Saturday, June 01, 2019

No more bottled soap

Paper towels & biodegradable sponges & clothes & Fiber mops with soap, disinfects, ammonia,  dots

My ideas for reducing plastic bottles & waste. Cut down on chemicals

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Issues with legalities of parental neglect & statuatory rape as child trafficking

Unless a child is abducted, or a teenager;- there should be some charges of neglect put on parents & guardians in statuatory rape charges. There is heightened child trafficking today, and alot of deception by families to lure men with money.

This by no means is fair to anyone, particularly the child" who in manslaughter or a more "serious" charge might be tried as an adult.
However the Traffickers are generally abusive pimps advertising hurt and vulnerable people, regardless of sex & gender. How parents circumvent being charged with a base neglect is unbelievable.
Noone seems to question why a teenage child was in the situation if there are no abduction charges and a willing compliance.
So in this, I think there should be some scrutiny of the families the children reside with permanently.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Unregistered Diplomatic Mission

Whether Japan has had unregistered diplomatic mission or not.
My parents apparently have clearance to murder me & walk away free.
I arrived in Pennsylvania to receive 6 mos of mental & physical abuse from both of them. They have spent the past decade actively planning to murder me and pass lie detector tests by generating and role playing a false story about how I am there to murder them so they can murder me.

They have destroyed my income and credibility and also alerted the police to assist them to murder me.

They have lost all my trust currently. I have new burns, scars, damaged property, and a healing tendon from yet another surprise attack from behind intended to tear my arm from my socket & break my elbow 3months ago.

April 2019

I have been working at a new restaurant this past month, and in-between I have been able to brush up on my vocalizing and play piano to ready myself for any teaching job audition or other opportunity as piano faculty at music community schools. I haven't taught piano much since I closed my piano studio after I attended APEC 2011 and waited out the 5yr TPP decision process of the USA for the EXIM opportunity that had been extended to me from those in Japan & China & ASEAN related nations. My involvement was meant to be a civilian approach to prevent the long dead Air America (CIA tainted, USAF) deal my parents had been offered to do in the late 60's. It's not a blessing, rather a huge political quagmire of politics from Asia & the USA that literally puts my life in jeaporady. My Japanese relations already do business globally through the world's largest construction firm (founded by their family) with secure shipping lines through multiple nations which scrutinize the USA treatment of us. So, many privy Americans want to kill me to affect war politics, globally.

The USA has not been a reasonable place for me in my lifetime. I in fact, as a 12yr old did not want to be a USA citizen. The CIA/USAF learned that and interfered on every level of my ability to retain my Japanese born citizenship through my deciding nationality age of 21. USA rather promoted varying degrees of racism and humiliation of my person to impose their power and political statement to Japan post Hiroshima. Especially since I am the last living USA relation  niece of A Japan Steel Broker. Remember USA dropped the Abombs on Japan to eradicate Japan's Steel Industry. So, with the old USS Langley types on my USA family side;- I have endured 40+ years of abuse & CIA & other factions actively harming me at every juncture in my personal life. That is to say and includes my mother and father after she became a USA citizen in the late 1980's.

Back to the last Saturday of april 2019;- Since I'm not a performing singer, I went to grab a cup of coffee at my Alma Mater snack bar. Caffeine is a vocal chord taboo for those with exquisite classically trained operatic voices. I face the fact that my singing is a self driven motivation. And useful skill that improves my speaking voice. That is, despite  majority USA Americans' astonishment that this "brown thing", a "mud" (derogatory term for a mixed race person) they called me in elementary School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania speaks English. It's a very frustrating issue since I have had to tolerate such comments from certain German Europeans & USA whites amidst my daily activities prior to and apres my Attendance to rep the USA at the International Trade Summit hosted in Honolulu since I had worked with a variety of USA startups  in the decades prior to USA considering the TPP. Yes I'm sick of mentioning the TPP, Trans Pacific Pact that multiple nations signed to alleviate intertaxation aka Free Trade to alleviate steep Consumer Inflation. Yet, highly protested by many due to the packet of stipulations and attachments to the overall issue of industry specific manipulations of standards throughout the international supply chain. Things I had nothing to do with and are traumatic to me since my brother was suicided in 2005 by USA & Cheney's Cabal for varying reasons. He was found dead, 1st by my parents or the dog. His head blown apart by a sawed off shotgun without serial numbers, I was told. I was the one who called 9-11 hoping it was a matter that emergency services could resucitate before our family Akita inu showed me where his body lay face down. His brains a pile of mush on the ground. I think I screamed into 9-11 operators ear on the phone. This is my reality that one cares to hear. The police & ambulance arrived and cleaned up his splatter and harassed me angrily, asked ZERO questions and left with his body.  They view me as a mud too and added to my trauma by chasing me as if they were going to murder me. That was my 2005. For real. No one, not even my friends asked a question & I was also ostracized by Bucks County's elites who are loosely or tightly connected to various Intelligence agencies and legitimate, world renound, USA music traditions.
But, noone cares about me in a sufficient way, not even and especially not my own parents who were legally guided to be able to murder me without consequences in order to remain in Cheney's Cabal land. My life fell apart financially as they denied me services I had paid for for times like this through credit & banks. I was harassed, abducted, and assaulted heavily for 2 years after his death. The PA police prompted over 1/2 of the attacks on me and refused to take my reports.
Reality, my reality. It's only redundant in my writing.

