Tuesday, December 31, 2019


My father threatening to destroy what's left of my life over the past 2days is conspiring with his attorneys and Cleveland Steel Container Corporation in Quakertown. 
This along with his coaching my mother to press charges against me for eating because she cooked a new year's Eve Eve dinner for me of udon noodles.
He is aiming to harm my employment and has already used his buddies in the local police force to previously destroy my piano teaching business.
This is the most obsurd post I have had to make. He also is on RNM moitori g that apparently gave her m access to my private journal. So his law firm and PI and local buddies have also hacked all of my online accounts.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Ocasan's hot vegan Nikome Udon for me at dinner

Made by my Ocasan (mom) Vegan Nikome udon .... 

martial arts

Today, i have my martial arts belt in my hand. Still a white belt. A very dirty white belt. I took it out of the space bag full of random old training clothes. As soon as it was in my hands, i started crying.
Still crying.
The last training school i was in i did receive a yellow and an orange belt for kajukembo.  One level one Israeli Krav Maga diploma. The Hawaii based 家元 Sifu is a Grandmaster in half a dozen arts with blackbelts in another 30 martial arts styles. He is known worldwide. I still hope  his legacy is known for his dedication to the martial arts and saving lives. Despite the immense political effects of others with ill will.
Martial arts terms for accomplished Grandmaster as a founder of a new style of Martial arts (From my mom);- Iemoto いえもと  informal 家本  formal 家元

Sunday, December 29, 2019

this is a United Nations submitted site

An attempt to submit Sproutfuel.com was  to the UN was made in the course of my UN communications. This site will be updated with a page of organized links to the pages containing information for the UN and or UNESCO communications began in Summer 2019. 

This makes a great deal of my personal life transparent until I am able to relocate the information and have safety in the USA to keep such sensitive matters private.

It is with great sadness that I must do this to communicate to the world, the ill intentions of the United States of America upon my life and the lives they took of the other victims, my siblings.
In addition, any other victims of Human rights violations of Torture, Persecution of Japanese citizen(s) and/or Japanese-American, and or cruel and unusual punishment by the USA that occured will be addressed as the United Nations treaties bodies see fit. 

It is not up to the interpretation of the common USA citizen or their biased State actors.  I hand this matter up to God at this time. So be it.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

i am a child survivor of parental alcoholism

Today is Christmas day. It has been about a decade since I spent significant time near my elderly parents. My mother seems quite happy to see me. 
My father is not and locked me out of the house until I called my mother to allow me inside. I actually didn't want to deal with his tyrade and slept in my SUV Christmas Eve Eve in 31° weather. The sad part is that I gave up most of everything I owned in Hawaii to help them since they are both disabled, and I am the last living child. Ironically, I'm alive because I stay away from them and their toxic friends who convinced them that friendship is more important than family. 
My mother, being an immigrant from Japan, now realizes this mistake in her 80's. This place is a  rural suburb compared to most larger towns and small cities. So, diversity in community is a new interaction for the 50 shades of white community members who only speak about their ties to European motherlands. It's an odd type of colonial obserd to me. However they call it American tradition. 
Under my breath it's like watching an Mi5, Mi6, KGB, IRA, Stasi, and Italian maffia psyop roll out in front of me as the most utterly un-American behaviors ever witnessed publically. 

In high school, I was pulled from classes to attended alateen meetings for social intervention that gave me skills to navigate the scapegoating abuse my parents put on me. It is nearly 25years later and on Christmas day the alcoholic, now on chemotherapy medications, is talking about how the entire house has fallen apart because I took a shower. Last night, while I was cleaning the kitchen and powder room he yelled at me angrily and attempted to hit me with the plastic waste can while my back was turned.
Mind that I have been largely gone from their physical presence living a relatively happier (though not lucrative) lifestyle in Hawaii. 
In hindsight, the lessons I learned from Alateen were critical to my being able to control the parts of my life, and my dreams, that I wished for and also worked hard for. However the reality of the term "parents" and the power society gives to these people is demeaning and destructive in my life since these two people conspired to destroy my hard work for decades.
That is reality. Despite my compassionate heart for their health situation now that they are 70. When I returned from Hawaii last fall 2018, I spent weeks cleaning, scrubbing, doing yard work, and picking through a nightmare that is on the verge of Turing into a condemned building if their negligence doesn't stop.
While my friends have been kind to put me up, I've had nightmares over my wasted time arguing with both parents over their accumulated mess. It's one of their power trips since they have reached their sunset years. And, they have never cared to socialize with friends who welcomed me openly and reciprocated gifts. Rather they have socialized with a majority of judgemental, racist, backstabbing and violent people who killed my sister and conspired to harm my brother repeatedly while he was alive till age 26. 
My adult life is now confronted with these egocentric biggots and their games to cause harm. 
There is nothing that they, my parents and the community have done individually or collectively to be peaceable without violence.
Ultimately, everyone knows I will have to walk away again. It doesn't matter because this part of the world has chosen to present itself to me in this way.
It's a bad place where they refused to allow me to purchase a vehicle at a normal car dealership. Where they also sent state perpetrators to destroy the used vehicle I purchased from my father. It has been a horrible time with less than amicable people amidst the curt pleasant tolerances.
Sad ultimately. 
If I am to judge the old ans new contents of this Bucks County, I call it pathetic.
Weak perverts who prayed on me as a Minority child and finacially damaged me deliberately into adulthood. While Noone has provided a buffer or stopped their collective Deepstate behaviors.
It needs to end. Their lunacy has affected foreign policy unchallenged.

Monday, December 23, 2019

in PA bad neighbors

The white male neighbor rammed his snowplow into my parked vehicle in the parking spot off the drivewsy 1st snowfall  he did not have any permission to be on the property at the time. It is appx $900 in damage he did to my vehicle.
Since my vehicle had been tampered with before my brother's death, I suspect this is the person responsible for tampering with my vehicle in the past from 2000-2009.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Throughout my life, alot has been less than ideal and perfect. It's the spirituality that belongs to me that I cherish the most. I keep fantasizing about a kinder and gentler life where i have friends and good times and a beautiful home. Somehow, hearing all the issues from others and circumventing my own problems of being a single Japanese-American female in a very rude american culture makes it tough to see the good vibe.

split pea salad

Making my lunch for tomorrow (see pic to be topped with organic greens); Scraping after the long awaited Targeted Individuals protest in DC for me. I was able to get some ketoish groceries from Target for $5.29 with $1coupon on the Organic 50/50 greens mix ringing in at $1.49 Made mustard vinaigrette with 2 packets mustard, a 1/2 capful white vinegar and a few tbsp of avo oil I have left on hand and greens to spare. A 1/3 of the avo and 1 segment of the lemon fruit.
Non organic ;- 1 avo @ $1.29, 1 lemon 59¢
1 bag split peas $1.59, and 1 creamy pb $1.39 ( yeah I stooped to cheap grungy vegan protein.)

So I am cooking 1/2 the bag of split peas with water, 1tbsp avo oil, zest from the entire lemon, 1tsp scorpion habanero to start. I cooked this for 20min. Then I added 1tbsp my mix of powdered: mushroom, beets and MCT
And filled it up with a generous handful amount of  salt. And, 2tbsp manna with avo oil mix.
That's where I'm at and it's lions den hot right now for spice factor. 8:52PM 
I can't say it's great yet. It may serve as the base for "the rest" of the split peas since it is quite strong.

May 2017 Hiking

2017 Honolulu, Circle of Friends at Ho'omaluhia for a hike with visit from Andreas & Danielle. I'm grateful to the community leader and group for helping to see me through toxic mold fasting till 2018. I was a success report writer. 
Left to right Angela Kneale- Success report writer, Lusana H.- Community Leader, Elmy B. - Treasurer, Shri O. , Al Gamache

Sunplate Logo

I created Sproutfuel over 15years ago.  I never expected to be around this long. After many years, and quite busy,  I settled on a 'workable blue lightbulb earth' logo.  And, never expected to be around this long again. I created the sun plate logo because my activism takes many different forms. One of the most intimate those forms is my daily fueling.  Every morning I could,  I meditated by the Hawaiian ocean. Sunrise was the quietest time, while the Honu became familiar with my presence on the beach and greeted me as I walked along the shoreline.  I had a keto Vegan breakfast for the past 3 years of my 25+ year veganism. Everything about sunlight, photonic light, giving and receiving higher form than reiki, and eating a small salad & nuts each day with my hydration and supplements. My high vibration was often combatted with my club job in the night scene. Yet everyone stayed positive, with a love of life and smiles.
On my return to the mainland this past year;- alot went wrong. The hatred and violent frequencies were noticable and increased. Maybe it's because I've grown so far apart from commonplace USA life.
So, broken hearted, I humbled myself and faced reality of the USA menace that bulldozed me out of the mainland.
I sat down, revisited who I was and the things that make me me. The higher frequency is all that I am. Fighting the good fight.
I designed the sun-plate so I have a daily reminder of what makes me smile, what makes my heart Happy, and that which keeps me going each day on earth. Even if it is a solitary sunset in nature. 

