Sunday, December 23, 2018

Identity disassociation from being Japanese

Back in NY. Realizing that Even the people I talk to consider saying "they" in reference to Japanese, while I'm present.
I've had to handle this behavior for alot of my life inside the United States. And, as a Japanese American Nisei, I have tried to participate and disassociate from my Japanese ethnicity, heritage, and

Realizing that I'm vegan when I order tofu outside Japanese and Asian restraunts. To them I'm not Japanese at all, I'm one of them by disassociating from being born a dual national to Japan & the United States.

And the typical jesting at me when I point it out, is their normal protocol for handling it.

Unlike Japanese-American areas, I can't just be myself. There is no dialogue for it here.

Inelegant American drinking culture about how they take advantage of women like me by serving huge amounts of alcohol and make it less socially acceptable not to participate.