Saturday, December 22, 2018

Morning thoughts 2018

I'm writing my next sentence to help give my reader a hint at the perspective I'm writing with;-
I'm Nisei, 1st generation Japanese-American in 2018.

It's not just my perspective.
In the USA it is also my "race".
Corporate America calls it my "ethnicity" or more rudely that I'm an "ethnic".
My friends, many who are predominantly Caucasian & study "not culturally appropriate" arts to their background, say I'm wrong for my perspective or I think the wrong way.
Canada, is one of the only nations who have come forth to make a statement about practicing culturally appropriate arts and making money.
So, the United States still remains in the insulting range.

They say instead that Asia & Japan should adopt their way of thinking to the advantage of Globalists:- be mistreated, taken advantage of, and generally pushed aside and forgotten people of our cultural heritage(s).
To me, it still doesn't matter.
My DNA is too diverse as a Eurasian.
Japan is far removed due to the social stigma of the USA globalist culture that bludgeoned me since birth & throughout 4 decades going on five.
The economic damages I survived were tremendous.
Yet those of the last decade impacted my ability to be "successful" in the business sense due to extra enormous devastation in Japan from 2011 Tsunami & major infrastructure damage from quakes, typhoons, landslides, and flooding.