Aloha and Arigato for visiting.
Please support me as I continue to work on my campaigns. Some are personal yet vital to future generations and other 1st generation Americans fallen victim to surveillance and Intelligence Community abuses. Some are simply a continuation of my passion to save animals from cruelty. My most recent endeavor is to campaign against large-scale mining and undersea #strategicmineralsalliance. 


Einstillen over Evil

I'm still trying to heal from the toxic Quakertown, Doylestown, Bucks County community. But, they are taking actions to harm me due to my attendance at APEC 2011 International Summit. They seem to think that killing me is the answer to economic anger. 
However, they have involved and manipulated my parents so that I have no support. They turned my brother into a recovered drug user from their torture and abuse and ruined his life.

Due to the overriding Ill nature of both of my parents, who have an attorney to protect their criminal actions against me. As well as the full cooperation of the Quakertown Police and Richlandtown Police in PA. I am making this post. 
They know full well, I was to return to our family home since they aged. I had to give away, for zero profit, most of my belongings for this move. This included a classic aged vehicle I had invested a large sum of money in repairing. Including a $500ish brake job for rear breaks and calipers just a few days before I gave away the vehicle. When I returned, i did dozens of hours of work at the house and in the house in complete dissaray. Cleaning out dead mice and spiderwebs from many areas. Aside from outdoors work and daily kitchen cleaning up after my parents.
 I regularly cleaned the floors since they walk in and out with heavily soiled shoes. I tried cleaning the carpet, but it was too soiled to appear clean. 
One day I spent over 3hrs cleaning out spiders and spider webs from a small area in the laundry area. There are several spiders from Wolf spiders, Huntsman, and one spider I removed that appeared to be a very large brown recluse/fiddlehead spider. Additionally, the cat's fountain water bowl needs frequent cleaning as slime builds up I the water bowl.

I also cleaned up what was left of my office from the vacation in 2009 that I was prevented from returning from by a Federal agent also USSS who warned me that "they" would attempt to murder me if I returned. This intervention disrupted my normal life and my piano teaching in entirety. However it was not unfounded since against my will, I was abducted assaulted and locked in a room from a setup temporary job I had in Doylestown to Buckingham Township in 2006. The police did not take a full report. They also seem to be participating in rule of law violations.
I was also abducted in 2002 in Lower Merrion and locked in a basement against my will. This didn't include the state worker who smashed in the rear of my vehicle in front of the Doylestown courthouse. And when I tried to establish a studio in Ithaca in 2007, there was a fire that required the building floor to be ozonated. I was unable to move a piano in due to the fire.

Today I called them to wish a happy holiday which I did. This conversation after my mom tried to find out my exact location turned into their anger directed at me and venemous accusations. My mother claiming that I attacked her and she needs to call elder abuse if I talk to her  My father claims that I belong to a German Cult that is Bruno-Groening Circle of Friends and berated it with his tone of disgust and shaming.
So, my side of this story is that on the evening Feb.18, 2019 I was doing Einstillen and praying by my brother's ashes. Explosively, My mother interrupted me and screamed at me, "you deserve to die too." She grabbed my right arm from resting position and barred my elbow and jumped down on my arm. I was in severe pain for weeks. My friend, a PHd chiropractor  took a look at my shoulder and said that the ligiments were torn and it would take weeks to heal.
I was able to secure a part time position in a political sanctuary, Ithaca, NY. I had to sleep in my vehicle for months with only a few work clothes I secured from a reuse center and a blanket in freezing temperatures since I could not run the vehicle when I slept. I took work through a temp agency with various caterers until the season ended and businesses were closed permanently due to the economy.
The last work I had was at a DOD Pentagon site as valet that turned into hotel concierge with valet responsibilities and having to handle a dozen emergency situations that occured the last weekend I worked. I quit the position due to the enormous issues of hotel fires, injuries from the events booked by sales managers, and a tall elevator that was known to freefall up to 28floors.
It is a nightmare at $13/hr with tip share between 3-6 people. My average take home tips were $6-15 a shift with too many liabilities and blame from the hotel client for their own inability to serve guests and their event attendees safety.

It has been awful to return here.
I contacted Richlandtown Police and they alluded to complying with my father's request to arrest and take his erroneous complaints against me. He and his NRA shooting buddies plan to murder me or my mother and get rid of both of us. Both of my parents are filing reports to intentionally destroy my ability to have any income because they seek to collect life insurance monies due to their old age. 
It was never my intention to have to communicate this abuse by the United States of America. But this is their attorneys advice that they alluded to through my life because they chose to exploit me throughout my gradeschool years. It doesn't even matter if my mother is sincere anymore, they use her to bait my sympathies. Once I arrive they ensue with verbal, emotional, physical, and even violence that had involved a gun and taking my cell phone. And in my childhood far past using knives, walls, stairs, belts to inflict more harm. I still have a scar on my chin from the day my mother slammed my face into a set of light switches as I was going to the High School school bus. I had to promise to lie for her in order to get stitches at the hospital. 
The abuse from both of my parents has never ceases, and never has had an apology. They create story lines to entertain their friends who are linked to NRA, Rosacrucians Cult on nearby Clymer Rd, and also White supremacists and Patriots who dislike me for being Japanese-American, an indigent ethnic due to my parents actions and the actions they support in the Bucks County Community. Even the minority police officers participate in threatning me and my life. This has been ongoing over decades. 
Today, I informed my father I made a UN communication. He is indifferent to the matter.
In my entire life, I have never met more consistently violent people than my parents. They have no hesitation in their sick games and have lost my respect due to their lack of restraint. 
They also invite people with guns to shoot on the property. Some of these people have followed me in their vehicle this past year. One, after asking my father if he could use a scope he purchased for a drive-by shooting. Within 2 weeks, I read that there were drive-by shootings in Bucks County, and it made me wonder if that person stalking me (who seems to be a farmhand) at a neighbors home (Lee & Cathy Clymer) does actually plan to murder me as retaliation for writing about their gun manufacturing and running operation that lead to my brother's death.

However, I have to return to collect what is left of my personal effects. And the police do not want to provide safety or correct information to me for my own personal safety. They have obstructed my life and livelihood for decades, even with minimal time at the residence.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

my leftover beets

They are starting to grow... organic beet peels... I left for 3weeks

yesterday foodlog

Yesterday I had non protein coffee. Then had beetroot powder mixed with a 1/4tsp of spirulina hotwater and Alae'a salt for broth. 
I drank my Creatine HCL in water. Then added more water. 

1/2lb beets today

Not the most attractive show of lunch. almond protein in coffee with appx tsp coconut oil .
Today's lunch... 
1/2lb organic beets
3tbsp organic coconut oil
1tvsp cinnamon
5pieces lightly marinated artichoke
2tbps artichoke marinade

1st candied in all ingredients 
2nd then sliced & blanched beets

Sunday, December 08, 2019

my activist thoughts tonight.

The United States has been the monolithic hippocrasy dominating the international world's dreamers. However the harsh reality is a conundrum of psyops and props for both State and DeepState actors along with seemingly brazen whistleblowers.
I can only draw a comparison to the 'Who Cares' phenomena to the vegan activists who documented horses being hauled off to glue factories. The French, have no problem eating horsemeat. The USA finds it a shame but not wasteful. Vegans, in the Democratic sense find it an appauling level of abuse and rally others to stop the heinous practice and allow the horse to live longer on a farm. This eases any childhood or personal dreams of having a horse living happily on a big field and running freely. The action is essentially a collective rescue of our dreams.
However, delving back into the rotten world of industrial military force where they are trying to dominate dreams with subscriptions and turn us into transhuman robots ... They need to destroy our ability to actualize our dreams. 
Thus the hardcore attacks, Cointelpro, and informants along with occasional influencers in movements where some people still have a conciousness.
Somewhere it must stop.
The targeted individual movement is one of the most heinous interactions of nightmares I've experienced. It's first to discern who is a "perpetrator" and who isn't. It's become a term tossed around like cooties in an elementary recess. And, it doesn't help that it's worse than a strip club full of personal problems waiting to be compounded. I mean, personal problems of the nature of those who are or were targeted by Federal informants or Cartel. So it doesn't offer the same sanctity of focus with any clarity. Even new organizations that focus on lobbying are highly questionable since they should be a private lobby firm and not a Non-Profit. And, it's coupled with those reporters and their own info agents as influencers who tend to fall forward for the same crap I started fighting long ago. I mean seriously;- some of these people are looking to join and gain Entry to the heinous shit I've already had to live through while reporting that they are different than MSM. It's just another tier of the large media outlet scrambling for more attention and new assignments.
I honestly don't like it. 
I think I decided that many people I met in the TI movement do have heart. However the ones who are groping for Bildeberger balls don't actually care and are passing their judgement on others. This is really dangerous to me. It's not focused on activities, there is little clear and actual help, and the 'focus' tends to be on what seems helpful to patch together a campaign. Seriously, this seems self defeating if the larger picture is to defeat long-term goals for Foreign Policy that are peaceable.
I'm retreating back to my college mindset of education and action. And as usual forgoing the petitions ans letter writing.
I'm just not that person who enjoys writing to politicians and spending money the way I have over 2-3yrs to get ZERO results.
That includes 6mos on a UN communication and research since I can't afford $100000's to hire someone since NO organization I met in the USA has the capacity to understand and handle my matter.
Ugh... Back to where I was before they (Intel) broke up my vegan group in 1996 and sent an agent at me to derail my life plan. This was what Lead up to the agent taking me to Venice Florida pre 9-11.and then back to Bildeberger land in Bucks County by mid 2000.
This will never be over for me.
They have threatened my life for many decades while using my profile. I need that to end, immediately.

my activism going back to Sproutfuel

I feel it will be forever before I have a working group of one or two people on the issue(s) that are most important to me.

