Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Equinox dark teara

I thought it was bad enough the past decade on Oahu. That is, going for a vacation after the adrenaline of being supportive of my folks after my brother died, then running into the ground. I got stuck on Oahu. Then SHF. I was prodded to go to an international summit despite being in horrendous shape. & While Dating the elite combat artist trainer.
I financially couldn't make it back to mainland for several family funerals.
Now, 10yrs later I'm back and on equinox got a call my 1st crush died tragically.  It doesn't feel better that I've been back not even a year and haven't reconnected with those who i spent family holidays with.

Yesterday I tweeted a big psychic attack; type thing. So tonight's phone call explains what was sheer pain yesterday.

In tears. They place is tearing up my soul.