Thursday, February 14, 2019

I need protection immediately

My father is not a studious man.
He is very much about his guns and ammo, a Pro NRA supporter & proud of his marksman. He enjoys the white privilege of destroying my life. And, acts appropriately on under direction of his attorney or friends, many who have egged him on to throw me on the street.
He, As a handler who beta programmed me since childhood;-
He took nude photos of me, as a toddler when he had an open printing shop his own printing business BCG.
He dropped me off at different people's homes in the middle of the night
Also he used to play with me when I was in bed and tell me he wanted me to be good at sex. All by age 9 with extreme physical abuse to the point I blacked out from both hi. & My mother handler. She did not abuse me as much until her return from the Hospital.
He used to tell me that if I ever meet the right guy I'm to tell him "im a poster child for MKULTRA and to use my initials."
My mother abused me and hid behind her surgeries. She abused me daily, taking over after my father stopped abusing me every single day. It was not normal physical abuse. She dragged me on the floor & down the stairs nearly daily. They got off on beating me and used to smile and laugh when they did so.

I personally want to file old child abuse charges on them that have been impeded due to my "race & national origin" because of my remote location as well. However, that seems hopeless due to all interest being against me;- area attorneys & locals making money from Child trafficking & drug trafficking.
My own father has joked many times about the good ol'days with his military buddies dropping bails of "dope" from the C130's, running spooks & bombing overseas villages & people outside of wartime in several different nations.

He was not an " appropriate" father figure and we had very few positive interactions with his extended family.
My mother has chosen to go along with him on even very offensive notes in order to maintain what she values as an acceptable marriage.

Today, I am very uncertain that I can remain alive with the knowledge I have of his friends & shooting buddies that bring weapons to the house in my absence.

They do not interact with me as normal reasonable people. I had hoped that their age changed them.
They have also done extensive Fina call and emotional damage to my life permanently. And, there are no apologies. Since my mother's family in Japan does not want the complications of my parents decisions;- they are excluded from this posting as an appropriate audience.

My personal documentation of this matter is over 40yrs of MKultra style abuses since before my Mother naturalized to the USA.
As I began blogging due to issues I posted at the onset of the PAtriot Act, my father and the US military or feds have "changed" the prior USA documentation of my mother's immigration & hid or destroyed an original copy of one of my proof of birth that was vital to my proving his affiliation with some Occult/Cult that took the blood sacrifice of my sister prior to my birth.