I'm not against targeted individuals, however a large number are former Intelligence community employees. Which I am not, nor have ever been. Instead I've been pummelled by them and forced into compromised ans threatning positions due to being the grandaughter of a Japanese official. Not only do I not have a paycheck, but the men feds and others take my money because they need money to cover their buts in lie detector tests. They use and take whatever they can. And, my life has been decimated and controlled financially this way. 

USA has been a life threatening  situation for me for decades;; before the targeted individuals activism. I returned and I don't see that things are workable between the attitudes that put me in this situation being apparent with many ti.
I can't afford more turmoil. I'm Japanese many still are inconsiderate or want to hurt me intentionally for political or patriotic reasons.
I don't feel that this is working on a satellite issue or targeting issue.
I feel like it's a Roundup or a trade of info. And ti's haven't been winning.
Uncertain how my life will move forward;- I'm still dedicated to my activism because I still have no other options and will never be able to let down my guard.

Consideration of my culture

Most of my life in the USA has been berated for being Japanese descent.
I've been psychologically pummelled with horrific and demeaning Images and comments from US citizens all of my life.

One reminder is that the "appearances" we made in Hapi or Japanese Kimono were not the happy scene pictures shown for publicity. Rather the aftermath and targeting and being physically beaten and verbally ridiculed by numerous those in the community who hate Japan and Instilled those values in my classmates was extremely overlooked (including fro. The children in the photo- many were poseurs who literally acted like shitty double agents to harm me.)
I was forced to endure a horrible upbringing in Bucks County, PA. Despite the one day here or there for public appearances to represent Japan.
I'm making this nice for the reader. It by no means reflects my entire perception or sentiment of people who feel that they own me, my soul, my vagina, my words, and my creativity.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

My hasty response to: UN CAT Torture Questionnaire

“Psychological Torture and Ill-Treatment"


Completed by Angela Meredith "Kikuchi" Kneale (AMK)

November 24, 2019

  1. Concepts, definitions and constitutive elements

(AMK) Standard Acts of Psychological torture/CIDTP are within standard prisoner facilities and can be experiential CIDTP acts identified by the public outside of such facilities, in any location, to create a sense of punishment and or subordination to the actor.  

Ie., Public Desecration of culture, murder of relatives, denial of cultural language freedom, denial of personal religious or spiritual materials and beliefs,  murder "sacrifice" of a newborn, use of psychotronic weaponry, non-consensual coordinated EM entrainment, weaponized drone threats. Prohibited and punished communication outside the host nation to relatives or family, denial of cultural, psychological, emotional, and general support. Additionally, Categorize any State actor or Surveillance personnel who uses a legal or banned psychologically invasive technology intended to; debilitate, terrorize, cause harm, and brainwash a person. These modern forms of entrainment torture  need to be categorized as psychological torture by a morally responsible agent with Radio Frequency, Microwave, Electromagnetic spectrum, Scalar, Drone, and or Satellite technologies. 


(AMK) Psychological torture is extremely invasive and has no boundaries. I want to point out that a person detained at Guantanamo Bay does not typically have immediate family, mother, father, siblings near them while held in containment. this obvious torture may be a different classification with many of the same elements of punishment and degrading treatment.  So, for the purpose of my general communication in this survey, I want that distinction to be acknowledged. Especially since tribalism and barbaric behaviors are generally socially oppressed between USA and Japan both High Income (HIC) nations. 

My case individually, as well as a member of Targeted Justice, focuses on the typical behaviors and opinions of Japan and USA since their prior wartime rivalry.  Hatred amidst the USA public is the basis of the torture I endure as a Nisei and Hafu. With 10 HVR1 genetic mutations, my DNA interested USA geneticists for biological warfare development and post A-bomb effects on a biological system. Per my mother; I know I was considered an organism whose DNA was patented by USA since my grade school years.  My parents threatened my life as destruction of an organism while making it very clear that they are owners and creators of my DNA. The discrimination and degrading treatment by those around me was very clear part of the psychological learned helplessness I experienced.

(AMK)  The Purpose is to identify a survivor in a set of torture victims who have been killed or are no longer fully competent and able to give an accurate report. The added value is that of identifying a witness to crimes against humanity by the State actors in order to identify tests and breaches of national security and agreements during war or peacetime. 

(AMK)  My personal example; Growing up as a toddler, My Japanese national mother shared the story of USA hospital workers who actually murdered my sister in front of her. My sister's remains were buried in 1970 and verified by Valley Forge Memorial Gardens in Pennsylvania. They told my mother she did not deserve to have a child because she is Japanese (national). My mother, while still a Japanese national, warned me that I could not trust anyone because I am her daughter and Japanese. That the USA, to which I was born a national, would try to murder me. And, that I could not expect my father to do anything since there was no police reporting for Japanese in the rural Bucks County, PA. I understood that I was trapped as a child. The physical abuse and MK Ultra protocols my parents and other adults used on me are also known Central Intelligence Agency torture methods (see case histories of MK Ultra survivors). I was also physically beaten in grade school while regularly mocked and ridiculed by teachers and classmates alike. My mother told me she didn't want to hear what happened to me as there was nothing she could do. This became complicated as she seemed to stop caring about my life, while my father had a similar attitude. So when my parents beat me regularly at home, they smiled and enjoyed hurting me. I felt I had no way to survive. When I was 10years old I contemplated suicide, as my mother instructed me to do if I could not handle the MK Ultra type testing and rapes anymore. She made it clear before the testing that she could not and would not help me. Yet that I should remember what she said to me in case something happened to her, since they were going to test on both of us. I felt helpless, even without prison walls. So many people in Quakertown, PA hated me. I was garbage and a 'mud' to them, a dirty Jap to the sons and daughters of my parents friends and my school teachers throughout grade school. I was a 'trained monkey' to the piano teacher, a President of (PMTA) Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association under US’s (MTNA) Music Teachers National Association. I held on for my life and took extra beatings for my brother by claiming everything was my fault.. My mother and father blamed me for everything and don't accept responsibility for their actions. My hopes of having people who genuinely care about my well being vanished.

It is verification that generally USA citizens did not care about me at a level that did not constitute torture and persecution of Japanese child. They operated on my mother in the 80's and my father told me she was dead. I didn't accept her as my real mom when she returned from the hospital and I was thrown outside in the cold by my father that night since she was angry with me. It damaged our friendship for the course of my life. We only had some minor understanding in 2005 after my brother’s death. She apologized that she did not allow me to choose and live in Japan at age 12. And she explained her intention in my childhood had been to move us to Brazil before things went wrong in the early 1980’s.

  My father and their friends told her I was pure evil and they both beat me nightly, often till I blacked out as it was ‘no cry’ torture. I had neck braces to wear from whiplash from the new caucasian Suzuki Piano teacher's instructions to my mother to beat me. The local government’s public school teachers made it known that I was garbage for being Japanese-American. Even at grade 9, once half of my face was black and blue from heavy head blows. The teachers and students did not care or show concern for my welfare. I was also the only Japanese-American or Asian in the school for many years. The private piano teachers were a few of the people who verified my mom as acceptable, only after she harmed me weekly and daily with repeated head blows and/ or dragging me off a piano bench by my hair and down a flight of stairs. This doesn't include my father programming me in my sleep or dropping me off at houses in the middle of the night under some continued version of MK Ultra. In essence I was psychologically tortured with degrading treatment daily at home and at school and Lutheran church, with few days without such abuse, over my kindergarten to grade 12 school experience, to age 17.

(AMK)  Psychological torture is clearly designed to cause long-term damage and limit the torture subject. Psychological torture is designed to create subordination and control of the subject as well as a loss of personal preference and independence. 

Non-invasive methods are simply defining a set topic of questioning and only allowing for a non-coerced and willful response.