So, anyway  2019 end of April, I got my cup of coffee early at the dining hall barely.  I had vocalized from 7:30-8:30AM long before most students & performers  might arrive for their weekend rehearsals. And I walked back inside the city blocks long covered hallway that joins multiple buildings on campus. Being an alumni,  I saw several event tables with refreshments set up for Saturday.
One table was actively staffed and the word "Feminists" jumped out at me from the plain B&W text sineage on a simple easel. It said "REGISTRATION" at the bottom when I skimmed it. So I inquired about the event, more as a way to see where current thinking is 2decades after my graduation . I saw the name of a woman who was involved in the comic book world's racial upheaval that impacted Hollywood's economy.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing on a simple text only, b&w, printed conference schedule. It was so humble. I thought that the 1/2 cup of  not so great dining hall coffee I had sipped at followed up by a closed mainstream coffee source was to blame.
Since it was sleeting outside I decided to attend. I had a close parking spot too so I was not eager to loose my spot since I have barely bones minimal gear/clothing for cold weather as I lived on Oahu for the past 10years for my own safety, till it became draining due to POTUS followers who started to actively campaign against & attack Asian-Americans on Oahu.

Yes, on Saturday the 27th of April 2019 I heard an hour live interview with Dr. Nnedi Okorafor. I did purchase a book in the long corridor to complete my alumni morning & personal survey of my undergraduate Alma mater. And I did stand in the line for her book signing period. I had alot I wanted to communicate, yet kept it short as she also acknowledged quite involved discussion material. I wanted to know if the African community has a similar Globalist language issue they speak about as the Asian Cinema directors discuss as an issue of sharing stories with USA's Hollywood. And, more...

Monday, March 25, 2019

My personal Help Story was submitted to Bruno COF

My personal Help Story was submitted  for an international publication.
The submission was made during my time as a Success Report Writer Helper with the Organization
So, it has likely been edited further

Angela M. (Kikuchi) Kneale
Honolulu Community, Hawaii, USA
December 7, 2017

Help with Photo

Paying Family Respect at Pearl Harbor 76th Anniversary

In case you want to verify if this is based on any factual information due to the unusual nature of
my personal story I am sharing; My Mother & Father are mentioned in the Obituary, as my

father is his nephew at www.

I woke up in the morning and was still sad from my great-uncle passing last year before the big
Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary. I went quietly on my own to the memorial with flowers for the
water. I did this in Hawaii the day of his funeral in Philadelphia and for the 75th Pearl Harbor
Anniversary since I could not afford to leave Hawaii. I was forced to move to Hawaii
unintended, in 2009 due to Government coercion. My great uncle served on the USS
Langley during World War 2 and was on its skeleton crew as a gunner the day Pearl Harbor
was bombed by Japanese forces. My Father was USAF OSI from a normal Philadelphia family.
My mother was a Japanese National until the late 80’s. I grew up in Quakertown, PA where my
we lived with my Philadelphian Great-grandmother, singer & voice teacher, until she passed. I
saw my Uncle Eddie almost every weekend before and after I attended college. Uncle Eddie
doubled as my USA grandfather since I never met my Grandfather on the USA family side.
As a kid, Uncle Eddie stood up for me to my Japan hating great-grandma and great-aunts. He
stood between those in my dad’s family who attacked me since birth. And he let me be a kid
taking me out for candy & Philly cheesesteaks before I had to go vegan. He didn’t spoil me like
my cousins or even give me graduation present, but he helped me through my life as a dual
national Japan-USA kid.
Uncle Eddie provided a political buffer for me through my adulthood. And a buffer in my mind to
handle USA kids & community members who abused me at School, Church, and at Piano
classes. Under teacher supervision I’d was beaten up at school regularly by groups of girls at
recess and racially taunted by boys since I was a kindergarten kid at the front of the bus line.
The Bucks County families who hated me and my family were “fake” to me in a sense of actual
USA patriotism.
Uncle Eddie remind me on weekends that I know what REAL is. He’d say, “Angie, hey
you know what real is, you’re looking at it.” He made sure I always knew that he was a
Real guy who fought the Real battles, Pearl Harbor and Iwo Jima. In 2009 before I
departed for my Hawaii vacation he stopped by and left his real mission cards for me to
see. I learned he had 8 bronze stars and 2 silver stars from Iwo Jima and his service on
the USS Langley.
Lethargic the morning of December 7, 2016, I didn’t get up and go to Pearl Harbor at 6:30AM to
wait in line & pay my respects with flowers. I also waited ALL day before I decided I should go.

And, I forgot how bad traffic is, horrendous. I did not have time or flowers (or much cash on me).
I had barely 20 minutes by the time I started praying hard. I searched my mind, I had Bruno
Groening’s photo on my car’s visor and pleaded for help. This is a normally impossible scenario
to complete at 4:30PM on Nimitz Hwy with the Arizona Memorial closing at 5PM. I pulled into
the airport lei stand and its owner immediately asked me what I wanted and dropped the price
considerably for three lei and gave me an extra lei. I had 4 beautiful lei for the Memorial. I asked
God to bless her! A shut down construction lane made traffic stand still. I was praying the whole
way and I actually got over 2 lanes with cars leaving more than enough space for me to drive
around the long way, driving through the town to the right, making a circle back to the opposing
lane to drive to Pearl Harbor memorial entrance.
When I arrived, the gates were closing and I managed to get in. A park ranger told me they are
closing the park, but saw that I had the flower lei. I placed 2 lei on the Contemplation Circle.
She showed me a place where I could easily place the remaining flowers in the water at the
Memorial. I snapped a couple photos to send to my parents. The park ranger told me some
people didn’t make the early ceremony because a house had fallen off a truck and blocked a
lane. I hope the day was perfect for them regardless of the accident. All I know is that what I did
was normally impossible, I would have been sitting in construction traffic when the Arizona
Memorial closed. I thank God, Bruno, the Lei Stand, the fellow traffic drivers, and the Park
Ranger for making this possible.

