Monday, December 31, 2018

Lime roasted Turnips & sweet potatoes

4 large turnips
2-3 large yams
1 organic lime
2tbsp Avocado oil
1tsp smoked salt - I used keawe smoke flavor in Alae'a Hawaiian Salt.
1/2- 1 tsp - Mesquite spice
Water for boiling.
I prefer organic lime & root crops yams (golden flesh) & turnips (swedes). This was "higher altitude" cooking, and I used lime peels. Also richer, carb yams/sweetpotato drenched cooking option at the end.
Prepare turnips for mashing by slicing & boiling till soft. Add 1/2 organic lime (unpeeled & unsqueezed) to the water with 1/2 lime cut to garnish drink size. Add 1tsp Alaea salt (keawe smoked salt - or other)
Strain water into bowl when turnips are soft.
Pull lime pieces & set aside.
Reuse water & boil diced sweet potatoes 8-10 min until semi soft.
Fork Mash turnips while boiling yams. Add 1-2tbsp avocado oil. Preheat oven to 350°F to slow bake or Broil
When enough carbs are cooked off the starchy yams, turn off stovetop heat & drain & rinse (or use liquid as soupstock (if all organic).

Put yams pieces in an oiled pie tin, add slivers of lime mixed in. Squeeze 1/2 lime 1tsp lime juice into mashed turnips. Scoop the remaining lime pulp from the 1/2 lime & mix it in the diced yams. (Add 1-2 tbsp maple syrup for a glaze if desired when yams are near done or cooking for starchy carb eaters.)

Put the pie tin in the oven & bake/broil yams till lime peels are still crispy.
Pull the lime peels from the dish and scrape remaining lime pulp into the yams. Mix in 1/2 -1tsp mesquite spice.

Add the mashed turnips to a small quart sized casserole dish & top with the hollowed out lime. Remove both dishes from broiler oven when lime turns brown.

Stir in 1tsp Chipotle Tabasco to the yams. (Cholula)

I tried to make this simple, so lower carbs go without the starch & maple syrup.
The 'richer flavor' variation & more starchy carbs is to simply bake the yams. After baking, slice into 1/2" pieces & then mix in boiled lime pulp, mesquite spice, add a little 1/4-1/2tsp Smoked salt, Chipotle Tabasco.
& Broil yams in a separate dish with the lime juice & avocado oil mashed turnips.