  1. Prevalence and State practice

(AMK)  I was tortured under the MK Ultra linked  Alice Protocol after my mother’s personality altering and damaging cervical spine surgery. I also endured Psychological trauma through dream entrainment. I endured life threatening scenarios from Technology induced, and repeat nightmare dream entrainment that was prevalent during my elementary grade school years, until age 14.  MK Ultra style USMC problems to force me to quantum. The rapes were for soul flight said to enhance my psychic and remote viewing ability. However, it seems more likely that there is a false sense of walking the timeline and falling victim of the psychic farce. In that, it is a grand scale clandestine operation.

Also psychological torture lends itself to the Intel agencies and informants stealing my personal identity. I was made aware of this by Japan and my mother by age 5, and also of USA Intel working with Yakuza to harm me and my family.

 I strongly feel that USA news media is involved in such operations. They enact this torture outside known facilities without compensation to the torture victim(s). My USA national father inflicted severe corporal punishment with a leather belt on me from age 2. 

My Japanese national mother abusing me applies to 18 U.S.C. § 2340 (the "Torture Act"), whether or not she was under duress or coercion by US state actors until she naturalized in the later 1980’s. Subsequently, I must claim myself an attachment to a trafficked individual who is the Japanese National mother to whom I was born in the USA. My father was USAF (OSI) warrant officer E6 with ATS classification, declass 2001 to the best of my knowledge. 

(AMK)  Punishment for being Japanese descent and psychological torture of myself in my immediate family and neighborhood. Lee Clymer told my father, veteran and former USAF OS, that my brother needed to be killed after I anonymously called the ATF about Mr. Lee Clymer's illegal gun running operation my brother was forced to participate in as his employee. My father was completely willing to comply with Mr. Lee Clymer's request without question or hesitation. I overheard their conversation. They had both met with my brother to force him to think about spectacular funeral arrangements by burning his body on a Viking style funeral pile. My brother, also born half Japanese to our mother while she was a Japanese National.  I overheard this. So, after my brother was killed, my father was happy Mr. Clymer was being a good friend. My father threatened my life as well and has tried to have my mother kill me to show him her loyalty , and to spare her life from his death threats. It is pure hell for me legally, psychologically, financially, and has destroyed my adult life, gainful work, and friendships.

I am still living under duress with some death threats and knowledge of unofficial police intent covering up anyone who murders me. However, the Bucks County community is impressing that my father who was Declassified in 2001 to murder me and my mother. It is a nightmare situation for me. It is clearly due to my Father's ATS clearance and others influencing him to use "protection of my mother" as suitable means to inflict torture, regardless of formal diplomatic and common sense diplomacy between nations. Whereas, I and my siblings would have had protection under another Treaty (Vienna Convention) as grandchildren of a Japanese official. That does not discount my relation as a niece to those involved in Japanese National security and/or infrastructure. The USA state actors including my Father tell me they have no knowledge of who my family relation is in Japan. Some refute that I'm Japanese because I'm a mere "indigent ethnic" to them, mark quotation is used directly at my by my father former USAF OSI and a printer by trade with rare, special skill sets.

Additionally, I was told to accompany my mother in a black transport to view the cremation of my brother's deceased body. They claimed that it is part of giving us our Japanese culture. And the Bucks County area police did not investigate his death, which was allegedly by an unmarked sawed-off shotgun shot to his head. Rather, my parents, the Akita dog and I  separately found his grey body in the field. 1st my father found him, then my mother, then the Akita led me to his body. 

Since the incident, Bucks County police and others have been persuading my father to murder me and blame me for his death. More psychological torture to me. They have been flagrantly open about murdering me from 05/2005 to 9/2018. My father pulled a 9mm on me in 10/2014 and the local police erased all records of my 911 call for assistance.

(AMK) I cannot think of an example that is not tainted. However, when I went to Hawaii in 2009, Sir Li prevented me from returning to Pennsylvania for fear of my life. He was DOE and a US military contractor at the time and a disabled veteran Green Beret.  Again my professional life was dismantled and the path I lived on was questionable to me since I was aware I was being trafficked in the mildest sense of USA national laws in the State of Hawaii before 2015. I was supposedly spared from the imminent threat from Pennsylvania based state actors until I returned to Pennsylvania. However my personal integrity was compromised. 

UN CAT;-  Convention Against Torture Article 22. Article 14.

18 U.S.C. § 2340 -2340A (the "Torture Act")

American Jurisprudence Citizens & Aliens;- 2142 Removal of aliens who have fallen into distress

I have not been able to access to any caselaw addressing the lasting effects of USA internment Japanese Nisei as psychological torture. 

Amendment VIII of the United States Constitution

IHL, Canada;- Rule 90. Torture, cruel or inhuman treatment and outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment, are prohibited.

Japanese Internment - psychologic impact of indefinate confinement  torture.

  1. Consequences and challenges

(AMK)  Challenges are written in USCA 50 code and allow feds to gainfully seize assets of immigrants and 1st generation Americans under FISA related surveillance. This is simultaneously while immigrants  and trafficked individuals (American Jurisprudence Citizens & Aliens: 2112 see Aliens & Citizens Jurisdiction under Federal Tort claims act. 2167 "Qualified Alien". 2168 Qualified Alien victim of a severe form of trafficking.) 

2142 Removal of aliens who have fallen into distress, have little time and access to legal resources to request USA return them their other native home for falling into destitute. This subsequently criminalizes the torture victim with additional legal assassination and entrapment by USA state actors. And, becomes a critical clandestine operation in other instances.


The United States ultimately took away my normal means of livelihood in teaching piano even though it was questionable as to the cultural implications. Additionally, the shift forced me to be an exotic dancer beginning at age 34 and to ultimately destroy my professional credibility. They forced me into an industry with obviously questionable customers which proved to overlap with the entertainment industry over time. The funds I made as a dancer were largely then used by a DOE contractor or Federal agent. I was permitted to eat, train, and have a minimal residence that I supported through a small number of piano lessons. However,  understand that his entitlement on the federal level meant he could have taken everything from me, not just the immediate cash funds in made at the clubs in Honolulu.

(AMK)Please see attached articles.

Due to the ATS clearance of my USA father, disclosure of my torture was not permitted. I was instructed by my Japanese National mother to commit suicide when I could no longer live through the torture, testing, degrading treatment, and abductions, abortions, and sex assaults. I have endured as best I could to tell my own story. There is  extreme bias and conduct at the local courts and state and federal levels so that I am unable to proceed with any lawsuit at ANY level domestically or remedy the situation due to statute of limitations and lack of victim compensation. 

(AMK) It seems that the perpetrators who had full awareness, of the Istanbul Protocol  reverse engineered it for torture. It seems to merely leave one to evaluate levels of hostile impression management for escalating armed conflicts and war.

For victims of torture who have not been formally arrested and detained;- many measures of the protocol are simply exhausting if not self defeating to embark on as a solitary reporting method. Especially since isolation, abduction, or unplanned forced relocation jeporadize and compromise integrity of evidence in the absence of the torture victim.  And, the amount of critical self-funding and access to reliable and certified equipment and practitioners needed to complete the legal evaluations is the major downfall.

The Istanbul Protocol manual takes  time when majority of international incidents are critical. Unless the torture victim is able to find safety and time to complete it, it is nearly impossible to do as a self report. Rather, a reliable and public alert system should be in place with security measures for safety. 

Ie., My personal example of USN ET nuclear engineer who attempted to murder me forced me to take an ambulance to the Emergency room. If I had not taken the ambulance I would have faced arrest. My  MRI showed some swelling from strangulation. Yet Police downgraded the event to domestic violence and broke a stay away order and did not release the assailant to proper Military Police. Yet I was left with approximately $10,000 USD in hospital charges and thrown out on the street in Hawaii.

  1. Best practice and recommendations

(AMK)  It is nearly impossible to overcome any bias, hierarchies, or misconceptions when I am dehumanizes by those who view Japanese as a perpetual USA enemy. I am persecuted relentlessly as a Japanese Nisei. I do not like to call myself Japanese-American since America has sought to destroy me psychologically, culturally, and with imminent threat in most cases. However they accept I am Japanese in all instances of sexual exploitation and sex assault. 

Reluctantly, Japan and larger Japanese populations underestimate the adverse impact that common cultural norms have in the USA population. The wreckless portrayal of Japanese women imported in USA culture causes direct justification for sex assault and rape and sex slavery as misperceived cultural norms to be imposed. It is difficult to overcome at any age and from any respectable profession as a Japanese female.