Greatest sin & overman path

Synthesis of overman & humility
About the path of the ubermensch or overman Excerpt written By Angela M. Kneale
All rights reserved July 1993 

What is left to live for?
Come down from the heavens and look beneath you.
"Once the sin against God was the greatest sin; but God died... to sin against the Earth is now the most dreadful thing." - Frederick Nietzsche
If the life on Earth were to die, we sin against the Earth and ourselves. We will become selfish beings without either a home or Mother Earth. We will have destroyed the things dearest us, admitted, or not. To find another Mother Earth will not be the same, and we will venture to destroy her through hatred of our initial Mother (Earth) abandoning our souls. To become a race of overmans would be favorable for self, Mother (Earth), and siblings. 

Granted to become and over man is a treacherous path strung high above the wide path of the many. However, once one has begun to take the path of the overman, the path of the many will be harder to take. There are many places to step on a path so wide as the path of the many is. The path of the many is taken to try to find the path of the overman. It is a path of pure experience and takes much from the Earth. The overman, in starting on the narrow path will be hesitant at first but with each step grow more reluctant to recede, and shall take each step with growing joy as the path is so clear, and without doubt.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Love around the moon

Bright red heart drawn in blood
Love around the moon

Equinox dark teara

I thought it was bad enough the past decade on Oahu. That is, going for a vacation after the adrenaline of being supportive of my folks after my brother died, then running into the ground. I got stuck on Oahu. Then SHF. I was prodded to go to an international summit despite being in horrendous shape. & While Dating the elite combat artist trainer.
I financially couldn't make it back to mainland for several family funerals.
Now, 10yrs later I'm back and on equinox got a call my 1st crush died tragically.  It doesn't feel better that I've been back not even a year and haven't reconnected with those who i spent family holidays with.

Yesterday I tweeted a big psychic attack; type thing. So tonight's phone call explains what was sheer pain yesterday.

In tears. They place is tearing up my soul.


Moonlight makes her water. Tonight I finished filling bottle to set down at 20:08 or 8:08PM moonrise in the east.
A short meditation brought bright orbs and dark shadows. Giving thanks and asking for healing & interconnectedness with mother Earth and all of the spirits.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Looki g for work

I'm going on 6 mos. Here in Bucks County. I don't feel safe here.
I am asking, For prayers for me to return to Hawaii with employment. I planned really only to be here till January so I could still find hospitality employment & do usual odds and ends jobs.
However, I am now basically stranded in the middle of nowhere & many extreme hate crimes, propogate by Mostly cacucasians, seem to be hitting  the media from this County.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Prep talk tonight
Hypervelocity star
Pythagorean Angle
Hounds of Anubis
Pythagorean Curve
Saves the world
Druids, Stonehenge
Healing Bluestone
Quantum body
My Oob & NDE; tankas, monastery, grey, perception shift from Oob at 10/26/1996, Ray elliptical light w/ scatter, expanded perspective,

Orbs, channeling spirit, energy,archangels, demonic substitute for God's angels,

March 21 Full fertility Moon solstice

Getting ready for the fertility full worm super moon in 2more nights.

Clean Glass bottles
Do both pyramid & merkaba meditations
Add swirl of light
Okiyome bad places in life even if it's a mental walkthrough

Intermittent fasting (21hrs today) & every day going into 🌒 moon

Cleansing & letting go of all that doesn't flow.

Big awakening & sky portal duty

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Draw a line- i'm almost dead

Reframing what Bucks County is;-

A White supremacist hotbed for domestic terroristic actions.

Predominantly Diverse European Caucasians who are inbred in thought and never left the area.

Conversationally inept and not held accountable for criminal actions against foreign nationals & their families.  They choose this cover up method to prompt national incidents. Questionable actions their community Gangstalking teams execute have gone unnoticed largely due to the numerous municipalities that are crossed while driving 313rte. They are aware of this and boast it. So they have cooperation as well as insignificant crime while continuously stalking an individual such as myself. Local law enforcement has not consider point a to point b stalking, rather they go by municipality irregardless of tresspassers and harassment t or assault once I have arrived at home.
In my brother's case his attorney & also car salepersons were able to secure a significant amount of his money in this way - including running him off the road. Obviously this became one of the largest financial damages prior to his unnatural death. And, also the reason why I was not funded for any USA based Export-Import business discussed from my childhood. Aside from the loss of my 3rd person intermediary, my brother;- Japan's perception was that his attorney was behaving in a manner much like Yakuza crime gangs in Japan. Isolation and resource exploitation of an individual and their family.

Thus the new saying
"(Mainstream Caucasian) Americans are worse than Yakuza."

Bucks County White terrorists

In my days as a mixed race piano faculty here in Doylestown, PA I was pummeled with racist comments, emotional & sexual harassment on a daily basis.
Many of the domestic parents spoke to me in a very rude way. There was a very small percentage of parents and families who didn't cause me to plummet into a depression. That is aside from snide & white supremacists who hired me and also directed men to harass me. I had not shared my personal life with them to stay professional. Yet they constantly attacked me for being unmarried and not forcibly impregnated by a male of their community. I had had a very long relationship from college that I kept away from them due to very political reasons.
In any case, I had gone to the brink of being suicidal from their brutal racism & sexual harassment. When I went to secure an attorney they a declined due to my race and national background. Some said I deserved to be "sexed up." As a pathetic ethnic my father threw to the comnunity to be used. Neither of my parents were instructed by attorneys to do commonplace checkup calls on my well being daily or even weekly, despite my residing with them for 1.5yrs full-time until i was able to spend part of my week with my partner & friends in NY State.
So aside from employment laws that were broken by the conservatory; I was unable to get any moral support within the Bucks County organization. Instead I  found help through an expensive Life coach & musical/play/film director. The life coach simply coached me through professionally ending my relationship with the "conservatory".

It was a very depressing experience I received from many of the parents who don't think non-whites are an appropriate role model for their children. And, it was just a barrage of insults directed at me mostly rooted in Bucks County area racism. Even the few African-Americans whom I met with at open houses blatantly said things of a similar nature.
So my question is to the Bucks County Community;- who then is an appropriate role model for the Mixed Race children?

