Monday, December 17, 2018


I have to be thankful for the Hawaiians, especially Da Hui & some kamaaina, even if I don't agree 💯. They know the water culture & the sea inhabitants best. They also are lifeguards. They set the playing field fair enough for everyone's safety.
Surfboards are dangerous in the strong currents of Oahu. What I saw & experienced at the North Shore is that the Pro & local surfers are fair. Tourists & dreamers avoiding serious mainland responsibility aren't fair. Hawaii is Asia Pacific crossroad to the "freedom" the USA offers. That's a new concept to Chinese tourists & others who don't live in democracies. However, for USA demographic that focuses on dragging Asia- Pacific minorities into financial destitute;-  Oahu, and Hawaii State needs a system for local businesses and kamaaina freelancers to get paid. Too many tourists, foreign & US Domestic residents do charge backs on their vacations, services & food, once they leave. It's created a poverty and level of crime, violence in Hawaii that State residents cannot afford. I think that's the state's responsibility. The overall attitude of those people & the large banks is that their credit card users don't need to pay, and many locals are thiefs. Hawaii State could easily set up an app & vacation log that tracks tourists' vacations & itemizes each purchase, service, meal, and activity. They should have to verify & clear every item before leaving the island. Or, the easy way out is to make tourists purchase Hawaii dollars printed money & have a debit load system to a card, making them exchange money for local Hawaii money that stores & services accept. It would help reduce crime local businesses endure and also create leftover investment for keiki or other needs of the local community. It's wouldn't be easy, however reduce the rip-off rate by those tourists which adds up to impact local business owners in a bad way.