(AMK) Over 44 years of my life, USA Americans have had  total disregard for formalities aside from contentious behaviors to set legal precedence internationally from within their own borders. In my case in particular, it is as if someone went through and did clandestine ops in order to break nearly every major law in order to demonstrate immunity from prosecution. I have a list of laws that intertwine with the initial and revised FISA where perpetrators have excelled at entrapping and trafficking me throughout my life. And where laws were broken as collective discrimination to enable their use and justification of FISA abuses since 1978. That would otherwise prevent someone from being forced to serve as a foreign agent, as my mother did to distribute funds to Japanese. They forced other Japanese nationals into destitute and refused them ample welfare funds. My mother in turn was forced to serve as a foreign agent in order to distribute foreign funds. This in turn harmed me in every way humanly possible. Thus, aside from MK Ultra, I see dozens of violations by the USA in USCA 50 and with regards to immigrants. That is not to dismiss dozens of sexual assaults, the deaths of my siblings, abductions I survived, and other murder attempts by State actors that the police downgraded. In all cases I was left without shelter despite VAWA laws that could have been used when I addressed it before a judge.

(AMK) Science and law are largely based on scholastic theories. Legal case knowledge of morally responsible agents of a technology used in psychological torture is still based on educating lawyers on basic and highly technical evidences. There are few, if any public forensic units available adept with collecting evidence of the most modern technologies used by governments. Industries that essentially have a monopoly on such technologies are self motivated actors and capitalists. And, those with both legal and technical backgrounds are normally recruited to these monopolistic industry companies. It is akin to the monetary system itself with intaglio printing presses. 

The public needs to have access to adequate and free forensic research dedicated to documenting tortures for the victims. 

(AMK) State funded travel and care from a victim's support of choice. And, state funded family visits for the victim. Including residence and support for self-care in a non discriminatory, non persecutory  social environment, such as a nation or city, that is appropriate (including suitable security measures for the victim.). 

Text of UN 104 communication

Angela M. (Kikuchi) Kneale  




Google Voice: 



Director of the Office of International Standards and Legal Affairs of UNESCO

7 place de Fontenoy

75352 Paris 07 SP, France

Phone: +33(0) 1 4568 1000

September 21, 2019

Dear UNESCO Secretariat,          


I am writing to you as a hafu with 10HVR 1 DNA mutations, nisei and 1st generation Japanese-American born to a Japanese national mother as a Gaikoku umare no nihonjin, or Foreign born Japanese to express violations of my human rights under

the following articles of the Universal Declaration to Human

Rights by the United States of America and/or its United

States Air Force. This also includes the Community

Conservatory of Music and Art in Doylestown, PA whose

Director and other staff participated in persecuting me as a

person of Japanese descent and particularly their derogatory

perception of my being mixed race and the daughter of a

Japanese immigrant. I believe they participated to violate

my constitutional rights and further FISA surveillance abuses

of other international families and students who I taught.

Additionally, this includes persecution by formidable Eurocentric

piano teachers of the Music Teacher’s National Association and

its subsidiary Pennsylvania Music Teacher’s Association over

my lifetime.


•           Article 27 as I understand to be my Right to participate in cultural life and to share scientific advancement;


Phone calls and speaking under supervision of my Japanese National Mother to my Japanese National Grandparents, and my Obasan/ Grandmother Kikuchi, Natsu who is a Japanese National Living Treasure, and other relatives who reside in Japan and could verify me in Japanese court for my choice of Japanese nationality.



•           Article 26 as I understand to be my Right to education;


My brother and I were Not permitted homeschooling in Japanese;- to read, speak, or study age appropriate Japanese in the family household or in Quakertown School District since kindergarten. My mother was a Japanese School teacher and had Japanese workbooks that were normal for Japanese children to do outside of school for personal development and language practice. 


•           Article 20 as I understand to be my Freedom of Association;


Phone calls and speaking under supervision of

My Japanese National Mother to my Japanese National

Grandparents and relatives who reside in Japan.

 Put in isolation in Richland Elementary School,

Quakertown, PA during recess for speaking my

Japanese-American English.


•           As piano faculty teacher; 02/2002 – 01/2009 (FISA abuses and Patriot Act 2001) Destruction of my Reputation, Targeted Destruction of my Piano Faculty career, dismantled income Sources for financial sabotage, Destruction of my self-employment happened in Doylestown, PA. This was related to the Community Conservatory of Music and Art.  I learned that T-Mobile and Doylestown Police and other area police had me on a surveillance list that accused me of being a terrorist and/or in a drug ring to maintain surveillance, abduct me with their FBI informant and rape me in isolation repeatedly that resulted in one abortion. Additionally, other international families whose children I taught were on a surveillance list. One student had an American-Muslim family who informed me of being fearful for their children’s lives and also under intense surveillance threats in Doylestown, PA. Due to 9-11 I was considered a terrorist since I have family relations in Japan. At the time, I taught piano other USA first generation citizens, also mixed-race and or nationality like myself with international families from China, India, Columbia, Tunisia, and France. These families and students I had left to teach while the conservatory ruined the majority of my faculty reputation and business of over 52 students and families. The totality of the actions and surveillance attacks forced me to drive 300 miles to Ithaca, NY a well-known political sanctuary where I was able to rent a safe room, and secured a few piano students. I was intensely unwelcome in the Pennsylvania community I grew up in after 9-11. I was abducted and held in isolation, and also harassed and stalked with threats to my mother’s life if I did not comply with Knight Engineering, Inc. the Buckingham Township Engineer’s office employees, in 2006 over several weeks and months. They also forced me to write fake emails after locking me in a room to rape me for over five days so as to cover up their actions. I filed a partial police report indicating dishes and objects being thrown at me after I was freed from the Buckingham Township, PA residence by their local police, however I was prevented from filing abduction and multiple sexual assault and other assault and battery charges. Due to my absence from PA since 2009, many of my records and physical evidence were removed from an Office Room I kept at my parent’s home before my return in 2018.





Since 1978, I was not permitted to speak to any of my family relatives in Japan over our home phone service that was through Bell Atlantic from 1978-1992. Japanese mail only arrived 2-3 times for me over the course of my grade school attendance 09/1979-06/1992 age 3- age17. Additionally, the Richland Elementary School in Quakertown, PA 18951 USA, in Bucks County, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the United States of America enforced physical & sexual torture and persecution with its School Principal, Administration, and teachers in order to severely affect and impair my family and social relations. The ongoing Violation of my language freedom in the Japanese language. Tortured me with physical and sexual punishment during and after “speech therapy” Richland Elementary School, Quakertown, I was forced to stop speaking Japanese which resulted in my deprivation of my own Japanese heritage and culture. This cruel and unusual punishment and torture continued at Quakertown High School with their use of a beginning Japanese Language Satellite Educational Resource Course (SERC) the Quakertown Principal James Beerer oversaw this and his faculty deliberately humiliated me and made a mockery of me to the Caucasian-American students in class. I was the only Japanese-American in the High School at the time. They made a mockery out of me in the way that I could not learn my own language better than they could. This was extreme emotional torture and humiliation for me. This was coupled with Mr. Pfeiffer’s 10th grade, US Cultures course where I was compared to a three-tier latrine as what the instructor and my classmates should think of me as a “stupid, dirty, Jap”. I was also used as a reference point when he needed to make an example of “those Japs” and I was harassed in the classroom. 1992-1995 Through the early years at Ithaca College this “C.I.A. program” did not stop. Random faculty told me that if I want to speak Japanese I would have to go to Cornell University and pay some $50,000 a year to study it if I was accepted to Cornell University. I was prevented from speaking with my Japanese national mother in Japanese despite her being a Japan school teacher and diplomatic guide in Japan. In hindsight, due to my lack of access to the Embassy of Japan and/or Consulate I was unaware that I could have chosen my nationality to be Japanese independently of my parents, if I was permitted to speak with my mother and continue studying Japanese without daily physical torture and punishment I endured in the Quakertown’s schools, and at home, and at the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church my brother and I attended for lack of an appropriate and accessible, Buddhist religious education. After I left my parents’ home for Ithaca College, my mother called me under great distress screaming as if being tortured in some way. After my first semester, I lost most contact with my mother and family due to Charles A. Kneale enforcing non-communication. This is still an issue to this day in 2019. My mother expressed she wanted me to stay with her at home since the death of my brother. However, Charles A. Kneale is still abusive and has asserted that he will murder me and or leave my body bloody if she leaves to visit her dying mother. He has even gotten her to comply with his own plan to murder both of us, and for this reason I have had to leave my belongings there and left the home in Quakertown, PA due to stalking and their murder plot that does involve other individuals and law enforcement in the Quakertown and Bucks County community.