I myself was belittled and beaten up by school mates and teachers in school K-12 due to being the only non-white and mixed race child for several years of my public school experience. It was condoned by my teachers too for "brownie points" by the other kids.

I personally don't find this attitude appropriate here in Bucks County. it is a tradition they have taught all kids on school trips in the past;- James Michner's Japanese wife wrote diaries of her abuse & first experiences of USA racist abuse & harassments. Or Pearl S. Buck's adopted daughter who left behind a small legacy documenting sexual & racial emotional & physical abuse.

I have lost both my brother & Sister in this God forsaken hell they can Bucks County. And,after 6 mos. Of returning to the area have already been barraged with the emotionally abusive & racist & immigrant directed verbal abuse weekly and in some cases daily.

There is no decent legal representation at any price & my past experiences have incurred police threats when I attempt to represent myself. They refuse police reports I have made (if they didn't throw them away giving me a fake report number). And have refused to take complete reports for serious crimes including times I was abducted, assaulted, & stalked.

So how am I supposed to say I think these people are even competent to raise ANY child when these behaviors are what they choose to propogate?

Bucks County today is not much different. Their sketchy county services also maintain that potentially false power of attorney are 100% reason for them to abuse minority women particularly. It sounds more like entrapment to me. They do tend to place blame on any minority 100% for incidents caused by their locally known domestic white supremacists & terrorists.

I read the news in late 2018-early 2019. Still to my dismay;- Bucks County is plagued with racism & hate crimes directed at non-caucasian. Including school children lobbying to bring awareness of 2018's racism & hate crimes in public schools. That is over 40years of hate crimes and discrimination festered in Bucks County's Public Schools.
Additionally, end of January 2019;- Quakertown Community School District is accepting Martin Luther King as a viable Holiday!  That is the High School where I endured more abuse and social outcast isolation by many of the teachers from 1988-1992. Now tell me how they are appropriate role models?

My brother & I were the only Hapa Asian kids in the school district. My brother had Human rights organizations involved in his Ivy League demise by the Quakertown High School President 1993/94. I was pummeled by white supremacists trying to lure me to fights to be beaten to death at the mall & movie theater and several area churches. And NOT MUCH ChANGED.

I am disappointed by this communtity and it's recruitment of outsiders to use in their hate crimes.
Someone needs to step in and force them to be more socially adept than wretched. Others accept White bucks County citiEns into their diverse communities. Yet there is no reciprocation, Even for a mixed race mixed nationality family like ours (3rd Generation).

They have done numerous terroristic acts against me and my family, especially financially and property damage. They don't want and never want a Peaceable future.

I only made it

Quick summary- Bucks County terrorists

Life here in Bucks County is awful for me. Every interaction is tiptoeing around whoever these white people are. I

The levels of emotional abuse & threats subtle,social, backstabbing & overt have historically been covered up by local & state police.

White supremacists are gangstalkers moreso than any other type of perpetrator aside from invasive Electronic Warfare from other nations.

They targeted me in K-12 ;- and include racism by Italians and other so called non-white yet European ethnics.
They hire an ethnic or token person for fear of retaliation & verification of the token person. Sometimes they hire more than one which serves as their "progressive & compliance" cover. It does not mean they actually don't continue to overtly attack other non-white minorities. Additionally they don't define the divide between international USA citizens when they attack families. They simply attack every family to create international incidents in multiple nations. This is what I have endured and witnessed in Bucks County from Doylestown to Quakertown & New Hope as well as Mexhanicsville & Buckingham TWP. In Pennsylvania.

Also the organizational figureheads switch position within the community in order to still enable serious felony crimes against non-white minorities. It is difficult to sort out due to the non-inclusion. And also life threatening when they do include minorities.

I have seen the interactions through my life as well as understanding the legal bulldozing their agencies & police propogate in order to effectively traffick, abduct, or assault women like myself.
Though not always sexual trafficking, they may also be trafficking and doing clandestine ops of their own coordination. This was aside from Ritual Abuse interconnected to demonic witchcraft by some Masonic & Illuminati in the community. However, many who work within Government & human services did express their links to IRA or CIA or MI5/6 individuals in the past.

IRA Memory on St Patrick's day

I just can't keep trusting anyone, where my y life is an affidavit full of hate crimes & CIA/IRA suspect & MK ops against me &/or my Japanese family. Even if Peter Arthurs  was being a nice dude stopping by my place one summer I was at Cornell brushing up on my Japanese. He sat in my living room and talked story about his life and Arthur C. Clarke He wrote a book on Brendan Behan.
Carl Sagan lived at  the top of the street and he lived halfway in between. Those were strange days.

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Cooking 1/2 of the dry .75lb of pintos soaked overnight.

With 1liter Water
1 blacktea bag for 3min.
1/8cup dried rosemary
1tsp salt

Cooking for 45min on low after bringing to a boil. Or Till soft

My Reflections of USA mainland

Hi all. I'm having a very difficult time.
I am asking  for prayers so that I can find a safety here in Pennsylvania & USA far from the friendly faces I miss in Hawaii Pacific region.

As you know, my brother was found shot dead on the property here. I have alot of trauma from people here. He was found with his head literally blown apart. I also had to watch his body burn at the crematorium my mom's request with her for what she calls custom.

Things are more difficult with my parents than when I grew up here.
I documented his fake friends who also were inappropriate backstabbing white supremacists.
This has cost our family alot, even if my parents are ok with it since they don't have to worry about him anymore.

I am a Japanese mixed race  human being who is his sister. I do not agree with the nonchalant attitudes of my parents and the communities & people who violently pushed him to his final resting place at age 27 & 2mos.

