Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bucks County White terrorists

In my days as a mixed race piano faculty here in Doylestown, PA I was pummeled with racist comments, emotional & sexual harassment on a daily basis.
Many of the domestic parents spoke to me in a very rude way. There was a very small percentage of parents and families who didn't cause me to plummet into a depression. That is aside from snide & white supremacists who hired me and also directed men to harass me. I had not shared my personal life with them to stay professional. Yet they constantly attacked me for being unmarried and not forcibly impregnated by a male of their community. I had had a very long relationship from college that I kept away from them due to very political reasons.
In any case, I had gone to the brink of being suicidal from their brutal racism & sexual harassment. When I went to secure an attorney they a declined due to my race and national background. Some said I deserved to be "sexed up." As a pathetic ethnic my father threw to the comnunity to be used. Neither of my parents were instructed by attorneys to do commonplace checkup calls on my well being daily or even weekly, despite my residing with them for 1.5yrs full-time until i was able to spend part of my week with my partner & friends in NY State.
So aside from employment laws that were broken by the conservatory; I was unable to get any moral support within the Bucks County organization. Instead I  found help through an expensive Life coach & musical/play/film director. The life coach simply coached me through professionally ending my relationship with the "conservatory".

It was a very depressing experience I received from many of the parents who don't think non-whites are an appropriate role model for their children. And, it was just a barrage of insults directed at me mostly rooted in Bucks County area racism. Even the few African-Americans whom I met with at open houses blatantly said things of a similar nature.
So my question is to the Bucks County Community;- who then is an appropriate role model for the Mixed Race children?

I myself was belittled and beaten up by school mates and teachers in school K-12 due to being the only non-white and mixed race child for several years of my public school experience. It was condoned by my teachers too for "brownie points" by the other kids.

I personally don't find this attitude appropriate here in Bucks County. it is a tradition they have taught all kids on school trips in the past;- James Michner's Japanese wife wrote diaries of her abuse & first experiences of USA racist abuse & harassments. Or Pearl S. Buck's adopted daughter who left behind a small legacy documenting sexual & racial emotional & physical abuse.

I have lost both my brother & Sister in this God forsaken hell they can Bucks County. And,after 6 mos. Of returning to the area have already been barraged with the emotionally abusive & racist & immigrant directed verbal abuse weekly and in some cases daily.

There is no decent legal representation at any price & my past experiences have incurred police threats when I attempt to represent myself. They refuse police reports I have made (if they didn't throw them away giving me a fake report number). And have refused to take complete reports for serious crimes including times I was abducted, assaulted, & stalked.

So how am I supposed to say I think these people are even competent to raise ANY child when these behaviors are what they choose to propogate?

Bucks County today is not much different. Their sketchy county services also maintain that potentially false power of attorney are 100% reason for them to abuse minority women particularly. It sounds more like entrapment to me. They do tend to place blame on any minority 100% for incidents caused by their locally known domestic white supremacists & terrorists.

I read the news in late 2018-early 2019. Still to my dismay;- Bucks County is plagued with racism & hate crimes directed at non-caucasian. Including school children lobbying to bring awareness of 2018's racism & hate crimes in public schools. That is over 40years of hate crimes and discrimination festered in Bucks County's Public Schools.
Additionally, end of January 2019;- Quakertown Community School District is accepting Martin Luther King as a viable Holiday!  That is the High School where I endured more abuse and social outcast isolation by many of the teachers from 1988-1992. Now tell me how they are appropriate role models?

My brother & I were the only Hapa Asian kids in the school district. My brother had Human rights organizations involved in his Ivy League demise by the Quakertown High School President 1993/94. I was pummeled by white supremacists trying to lure me to fights to be beaten to death at the mall & movie theater and several area churches. And NOT MUCH ChANGED.

I am disappointed by this communtity and it's recruitment of outsiders to use in their hate crimes.
Someone needs to step in and force them to be more socially adept than wretched. Others accept White bucks County citiEns into their diverse communities. Yet there is no reciprocation, Even for a mixed race mixed nationality family like ours (3rd Generation).

They have done numerous terroristic acts against me and my family, especially financially and property damage. They don't want and never want a Peaceable future.

I only made it