I assert that these USA state actors justified these crimes against humanity under USCA 50 and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, also known as FISA. Their crimes against humanity not only involved physical torture at the local government funded school, it also includes my being isolated from other children in a separate room where they forced me to stop speaking Japanese with my mother with speech therapy torture. In this room and I was instructed to say 'lollipop' for hours while an instructor at the Richland Elementary School up to age 10. Mrs. Nagle my early grade school instructor specifically was a pedophile who demanded that I show her my genitalia upon my return from the speech therapy. I do not remember the names of the speech therapy attendants who also assigned me to a Special Chorus. I was physically beaten with a big wooden paddle when I did not comply at Richland Elementary and the teachers isolated me from my classmates during recess and lunch hours. They punished me because I am Japanese descent, not because I had any American-English speech impediment as a bi-lingual minor. I was also ridiculed in High School U.S. Cultures and tortured in class by Mr. Pfeiffer who had my classmates comply with his persecution of me as a Japanese enemy of the United States of America. As a child, I was blamed with detention and/or beaten for everything I had to participate in the Quakertown school system including the school bus being tardy, up to 1992 when I graduated at age 17. Later, I learned that was an extension of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK Ultra brainwashing and behavioral research projects that have been ongoing in my life occurred throughout my attendance K-12 in Quakertown, Pennsylvania and into college from 1992-1999 in Ithaca, NY. To the best of my memory, it began with Charles A. Kneale, veteran USAF Warrant officer E6 Above top-secret clearance, Declassified 2001 who was the enforcer at our home, at our family home and beat me with a leather belt until I was red or blacked out in conjunction with saying the word konnichiwa to my obasan


08/1992-07/1999 Ithaca College, 953 Danby Rd., Ithaca, NY It was a well-known fact to many, that I was sexually assaulted over 28 times during my college career, beginning with my first weeks in the new experimental co-ed dormitory in the Terraces. I was a minor and not permitted to transfer myself out of Ithaca College after Charles A. Kneale said he didn’t care I was raped. The private Ithaca College campus security did not take reports. I was not permitted to report these incidents against the white majority. In 1994, I formally co-founded AREAL, a rights group at Ithaca College that I established and ran until 1999.  Additionally, I was not included in the Office of Minority Affairs for support during my time and received an apologetic and random phone call nearly 5 years after my graduation. I was able to make some money nude modeling from a Professor Carl. A Johnson so I could pay for books and clothes. Dr. Radice was a professor who made it known that he wanted to “fuck” me. I spoke at Ithaca College Women’s Speak in 1999 for those of us who survived campus sex assaults.


For these reasons and the attempts on my life by state actors in the US.  Navy and/ or Department of Education in Hawaii I make this communication. Many more atrocities ended the lives of my Japanese-American siblings in June 1970 and May 2005. In 2006, I exhausted all possible domestic remedies as well as my finances, and sought refuge in the political sanctuary of Ithaca, NY with assistance for housing through the Tibetan Government in Exile and Namgyal Monastery. Due to my family relations in Japan and political tensions with China and Japan in 2007, I was asked to leave my housing with the other Asian-Americans from Tibet. I only had permission to car camp in a friend’s field during the sub-zero temperatures.

Since I was adept with making contacts at different levels within the US legal education and Supreme Court system from 1994-1999, I understand that Pennsylvania, USA state actors prevented my use of the legal system in normal use by others who are not of Japanese descent. I frequently fled Pennsylvania to make reports and/or receive emotional, shelter, and minor financial assistance to help me stay alive with minimal resources for USA. And, that USA state actors instigated several attacks on my person throughout my life in the USA. 


I understand that domestic and/or International USA attorneys will not take my case due to statute of limitations and/or due to their own discrimination against me. And, I am attempting communications through Procedure 1503 with regards to more serious matters of continued torture, and cruel and unusual punishment from the State actors.






Angela Meredith Kneale

Dear UNESCO Secretariat;

I am writing to indicate a temporary change of address to 

Angela M. (Kikuchi) Kneale

I do not foresee returning to Trumansburg, NY to live in any capacity. And, email seems to be the best communication method with my need to find work.

Additionally, I submitted my hasty response to the CAT Questionnaire as an Individual and member of the civil rights group Targeted Justice.

Angela Kneale

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Monday, December 02, 2019

New Sun-plate Logo

I created Sproutfuel over 15years ago.  I never expected to be around this long. After many years, and quite busy,  I settled on a 'workable blue lightbulb earth' logo.  And, never expected to be around this long again. I created the sun plate logo because my activism takes many different forms. One of the most intimate those forms is my daily fueling.  Every morning I could,  I meditated by the Hawaiian ocean. Sunrise was the quietest time, while the Honu became familiar with my presence on the beach and greeted me as I walked along the shoreline.  I had a keto Vegan breakfast for the past 3 years of my 25+ year veganism. Everything about sunlight, photonic light, giving and receiving higher form than reiki, and eating a small salad & nuts each day with my hydration and supplements. My high vibration was often combatted with my club job in the night scene. Yet everyone stayed positive, with a love of life and smiles.
On my return to the mainland this past year;- alot went wrong. The hatred and violent frequencies were noticable and increased. Maybe it's because I've grown so far apart from commonplace USA life.
So, broken hearted, I humbled myself and faced reality of the USA menace that bulldozed me out of the mainland.
I sat down, revisited who I was and the things that make me me. The higher frequency is all that I am. Fighting the good fight.
I designed the sun-plate so I have a daily reminder of what makes me smile, what makes my heart Happy, and that which keeps me going each day on earth. Even if it is a solitary sunset in nature. 

Aloha and Arigato for visiting.
Please support me as I continue to work on my campaigns. Some are personal yet vital to future generations and other 1st generation Americans fallen victim to surveillance and Intelligence Community abuses. Some are simply a continuation of my passion to save animals from cruelty. My most recent endeavor is to campaign against large-scale mining and undersea #strategicmineralsalliance. 


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Missing the Beautiful everything I left behind for the mainland. Personalities, peoples, women, Hapa kids, Kai side, mauka, clothes or lack of clothes, beautiful in everyway smiling through the days, enjoying the coolness of the nights.

Hawaii, almost 10years there for me and there is like nothing left here on the mainland. Already with wonder setting on after the gold and red leaves change into a crisp bare frigid dawn... Finding some way to survive everything I'm reacting to inside.

The carb loaded foods here, even too much peanut butter with mold and I can't breathe with the heating blowing through the office rooms. My eyes tearing from the dust like I scorched them with hot peppers. Even though I detoxed 3yrs from toxic mold. >.<
I'm wondering how I. Going to die. Alone?too cold? Winter's end last year I slept outside in my truck below 45°. I need the fresh air for real. Too many battles....and a boom to write. Not making enough, not safe here at night.

Prayers to show me my path. Back to Oahu? Somewhere where I love my life more.

Cooking today

my Shockers:
Strawberry scorpion tofu mole stuffed peppers aka Shockers"

Spirulina acai cookies

Organic roasted beets

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Saturday, August 31, 2019

My case metadata

Forcings, persecution, Japanese International, incidents, US Air Force, NASA, minor, f is a, foreign intelligence surveillance Act, MK Ultra, stonewalling, legal self-help, government coercion, clandestine operations, OPS, compelled forcible, irradiation, gang stalking, civil rights, genetic testing, DNA, export-import, APAC apec asia-pacific economic cooperation, intelligence community, crimes against humanity USA, Japanese steel, nisei, convention Against torture, tribunal, Tokyo, Japan, Vienna, Geneva, Paris, coercive diplomacy, acts of maltreatment, international court of justice, knife is knife, violence, surveillance abuse, NSA, CIA, cuy. Hui hu I, diplomatic protection, irreparable pride prejudice, maritime law, admiralty, declassified, 2001 classified satellite, 911, Bill binney, targeted individuals oh, Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Quakertown Pennsylvania, logistics, Ithaca New York, Clinton boys, boys, Venice Florida, Hawaii, Obama, put a hole, apec leaders, ABAC, can you do anything, all domestic remedies exhausted.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Research (draft) relevant to my UN Procedure 1503

United States Laws, aka State laws by United Nations, that were violated &/or related to actions by perpetrators who acted against my life & to deliberately commit crimes of humanity. For Consideration in any of my United Nations Complaints, communications, & Procedure 1503 particularly.

US Constitution 1st Amendment, 4th
Amendment, 5th Amendment, 14th Amendment

Aliens & Citizens 2086
2109 Admirality Maritime Jurisdiction
*****2112 Jurisdiction under Federal Tort claims act pgs 52-59*****
2180 Food Stamps pgs 109-110

USCA 50 1801 definitions pages 9-10

         Ch. 36 (k) "aggrieved person"

(p )(4) Weapons of mass destruction pg10- "capability to release radiation or radioactivity causing death, Illness..."