Additionally, my sister was killed in 1970, prior to my birth. I filed a basic police report regarding what my mother told me when I was still a toddler. The story of her death was my mother's lesson to me of how awful the people in this Pennsylvania community are.

In my late teens, I became an activist due to the continued hate crimes  & racial discrimination against my life throughout k-12 in the Bucks County & at college in upstate NY & surrounding communities. It included my teachers, pastor(s), schoolmates, and people who should have been there to protect me.

It was an international incident.
Regardless of any USA law enforcement covering it up as a simple suicide.

Today I am in my 40's and I was asked to try to fill a role that needed both of us to participate In starting a legal export-import related & USA based, international family related business. Obviously things have taken a turn for the worse with the entire USA on the international stage.
These plans did not include either of my parents. This was to give us & our future kids a way to survive better than how racism dictated by mainstream USA. Instead, I am left without anyone or anyone understanding what they did and how damaging they were.

Due to several factors we were supposed to be protected without special favors from USA. However that turned into my being trafficked & used for clandestine ops against Japan by several people who are very powerful or wealthy in USA related to infrastructure & export-import or security. My own father potentially being the biggest backstabber in my life by manipulating us directly as children through what is known as MKUltra or MKstargate.

I have taken the past 2-3 years to sort through the abuse & damages to my life in total from all of this.
The odds may be stacked against me, however I pray to God that sharing my story helps to save other's lives.

I hope to have an international affidavit completed in the next month or so.

It has been at extreme expense to my personal professional & financial life to do this. If you can help support me through this, please do.
I am also seeking work that still enables me to complete this massive project.

Thanks & Arigato.
Namaste, Mahalos, obligado

Bucks county guided meditation

I'm Starting early on the outdoors meditation ;- happy to also join you and guide you & your group to natural sites in and around the area. for a daily fee.

Meditation tomorrow at Ringing Rocks.
weather depending Bring a yoga mat & hammer in this floody & muddy weather.
Hammer to play the rocks.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Million Dollar Bill

My Story not for affidavit.

My father was held responsible for the party favor Million Dollar Bill with the Statue of liberty being printed.
At that time, our whole family came under scrutiny & surveillance as it created an international incident in the Middle East.
I was not aware until after everything occurred.
However, I suspect it was the catalyst for the NY Underground related handler who came into my life in 1996.
Some thought I would have married otherwise, however he was opped with a Russian woman at Cornell University while I was away for most of the year 1996. 1996 a Crux in my life

Monday, March 11, 2019

Spider season. & Old farmhouse

Anyone know when spiders hatch?
Had several of these guys when I got here. This one died by my  frankincense resin (which is higher vibrational frequency) in coconut oil (barely a spoonful i had in a bowl) a low toxin

Programmable Life forms?
I gave light to one with intention & they went up to location atop a dresser with Bruno picture where i gave them a little water. Spider didn't run away and allowed me to serve a small bit of water. So it seems if I direct light with intention they obey a little. 

Non-toxic yet Dusty remedy to hard shelled insects & arachnid;

In Hawaii I scattered Diatemacious Earth & left the apartment for a month upon finding a pinky nail sized brown fiddle head spider. Baby brown recluses after heavy rain in my 2nd floor apartment.

Vengeful arachnids & others I'll willed  programmable intentions;-

I'm a bit worried. Tons of webs we're left in the basement when I arrived. These weren't the daddy longlegs I played with in childhood. The bigger adults wolf spiders stalked me out too after vacuuming. I feel their eyes on me aka their psychic frequency;- & find them easily. I learned to recognize their intent in Hawaii. Some of the spiders & large tropical predatory millipedes & centipedes also send Psychic energy of attack.

Older folks not in reality;

How to explain the health hazard to my parents? They have gotten into protecting animals (as a cover for abusing me in childhood). They also and been using tons of pesticides on their own sleeping areas & not cleaning the cat's water bowl of slime from being near a we'll used winter stove. The cat, a familiar walks around crying for water when the weather is ill. Both have hand issues from surgery or carpaltunnel or Lyme disease issues. I even vacuumed webs for hours...

I vacuumed out 1/8 of the basement where there was an entire colony of webs & eggs under the stairs. The 1 brown recluse worries me due to number of egg sacs. OMG. I'm going to be sleeping in my car soon just for them NoT walking on me.

So, how to tell them how dangerous this is now that it's spring? Or just still do I do Einstillen for it...yes.

Thursday, March 07, 2019


I have the pain &  waste of my life on my mind. In the back of my head...
Somehow, supposed to give them hope.

Hope hasn't been there for me since I was a child. Recently I've been filling out a 90some odd page international affidavit to let whoever is looking for such information know that. That is, if they understand anything about my existence & how it affects/ affected politics globally.
I did have some say in my family as my extended family in Japan paid some attention up to recently.

I've been praying alot for life here in the USA to change for the better for me. My soul & finances pounded into the ground along with everyone else's frustration of seeing me in failure mode due to the sheer cost of attacks on me & what was my family that left my 2 siblings dead.
It's hard to prove its not a farce that my family just doesn't care, or they gave up long ago.

After all, my mother moved to the USA with a man, my father who reads my writing & has had his attorneys involved in civil conspiracy against us Japanese-Americans for as long as I can remember. It wasn't just MKULTRA my mother informed me of;- but that our presence here would have been a diplomatic peace mission if he had been an Ambassador class person.

March flow rhyming

Hull of my Heart
Is safe from Storm
Weathered n' worn
My firery tears fall heavy
Into Ground
Up a tree grows of 
Skeleton folk

Never never
Allowed to cry
Now now
I know why
Life of my tears
Is death of all fear
Ur jus like a devil
Telling us lies
Teaches us ways
Not good, I survive

I found a good tune
That helped me survive
Feeling alone,
after such a big loss
Walking alone,
sacrifice is a huge cost.
Walking alone
With an empty heart
And they think it's alive.
Lot of us live,
Feeling empty inside
Saying alot
it would be better to die
Walking alone
with an empty heart
My heart it aches
And it kinda wipe out
So much I did
I wasn't about
But I did what I did
All that I had
Met a few others
Kept me smiling around.

