Sunday, December 16, 2018

Chrysanthemums in Asia are important symbols

For those new to Asia:
Kikuchi as kiku-chi is a beautiful Ancient Asian name that means Chrysanthemum land 菊地 or Chrysanthemum pond 菊池 . The former being less common than the latter.
There are many kanji,  Chinese Asian alphabet, where Asian writings have a different meaning. Chrysanthemums are common imperial imagery in Japan & China. Phonetically Kikuchi sounds similar, though Europeans & Americans do not pronounce things correctly. So they think we are all related, which is not the case ;-
Some are
kiku = 菊chrysanthemum
Chi =池  pond kanji
Chi = 地 land kanji
Chi in both cases have similar looking kanji. However the radical for land looks like a cross. The radical for pond is three horizontal lines instead of the vertical lines for river. Each radical is placed next to the symbol for Earth that resembles a plow.
It also designated land warriors vs. water warriors in the old imperial security houses, before modernization.

Though Kikuchi 気 口 as in Ki-kuchi
Ki= 気 spirit
Kuchi = 口mouth or opening
As one way Europeans & Americans  intend to defile the ancient Buddhist or Imperial family lineage. Many Americans defile my heritage by using saying Ki-kuchi as a request for prostitution services also USA eng. Slang "Kuchi" means or Pussy/ Vagina or suck dick.