FISA 1978 revision 2015

FISA 1978 (original)

Patriot Act

Freedom Act

Foreign Agents Act

CIVIL Rights Under USCA 42
1981/1983 pgs. 626-629
****1849 Provisions & effect of Hate Crime Statistics Act pgs. 632-633***"

USCA 50 1801 Constitutionality pgs 5-17,19, 24-156.2

USCA 50 Chapter 36 1806 K
1810 Civil Liability pg 82
1827 Penalties (a) Prohibited Activities

American Jurisprudence 2D
VII. Rights & Privledges and Duties of Aliens Living in the United States.
Pgs 26-27, 28, 36(torture victim), 44 (subject of foreign state 2104), 46 (dual citizenship 2105)

Aliens & Citizens 1923
356 Derivative definition pg. 386
448 Blood Tests pgs. 451-452
1834 Rights of Juvenile pg. 616²
1837 14th Amendment pg. 619
1839 Alien Employed by State pg. 620
1841 5th Amendment Provision (Discrimination) pg. 625
1861 Discrimination in admission to practice of law (Bar exam) pg645
1867 non-immigrant (general meaning of) pgs 654-655
1872 Dependents of Foreign Government Officials pgs. 664-665
***"1875 Dependents of NATO Aliens***pg 666"
1916 Equal Protection Clause

Aliens & Citizens 2086
2109 Admirality Maritime Jurisdiction
*****2112 Jurisdiction under Federal Tort claims act pgs 52-59*****
2142 Removal of aliens who have fallen into distress
2161 Foreign Agent Registration pg 91
2167 "Qualified Alien" pgs. 95-96
2168 Qualified Alien victim of a severe form of trafficking
2182- 2189 Legal Services
      2183 Social Security Number
2190 State's right to limit eligibility of qualified aliens pgs 124-125.
(My, Angela M. Kneale, Personal note on 2190 for counterargument:- forcing an unnaturalized immigrant into foreign agent status by denying &/or limiting support distribution of funds to other Japanese Nationals on Visa...see discrimination of a Class of individuals aka Japanese persecution 1970-1990+ )

2201 Diplomatic Immunity from Criminal prosecution.
2319 Requirement of understanding (English literacy & nationality) Pgs 236-238
2338 Permissibility
2353 pg.262

Usca 50 1801 - 1805, foreign intelligence 105(b)

1805 https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/50/1805

USCA Title 50 section 1881e (before revisions)
Revised: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/50/1881e

Protect America Act of 2007

Federal agents committing USA legal theft of necessary resources  for my survival.


Protect America Act of 2007, Public Law 10-55-121 Stat. 556

(4) protection from liability

[Victimization written into 50 U.S.C.A code]

[50 U.S.C.A. 1805 b(s)]

[50 U.S.C.A. Foreign Intelligence 105B]

*****[50 U.S.C.A. 1886]

*****[50 U.S.C.A. 1881a(f)(2) Evidence Detained Surveillance 



     -serious bodily injury (gregarious harm)]
(My, Angela M. Kneale, Personal note on 1881for counterargument:- ) i do not believe that this law was created so that the United States of America was enabled to legally abduct, attempt murder, murder and cause serious bodily injury against my person & my late siblings. Due to the Patriot Act & FISA, USA has instigated these crimes of humanity purposefully and repeatedly under guise of Legal rights and national Security )

[50 U.S.C.A 1805 pg. 49 Foreign Agent

Personal note;- minor child & as adult Guilty before trial goes against 1st Amendment includes torture.

FISA Court case databases & EPIC.ORG - statutes cited


Call number: Law RR KF 154.A51 1962

American Jurisprudence,

Aliens & Citizens 2086 to end

2105 dual citizenship

2142 Removal of Aliens fallen into distress

West's key number digest  🗝️112,117,120

 Aliens Immigration & Citizenship

Needs public aid

2478(2) participation or collaboration in activities of Nazis

Aliens 1017 persecution

2099 Actions TVPA Torture Victim Protection Act

2240(e) Non-citizen Nationality

2317 Violation Parking or traffic

(f) literacy


2338-3a(1) Alien living in marital union

Japanese Ancestry;-

1848 permanent residents 

2537 loss of citizenship

2156 Foreign Assets

1365 Prostitution

423/424 sham marriage

454-466 abused spouses self petitions

459 battery

460 character & reputation

461 extreme hardship

467-478 Abused children (self petition) 

473 character 

468 parent-child

472/474 cruelty

24 Aliens (D) persecution, k520- k549, 24v II persecution 24 (520)

(My, Angela M. Kneale, Personal note for counterargument to Foreign Surveillance:-Language freedom U.S. laws appear only for labor only, not minors or children in school. so do not appear to be any laws that exist for deprivation of a minor child, I was a dual National with cultural heritage in a foreign Nations such as Japan. ...to be tortured from speaking Japanese due to classified materials being in the environment. to the contrary United States was to provide materials printed in Japanese language in more cases and did not provide such materials. For sure includes removal of child story books in Japanese. 29 CFR section 1606.3 the National Security exception does not appear to include my  father above top secret classified/ Declass & 2001 my mother Japanese Foreign Asset.)

National Labor;

 703 (g) title VII 

42 USC 2000e 80s et seq Title VII

Parry & Grant encyclopediae

Dictionary of Law 3rd edition

Call number : K21161. P37 2009

2009 Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-538977-7

Section 1481 loss of nationality, 

Violation universal declaration of Human Rights right to nationality loss due to 2001 Patriot Act as first generation American Born to foreign National. Perception of United States domestically is that I am a functional ethnic minority citizen, under heavy surveillance abuse and torture. Especially after my attendance at Asia Pacific Economic Coorporation to represent the United States of America at ABAC symposium. 2 US military Classified attempted to murder me. That does not include

Walking through situation at APEC Hawaii between soldiers armed with m-16s and Chinese protesters from China.

Passive personality principle:

International Court of Justice

United Nations art 7 art 92, internally displaced person.

Persecution 208.16 title 8 aliens and nationality future threat to Life For freedom space space persecution reasonable to relocate cut or harm against petitioner returned DNA research act as 621 senator bumpers, Dale d dash Arizona February 4th 1977 95th Congress 1977 to 1978 introduced HR 3191 side congress.gov HR 3055 Rich area error jovenes treatment of individual as an organism due to DNA and illegal and non-consensual testing end illegal CIA program connected to US Air Force actor.


Epicontinental sea Argentina

Equal protection: 14th Amendment

Art(2) International Covenant Civil & Political Rights 

999 UNTS 171

4th Geneva Convention, 12th August 1949

Convention relative to the Protection of Persons in Time of War (75 UNTS 287) Art232 Treaty of Versailles 


Tokyo War Crimes in Asia

Government Surveillance

[x]to establish incredible events by credible evidence: Use of Affidavit testimony in Yugoslavia War Crimes Tribunal.

[]extraterritoriality- 19(c) Freedom of diplomats & royalty - foreign ministers from the jurisdiction of the country in which they temporarily reside.

[]Social housing -- zoning. (Internment, VAWA, Consulates)

[x]VAWA - Violence Against Women's Act laws ignored by Judge at local court.

[x]quantum merit injuries to an alien in breach of international law is based on the loss caused by the alien claimant.

[]incident method/or approach

Parry & Grant encyclopediae

Dictionary of Law 3rd edition

Call number : K21161. P37 2009

2009 Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-538977-7

Page 133 definition of TORTURE "...cruel inhumane, degrading... -... any act of torture..."

Condemned -- denial of purposes of the Charter of the United Nations & as violation of the human rights ...n

Violation of culture, naming torture of a minor, deliberate action destroy family includes murder torture committed in front of foreign National , for use of phone as a minor.


Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants

Declaration on Right to Development  (DRD)

Article 2

Vienna Convention 

Article 29, Article 36p1

La Grand case: Germany vs. USA

International plea in court to establish rights pg 385.

Acts of maltreatment/diplomatic protection vs not excersising diplomatic protection vindicates own rights/ customary law vs irreparable predjudice; internment of Japanese in USA.

World Court Digest Vol. 4 2005

Nationality 387

"The right of a state to provide consular assistance to nationals denied in another country, and the right of a state to espouse the laws of its nationals through diplomatic protection, are legally different concepts" (I.C.J. Reports 2001 p.439 para76).

"Challenges of international autonomy of an individual - whereas legally a class-action does not make one autonomous. As the varying degrees evolve do not matter to a nation or development of an individual."

"distinction of common domestic behavior and engaging International family is not " Independence "when isolated and tortured in order to refute validity define reciprocal..." (Visa, family)

'*****Gray area between legal naturalization'

'1978 FISA Foreign intelligence surveillance Act USA common practice and torture of first-generation legal immigrants, Visa holders, and first-generation dual citizens spans several Nations.'

2017 ICJ Sovereign rights and Maritime Spaces page 298 "... is a logical consequence of the first one."

769 International judicial settlement

16.1 Vienna convention article 36 do to facilitating the exercise of consular functions.

2002 - 00761 to selected International courts and tribunals

Comparison model space tja. Org torture victim protection act see Bush verses for nation.

Crimes of violence, "ICC elements of crime" Oh, drop requirements of purpose or linked to an official, requirement the victim is in control or a custody of a perpetrator. Custody or control. Exclude 'pain or suffering arising only from inherent or incidental to lawful sanctions."

Vienna convention article 74 wording of a treaty vs. Article 48 errors in the treaty.