Walked down a highway
With a mystical man
Moves all the ocean
Waves & d sand
And I turned around
See two guys n they dreads
They sat smiling by
d'grocery store across from sea
Place in my heart
Special to me

Returned to my home
After so many years
Nothing is same
Big hole bringing on tears

Weight of my sorrow
Didn't dull a bit
Suprising me like
a big birthday cake

Weight of my sorrow
Weight of my tears
Haunting me for
So many years
There's a time to be
A time to thrive
Walking in past footsteps
It ain't really alive
Gotta find a groove
Make amends
Even after loosing my closest friend
Keep living for you
It ain't really my way
Memory treads on my heart everyday
Poverty is a disease of belief in virtures of leaders who keep us safe.

Fueling your hatred
Ain a good vibe
Do I fear (F-E-A-R) it out
Do I flip the page
Changing my vibe
Speak of different ways
I got my own way of thinking
How our world should be
I stand with others
In a real (MK online) city
Our game is real simple
Didn't you know
They making it tough
For everyone's soul
I show you my way
Struggle every day
Fighting like crazy
Between every post
Here's what I got
Here's what I did
You know I got skills
To get through these trials
Imagine doing this
As a mother & child

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Garden of Eden thought

Did anyone ever wonder?
Did Adam or Eve?
How the sex would be(have been)
Without biting into the apple?

Monday, March 04, 2019

February 2019

Some words I wrote...been silent for a long time poetry & Earth.

Caress your neck & shoulders
Cool, air & free.
Rock me to my slumber
Surfin on the Sea
Starlight from heaven
Fills my heart with dreams
Moon glows a Halo (of ho-oly)
Sun bring a rainbow
Through dark clouds, it casts
All impassioned...
These experiences last

Watching moons & rainbows
On our balcony
Lifetimes in motion
Meetup hardly
New Year's mentions
Of us hardly

Didnt you know
when my tears are dark
A comet crashes into Sea
We all affect this planet
You're important to me
I jus wanted to say

A comet crashes into Sea
From the world above
A comet crashes into Sea
Didn't you know
You're important to me
When my tears fall heavy
A comet crashes into Sea
We all affect this planet
You're important to me.

Gotta teach young souls
What saves Earth is fun
All my dark tears,
Lost days and years
My heart,
figured I should start
Caring about this world
Burned like a comet

Didn't you know
when my tears are dark
A comet crashes into Sea
We all affect this planet
You're important to me
I jus wanted to say...
My heart burns like a comet
Watching moons & rainbows
On our balcony
Lifetimes in motion
Meetup hardly

Looking for a reason
To keep hanging on
Any little reason
To laugh and smile
Just that one thought
Got, got me through
A very tough time
Whenever I hurt
I think of you

Saw those bad times through
And I hope, some love was there.
I never knew.
Kept guessing
about you
If your intentions were
Good -- somehow you saw me through

I walked in your room
In A dream of mine
Just to check and see
If you were fine.
Wanted to say
I loved to live
Took a chance
That things, me and you
Would work out positive too.
Ty Spiiren my Day

I love you baby
When you do it right
Right vibe, right way
You know... right vibe
When I do it,
I do it right
When you do it, right
Yea eh eh eaah

When we stay
By beach or bay
Soothing sound
Make sky & waves
Sacred place - don't take it away
By ocean waves

Magic, freedom
Heart vibration, sails
Under sunlight
Till the sunset
Even moonlight
Make love
All all all night
I love you
Making it too
Right vibrations
Hold my hand
Walkin the beach
Watching waves
Pounding reef
Breathin, breathe in.

Wake in the dawn
And do it all
Just one mo-o-ore

Magic, freedom
Under sun light
Till the sunset
Even moonlight
Make love
all all all night
I live you
Making it too
Right vibe

Hold my hand
Walkin the beach
Watching waves
Pounding reef
Breathin, breathe in.

Didn't I trust you with anything
My heart, I counted
Didn't know I needed to explain.
Taken for granted
Not a fair trade
Everyday livin
why you got to add strain?
Simple is life,
in a certain way
Wakeup, coffee, smoothies
Smiling every day
[Yeah I got my work
Bills expect to pay]

When we are together
I found a certain groove
Breathin together
Makin my mantra, Everyday with you.

In a land far away
My friends in ohanalei
So good so free
So many same as me
Growing up so far away
Didn't know life could be that way
Lost my brother in a violent way
We could always relate
Lie the same way
Same goal
No matter how far away
Even if a year passed
Know our way
Till life's end,
make it last

Wish I could stay
Without hate
So much hate
Nothing feeds my soul
So much bird song
Lightens heavy mood
Sun it shines
Palms they sway
Turtles they see
Me...on beach I pray
Take yoga class
Sunrises, I
Dinner is served
I prep a little more
Go out to work
Till near next days dawn
Socialize and revolutionize
My thought my word
Heilstrom came into my life
My insides, soul, all torn apart
Everyday a little part, heals a little bit
Heilstrom stitch and light, it grows
Mends a piece ravaged by dark evil ways that my heart does not want to stay.
Fixing my heart like God only knows
Heilstrom is a stitch of light from God. The thread, the chord eminates his Love. Golden glow fixes my eternal grid.

It changes course

Souls are born
Know who they want to be
Devil's actions
Change your course
Trust me
Planet made divine
With Sin's finery
Mark of error
Changes our course
Not that we perish
Changes course from
robs mind.
Changes course.

For matter, for care
Divine path
Trust God is there.

