Sunday, March 17, 2019

Draw a line- i'm almost dead

Reframing what Bucks County is;-

A White supremacist hotbed for domestic terroristic actions.

Predominantly Diverse European Caucasians who are inbred in thought and never left the area.

Conversationally inept and not held accountable for criminal actions against foreign nationals & their families.  They choose this cover up method to prompt national incidents. Questionable actions their community Gangstalking teams execute have gone unnoticed largely due to the numerous municipalities that are crossed while driving 313rte. They are aware of this and boast it. So they have cooperation as well as insignificant crime while continuously stalking an individual such as myself. Local law enforcement has not consider point a to point b stalking, rather they go by municipality irregardless of tresspassers and harassment t or assault once I have arrived at home.
In my brother's case his attorney & also car salepersons were able to secure a significant amount of his money in this way - including running him off the road. Obviously this became one of the largest financial damages prior to his unnatural death. And, also the reason why I was not funded for any USA based Export-Import business discussed from my childhood. Aside from the loss of my 3rd person intermediary, my brother;- Japan's perception was that his attorney was behaving in a manner much like Yakuza crime gangs in Japan. Isolation and resource exploitation of an individual and their family.

Thus the new saying
"(Mainstream Caucasian) Americans are worse than Yakuza."