth is now the most dreadful thing." - Frederick Nietzsche
If the life on Earth were to die, we sin against the Earth and ourselves. We will become selfish beings without either a home or Mother Earth. We will have destroyed the things dearest us, admitted, or not. To find another Mother Earth will not be the same, and we will venture to destroy her through hatred of our initial Mother (Earth) abandoning our souls. To become a race of overmans would be favorable for self, Mother (Earth), and siblings. 

Granted to become and over man is a treacherous path strung high above the wide path of the many. However, once one has begun to take the path of the overman, the path of the many will be harder to take. There are many places to step on a path so wide as the path of the many is. The path of the many is taken to try to find the path of the overman. It is a path of pure experience and takes much from the Earth. The overman, in starting on the narrow path will be hesitant at first but with each step grow more reluctant to recede, and shall take each step with growing joy as the path is so clear, and without doubt.