My heart, its empty

||:  I need love for all the time Earth turns...& Then some  :||

Sunday, March 03, 2019

On a happier note

In winters weather mix,
Birds come to eat seeds tossed on the ground. Usually they fly away when the see me approach. However, since I shovelled a couple days ago & tossed some 5am seed for them;- I added some Unhulled hemp seeds.
So today, the bigger of song birds landed by our patio door. Birds looked at me and then looked over remaining birdseed like (what is this ?) Then looked back at me.
It was an oh man, I didn't feed u.
So I got my bag of seeds and tossed a few handfuls out for them. They returned to eat the seeds. And, only a few hemp seeds were left when I returned to check.

Birdseed makers need to add hemp seeds to every mix. Birds all over the world seem to pick hempseeds as favorites.

Prespective: Diversity, Dating, Dailylife.

Diversity USA

Born As a 1st generation Japanese-American & dual national, I have been forced into USA's diversity debate.

It seems my Caucasian east coast counterparts  still hypothesising about diversity. They are still in a sea of Homogenized eurocentric family traditionalists.  Their dating habits are also largely Caucasian. They don't interact with women like me in an equal manner or consider the constraints of their biased gender & employment systems.
It's virtually inescapable, and is an "investment" decision and risk assessment to even venture on the highly unusual first date. Rather, they opt for insulated sexual harassment, abduction, and sexual assault as their primary interactions for "diversity". While mildly sitting back and interloping with collegues of minority desparity, and statistical comparisons of race based plights.

My return from diversely integrated Hawaii has shockingly contrasted this common Eastern Seaboard experience. There are virtually zero Japanese men for me to date here. They are scooped up quickly by others who target them for income viability. A prime social slave.
It's USA's pecking order of slaveship, nothing my Japanese family has ever had to endure. They know little of racism. Even my cousins who attended University in Philadelphia were quick to adopt Jibe to fit in.

I've grown weary of the Caucasian dating scene due to their sex trafficking pimp attitudes towards dating me as a rare American-Asian privvy to their racist tonalities.
The same tonalities they scorn me for spotlighting as a USA standard over 3000miles away from the crossroads of flourishing Asian-American culture.

It's lonely here. Quite possibly worse than being a severely disabled child all through life. Friendships are scare due to encroaching 'let me get at you to prove myself to the others' Caucasoid conquerer mentality.

I'm so exhausted and disheartened from this, it makes me miss being poor in other more friendly places.
However, I'm financially trapped again. 5months of violent & angry threats in the Quakertown Community. It's not the uninterested or positive people I have to worry about. I have to worry about the few haters who are active about causing harm. They have engulfed and sunk my hopes of a pleasant life on the Eastern Seaboard.

Prayers to me, I still hope for a nice life.

Saturday, March 02, 2019


Black lace lies like wings of flies.
Death rides my soul with reapers' grim eyes.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Today a thought- all draft as usual

Because I wanted to help, I bought a little trinket, maybe a stone or a rock, basket or indigenous frock. Then that person got more ambitious and used the money to get hardware to kill a whale or the last of some last extinct species, or one noone in globalist english had discovered. That person got into a fight on a boat, killed someone with a knife bought. A chain reaction of death took part. Eminated from the distant land & echoed out, into some ungodly War.

Then I thought again. I went without. Found the significance was something I could live without.
That species survived and balanced others who needed, good vibe. And things were pleasant. Everyone in a good way, at home not envying others who get paid.
Life moves us

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Hearing issue, Hyperacusis

Do not play loud! HF warning!!! HF range vanishes/ out of range while holding key before the other tones!!!
It is a sound wave that descends, maintains drone with subtle ascending variable, carries ascending HF simultaneously. It sounds like an airplane engine (plane crashing slowly) with a monk's voice changing pitch. 3 frequencies on 1 sound, key depressed more than a few seconds till HF range vanishes & my ear hurt.

Dangerous sound, my superhearing hack (superhearing a disability under Hyperacusis) I created in soundlab in 1999 at Music College.
Uncertain if complete & I may have on reel to reel still.

HF warning!!! Can be painful or damaging to hearing!

[PATCH] sheet from 1999
Hold Control on =A,B,C,D
Velo curve A=03, B=02, C=04, D=01
Rate A=59, B=74, C=74, D=74
Delay A=REL, B=40, C=40, D=40 TONE A
Filter mode = HPF high pass
Cutoff Frequency = 99
Resonance = 45
ENV depth = 48
Cutoff KF = 35
LFO select = 02
LFO depth = +19

TVF Envelope
Time 1 = 11
Level 1= 100
Time 2 = 78
Level 2 = 0
Time 3 = 2
Sus Level = 4
Time 4= 11
Level 4 = 65

Level =52
Bias direction = Lower
Bias point = C#1 (C#-1)
Bias level = 04
LFO select = 1
LFO depth = -45

Velo sens = +18
Time velo = -30
Time KF = 00

Thursday, February 14, 2019

I need protection immediately

My father is not a studious man.
He is very much about his guns and ammo, a Pro NRA supporter & proud of his marksman. He enjoys the white privilege of destroying my life. And, acts appropriately on under direction of his attorney or friends, many who have egged him on to throw me on the street.
He, As a handler who beta programmed me since childhood;-
He took nude photos of me, as a toddler when he had an open printing shop his own printing business BCG.
He dropped me off at different people's homes in the middle of the night
Also he used to play with me when I was in bed and tell me he wanted me to be good at sex. All by age 9 with extreme physical abuse to the point I blacked out from both hi. & My mother handler. She did not abuse me as much until her return from the Hospital.
He used to tell me that if I ever meet the right guy I'm to tell him "im a poster child for MKULTRA and to use my initials."
My mother abused me and hid behind her surgeries. She abused me daily, taking over after my father stopped abusing me every single day. It was not normal physical abuse. She dragged me on the floor & down the stairs nearly daily. They got off on beating me and used to smile and laugh when they did so.

