Friday, November 02, 2018

Racism in Pennsylvania

Racism runs rampant in Bucks County Pennsylvania.
There are very few people who can handle friendship & business relationships with minorities.
I was reflecting on my return here, and recent violent racist attacks. It hasn't stopped since before I was born.
This past weekend, I was again reminded why. I attended an interfaith church, with an aging congregation & predominantly white. The speaker, also Caucasian was telling them about the idea of not just having "a token" minority.
I suddenly understood my "place" in the community again. I was one of the token minorities, with my family, somewhat isolated from other minorities (let alone dual-nationals). And, it was followed up by persuasion into that I must need therapy from someone white in the community. They attacked my mindset & credibility IMMEDIATELY because I'm not white.

Yet, in this community;- I was shoved out of a faculty position by an artistic director who also is a choral coach of one of the most elite operatic choirs in New York.
Her words to me were;- we have one of you Asians. We don't need you.
This was 2002/03. From a Caucasian woman with a North American illuminati surname who was running an artistic conservatory that I helped rebuild.
Again, no written job recommendation. Nothing in writing.
So imagine the social interactions of the parents & remaining & new faculty at the school. For a pool of over 3,000 students & parents it is a largely affected place under the mindset of token minority racism.
A couple years later, my 26year old brother was killed in a horrific way near the end of the school year.