Rules of ICJ pg 321, 338, 351

Article 31: pg 91,93,97-98, 228, 279, 361

Tokyo Charter - Control Council law number 10 rape crimes torture section 14.3 so, ICTY 16 November 1998, chapter 11 para 454

ICC Statute, ICTY and ICTR "inflict grievous bodily harm likely to cause death and is reckless as to whether death ensues and quote page 245 /intro book icty chapter 1114 January 2005, 560 - 1

enslavement 1926 slavery and 1956 ICC statute article 7 parentheses to see tribunal jurisprudence reducing a person to survival status 1956 slavery labor ICC elements of crime and forced prostitution Geneva Convention for protocol one article tribunal persecution....severe deprivation decision targeting property link to belonging to community. Enforced disappearance do not know if person concerned alive or dead.

Articles (7) to ICC statute: APARTHEID

UN Convention Against Torture, Article 4(2)

European human rights law review 115 a footnote seventeen (article 1.1)

Introduction to International criminal law

"Conspiracy & Slavery pg8.

Individual acts of terrorism...individual acts of torture."

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

My thoughts: Procedure 1503

Issues ;-
1. FISA Surveillance Abuse by State actor &/or  Licensed Telecom utilities & non transmission of communication or hacking by state actor:
            Decisions of Cases "...transmitted to you & State Party simultaneously"

USA licensed T-MOBILE & AT&T & Bell Atlantic have allowed Surveillance Abuse in my case, and under Classified 2001 USAF OSI State actor since the inception of FISA in 1978. This also presented in my case as torture; emotional, mental, physical torture and violations of my language freedom to communicate wiith my relatives including my Obasan/ Grandmother in Japan. This form of torture began when I was 3 yrs old in 1978. It continued after 9-11 terrorist attack, and well after my attendance at Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in 2011. I documented this also as electronic warfare &/or Cyber warfare from my end user issue and before current US President Trump cited AT&T as an issue.
My counterargument stands largely on illegal crimes of Humanity that State actors committed against me as a child. This is linked to my being the attachment to a trafficked Alien. The term trafficked I am using in reference to the USA's reason my mother was brought into the United States of America. I was used in illegal experimentation by the local government in Bucks County that resounded through State and Federal Levels of USA.

If there is or was any reservation by the state, United States of America, for classified personnel at home and for their children in public educational institutions that are funded by the government;- I still exist as a sentient and individual human type entity, regardless of the numerous DNA mutations I possess that make me distinct minority in the normal human population. My mother, to whom I was born and who remained a Japanese national well past 1986, had worked building NASA satellite components at Ford-Philco in Landsdale, Pennsylvania, and was exposed to toxic contaminants. 
The State actors who were or are USAF personnel and/or USA intelligence classified individuals and their attorneys, JAGs, and those who enforce and/or supervise their actions at work violated my rights of language freedom, freedom from torture, freedom of association, and heinous cultural violations. I assert that it is not part of Japanese culture for Japanese-American girls as young as 3-5 to be instructed that they were to be raped by USA men. Even under classified programs to date in 2019, there are heinous acts of pedophilia that were exposed under Pentagon.
I was not permitted to speak to my family in Japan over the phone. Additionally, the Richlandtown Elementary School in Quakertown, PA 18951 USA, in Bucks County, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the United States of America enforced such torture and persecution with its Principal, Administration, and teachers so as to torture me and severely affect and impaired my family and social relations as a child. I assert that these acts against humanity are and were an extension of 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ,also known as FISA. The acts against humanity not only involved physical torture at the local government school, also includes being isolated from other children in class to attend what they called speech therapy. It was in a small room and I was instructed to say 'lollipop' for hours in a room with an instructor at the Richland Elementary School up to age 10. Mrs. Nagle specifically was a pedophile who sexually exploited me and physically tortured me at Richland Elementary by isolating me from my classmates during recess and lunch hours. They punished me because I am Japanese descent, not because I had any speech impediment.
This was also an extension of the illegal yet USA funded MK Ultra brainwashing and behavioral projects that continued until 1996.  All of this and more, occurred throughout my attendance K-12 in the Quakertown Pennsylvania, USA school district. I do believe that my father was the enforcer at home of the FISA portion, at our family home as well, in conjunction with saying the word Konnichiwa to my Obasan. There is a difference in State actors as I was physically tortured relentlessly with the Alice Protocol that requires a female torturer in other instances.  All of which are non-consensual and illegal experimentation by the CIA and its actors for behavioral studies in mind control and torture. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Memory: Imperial staircase with Prussian blue carpet

One of the houses I was taken to as a child was very strange. It was a dirty farmhouse on one side, quite dingy and I walked into a kitchen with a round kitchen table. The F. Poust couple, gamblers my mom met, creepers to me even in early grade school sat at this table when I arrived. The follow up was my entry up a white Imperial Staircase with Prussian blue carpet up the stairs. There were a few large, gold leaf framed oil paintings.
They said maybe someday I would remember... Yet I never forgot.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This sux- book or Testimony

Tough to get rest tonight. I turned down a few book writing opportunities to get more perspective. And then I got to the point where I decided that maybe Noone should hear how toxic people have been to me in my life on the East Coast. A d on the flip side, verify to my assailants what a long list of assailants & assaults  I endured so they can sit back and glean notes off my writing.  This is a page I've thought about starting, and starting to draft. It doesn't make me feel good, like the rest of my testimony of persecution in the USA. Persecution, yes that is the correct word today. I hung onto my life just to write my testimony of my real experiences in the USA 1 generation after the a-bomb. There was little love in my life here, few smiles & lots of haters. I even got into an argument with a MSM (conservative liberal) friend of mine who seems to prefer the jaded &  fairy tale flub and non internationally binding story that ALSO;- doesn't involve the CIA & my father actually having been former USAF intelligence.

I suppose my entire idea of healing took me on a good path. That's a path I rarely speak about over here. So many of USA people don't think I'm a good role model because of my being mixed race Japanese female. It's reality, believe me In the past I payed for a life coach to help me through the hateful comments they make year round.

It's just that the past 11mos. Back on East Coast mainland has torn open all the wounds and trauma of everyone who worked so hard to destroy my family.
I've had to take a really hard look, objectively,  after several people showed me the framework of my reality.
I know my relatives overseas in Japan might not have time to ever hear or read my message. For the. To know that the majority of my life was off course from the knowledge I had of my parents relationship and the toxic Bucks County community where I was raised.
Noone ever lets me speak aBout it over here. All the Americans tell me I'm offending them and should be gratef for the pain and agony they bestowed on my "mongrel" life as a Japanese woman. I don't know where the good people are, those who I really needed to help lift me up. Instead, I gained alot of negativity from the classical piano world and others.
Noone in their right mind would read beyond here. Especially if they think I was like them. No, not like you. I was born to a family Union of two people whose Nations and families murdered hundreds of people at Iwo Jima & Pearl Harbor.
These people hate my existence in the family and on the planet. So instead of having a great happy life, everyone around me was always violent. I'd go to visit my dad's relatives on the weekends and my great grandmom & aunt's would become venemous and my mom told me go & hide from them. She was afraid they would kill me. After all, the hospital murdered my sister in front of her. So she brought me up knowing that I wasn't safe from emminent danger in Pennsylvania for as long as I could remember. She taught me that we were only tolerated in the area because we weren't black. However I wasnt tolerated at school. Kids made fun of me in the bus line I. Kindergarten because of my dark brown summer tan, or because of my brown eyes. They hammered me with every racial slur and Taunt when I was 4-5years old.  They said their parents said I was all of these things. And, it was comepletely dreadful. Noone ever apologized to me.
The teachers only gave their approval of my persecution. And, it evolved into them watching 5girls regularly gang up on me to grab my hair and swing me around while kicking me and beating me at recess. They were the class heros at Richland Elementary back then in 1980-1986. So remember these kids grew up to be adults with kids now. They are no better than they used to be.
So, returning here Is painful. I still don't have much of any sense of being included in the community in a positive way. Not only socially, but financially. The men here don't have anyone to answer to except the women. Knowing how hateful the women are just lends itself to not having many friendships. What started on the playground and in the bus lineup, has become an adulthood living nightmare. Socializing is strained because the friends I do have can't explain my presence to anyone white who is racist. So, I'm excluded from big chunks of social time in the adult world here. Basically persecuted and shamed by the community & even moreso since 9-11.
It's ok if I am present for a few things in public. This is tough to explain to everyone reading. I had a few people who care about my safety and even they got real about telling me they can't trust people around them NOT to hurt me.
So, going to big concerts, festivals, social outings just has never been safe. I have to mention that I'm A repeat abductee & rape victim.  So, obviously my chances of having a relationship or marriage have vanished.
I write this because Japan really doesn't know much of USA besides the happy side of the USA West Coast & Hawaii. There are few of us on the East Coast, and I learned most Japanese over here have green cards. They aren't hafu like me and use that stupid phrase "all Asian" as if nationality has to do with genetics since 1980's. Even in Hawaii, it seems like many people don't read the newer nationality laws of Japan or other places. They speak as if it's still the 60's & 70's.

I know they want to blindsided the outsiders who visit.