I personally want to file old child abuse charges on them that have been impeded due to my "race & national origin" because of my remote location as well. However, that seems hopeless due to all interest being against me;- area attorneys & locals making money from Child trafficking & drug trafficking.
My own father has joked many times about the good ol'days with his military buddies dropping bails of "dope" from the C130's, running spooks & bombing overseas villages & people outside of wartime in several different nations.

He was not an " appropriate" father figure and we had very few positive interactions with his extended family.
My mother has chosen to go along with him on even very offensive notes in order to maintain what she values as an acceptable marriage.

Today, I am very uncertain that I can remain alive with the knowledge I have of his friends & shooting buddies that bring weapons to the house in my absence.

They do not interact with me as normal reasonable people. I had hoped that their age changed them.
They have also done extensive Fina call and emotional damage to my life permanently. And, there are no apologies. Since my mother's family in Japan does not want the complications of my parents decisions;- they are excluded from this posting as an appropriate audience.

My personal documentation of this matter is over 40yrs of MKultra style abuses since before my Mother naturalized to the USA.
As I began blogging due to issues I posted at the onset of the PAtriot Act, my father and the US military or feds have "changed" the prior USA documentation of my mother's immigration & hid or destroyed an original copy of one of my proof of birth that was vital to my proving his affiliation with some Occult/Cult that took the blood sacrifice of my sister prior to my birth.

Vegan Cream aka V2 (frozen)

Vegan bartender making  custom drinks in 2003

This one is a Frozen Vegan Cream  I used to serve up in repurposed 1/2 yards and take to my neighborhood friends. my daquiri substitute.

named : V2
3count vodka
7 count Bacardi Gold
Balance with Very Vanilla Soy delicious
Add frozen strawberries

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Rainbow Heaven

Long time ago...
Rainbow heaven running through my head
Went to my pen
Then vanished again.
Rainbow is it found make the world ur greenest playground. r.H. How is it made?
Free creatures, trees...go unseen

turn night from black to green.

Run wild in city streets
Invoke the animal who doesn't eat quite a task

Monday, February 04, 2019

Body all crumpled up
Like Its thrown away
I watch the living
Like I'm hunting prey

I'm wearing all the things
They got them through
Figured it help me
See this battle through

And I rise up
After they passing through
Picking my target
Like I'm shopping for shoes

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Meditation changed my life

30 years ago, I used to just meditate. I never thought it was a cure. Since I started, I found It is a cure when done correctly.

Meditation 1st, takes away the societal stress the ego puts on our souls.

Meditation 2nd, focus creates a flawless place away for our soul to experience freedom.

Meditation 3rd, is where our soul & body can achieve healing;- let go of sickness & complications entirely. Give them to God to amend.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

I painted my heart for you
On a cardboard box
Thinking I know,
I'm not even art.

It became my whole world.
So vibrant it glows
While my life becomes cold.

Blue sky & clouds they blurred
White caps & surge.

My heart it pulsed red yellow green
Took my vibe to the ocean dream

About My heartwish:
Just so you know, before I came I asked God if I can go in a beautiful way. I didn't come, expecting to stay. I think of finding my way
Back Home,
Every Day.
There was a beautiful spot,
admired & respected by intellectual thought.
Not to ruin the fun,
just adoration in
the last jump.

I think of the days 
When it was about strong hearts
Our hearts that could withstand the pain
That life pours on
So we can see the wrong witness the dying of Innocents
Lost under the drone
Monotonous life making money Having an ego
& Some good food .
Today it's about fighting or holding up this big dark cloud
Before it comes crashing down
On everybody.
Some grasping at straws 
Are leaving the good 
To wreck ALL

Just for a little money

All the same as it was back then;- ALlot more damage 
To keep on going,... To keep on going 
I wonder where those strong hearts went
Or if they joined the struggle to pay the rents.
And paying the debts of our parents gen
(To the) the souls that demand a balance 
From before our grandparents. I wonder where all the strong hearts went
Demand for a truthful justice
While on the run
From the dark cloud
  Taking down the strongest ones.
So they could hurt the rest
It's gotten so bad,
my handler rents got to believing in miracles & magic.
They believed the lies
Woke up realizing there.
Ain't nothing else left.
Reality is gone.
Having power, promised a lie 
Their bodies got old so they are feeling the pain 
not quite ready to shrivel up and die. All my friends are gone Suicided for real Life's taken without fear
so their souls weren't stolen
Or contorted to be a form
they weren't warranted to be born with 
My eyes are torn.
From the sights I've seen
The horrors MK ultra's CIA created for me
My eyes they're torn
From the images of war
The cold hungry and poor
I'd rather tear the illuminati bill
And start doing things for real
More save more (lives)
Today we got more Strong hearts saving money
It more of the old norm
What happened to the strong hearts Where did they go
My eyes are torn
I cannot hear anymore
Seems the struggle went...
Many just grasping for a scent
Of someone they loved before
My heart knows that feeling....
Before my eyes, they tore
Burst forth with a flood Drowned, like thousands of one/lives In cold red blood, The sunset or Dawn
It keeps on coming...

Sunday, January 20, 2019

2019 Vegan ideal & Keto Vegan lifestyle

I'm working on how to explain the vegan-keto diet I lived on for 2yrs before reintroducing normal food meals 15% of the year.
And, what breatharian meant when other suggested I'm able, the mind games for willpower to do it, etc.
It's a different world today!
If anyone needs help fasting...this was very comprehensive for reducing my footprint. And I've read enough articles about how others are Afraid to do vegan- keto.
No, this isn't a 30day master cleanse either. Or a Vitamin C & Saltwater flush routine. Nor is it Krisna's calendar of diet adjustments. NOR DID I HAVE MUCH OF ANY JUICE!