Saturday, February 02, 2019

I painted my heart for you
On a cardboard box
Thinking I know,
I'm not even art.

It became my whole world.
So vibrant it glows
While my life becomes cold.

Blue sky & clouds they blurred
White caps & surge.

My heart it pulsed red yellow green
Took my vibe to the ocean dream

About My heartwish:
Just so you know, before I came I asked God if I can go in a beautiful way. I didn't come, expecting to stay. I think of finding my way
Back Home,
Every Day.
There was a beautiful spot,
admired & respected by intellectual thought.
Not to ruin the fun,
just adoration in
the last jump.

I think of the days 
When it was about strong hearts
Our hearts that could withstand the pain
That life pours on
So we can see the wrong witness the dying of Innocents
Lost under the drone
Monotonous life making money Having an ego
& Some good food .
Today it's about fighting or holding up this big dark cloud
Before it comes crashing down
On everybody.
Some grasping at straws 
Are leaving the good 
To wreck ALL

Just for a little money

All the same as it was back then;- ALlot more damage 
To keep on going,... To keep on going 
I wonder where those strong hearts went
Or if they joined the struggle to pay the rents.
And paying the debts of our parents gen
(To the) the souls that demand a balance 
From before our grandparents. I wonder where all the strong hearts went
Demand for a truthful justice
While on the run
From the dark cloud
  Taking down the strongest ones.
So they could hurt the rest
It's gotten so bad,
my handler rents got to believing in miracles & magic.
They believed the lies
Woke up realizing there.
Ain't nothing else left.
Reality is gone.
Having power, promised a lie 
Their bodies got old so they are feeling the pain 
not quite ready to shrivel up and die. All my friends are gone Suicided for real Life's taken without fear
so their souls weren't stolen
Or contorted to be a form
they weren't warranted to be born with 
My eyes are torn.
From the sights I've seen
The horrors MK ultra's CIA created for me
My eyes they're torn
From the images of war
The cold hungry and poor
I'd rather tear the illuminati bill
And start doing things for real
More save more (lives)
Today we got more Strong hearts saving money
It more of the old norm
What happened to the strong hearts Where did they go
My eyes are torn
I cannot hear anymore
Seems the struggle went...
Many just grasping for a scent
Of someone they loved before
My heart knows that feeling....
Before my eyes, they tore
Burst forth with a flood Drowned, like thousands of one/lives In cold red blood, The sunset or Dawn
It keeps on coming...