Thursday, November 22, 2018

Ban hunting on Private land!

Shots don't stop at property lines. Neither do crazed recreational hunters tracking bleeding animals. Hunters keep their guns handy 365 days a year instead of having seasonal weapon rentals.


Ban Hunting on Privately owned land. Demand revisions to provisions of Title 34 & Title 34 Chapter 25 for Protection of Persons, Title 34 Chapter 23;- to include the following;

Those persons residing at a property not to be harassed at any time, for hunters & shooters to gain access to wildlife.

That private property must be registered with the State by the landowner to be hunted by permitted hunters other than property owner, even for agricultural damage.

State mandated safe numbers;- maximum number of hunters allowed on property (acreage) at any time.

Include a safe radius from housing & buildings from line of fire with rifles & guns & projectile weapons.

2307(b)  Hunting before and after lawful hunting hours.

Post State signs/ markers where hunters intend to hunt. Issue permits for hunters out after dusk (if within legal hunting hours with night equipment). No spotting, scoping, or harassing residents after dusk.

Ban hunting on private land in addition to keeping & maintaining: 1. PA's Sunday hunting ban. 2. the Spotting Ban

Currently, Pennsylvania State does not directly regulate property owners who allow hunting & track who hunters are permitted on their property. This is a dangerous situation for resident family members who disagree with the hunter. And its cause for some hunters to harass & attack property owners for FREE seasonal & year-round access to passing wildlife. Sometimes an adjoining property owner gives permission to hunters while one did not. And some families are also international, with multiple citizenships. International incidents are a ticking time bomb.

Pennsylvania residents and private property owners should have hunting laws that make it safe and peaceable to live and use the outdoors.  Please keep everyone safe from recreational or other hunters & shooters. Some who conspire against individuals use free for all hunting as a cover to cause law enforcement issues in hate crimes and more serious crimes.

Wildlife hunters accidentally shoot people mistaken for deer at dusk. Aside from that fact, there are 120-130+ organized white supremacist groups including their militia in Pennsylvania. There are over 40 Federally recognized Hate groups in PA. Some "hunters" scope minority families despite the current Spotting Ban. Its is difficult to see license plates in the dark, identify, and distinguish vehicles. Some hunters & shooters threaten those who have already lost family members to gun tragedy in the hunting area. The emotional damage to the family is cumulative, over a decade. Some hunters & 3rd parties target, threaten, sometimes murder minority family members of those who own Pennsylvania land. I am one of the living who they attacked over decades, since spotters targeted me as a young child. Despite the gun club down the  street, there are still Sunday shooter(s) or hunters who I don't know. The off-duty police also used to shoot early each Sunday morning, year round. They shoot in the area where my brother was found shot dead with a hunting weapon over 12 years ago. And, they harassed me intensely with targeted racism. It is saddening!

This free for all or needs to stop!

Ban hunting on private land in addition to maintaining the current Sunday hunting ban Pennsylvania and the Spotting Ban.

Please regulate hunting permissions for the safety of  all property residents & neighbors, whether landowner or not. It's everyone's liability when someone is hurt, injured, or killed. Help make information internet accessible for citizens to make police reports. Not all hunters are welcome everywhere, and it's not for police to decide against minorities at time of incident.

Please Change Title 34 to ban hunting on Private Lands! Sign this petition to put a halt to the hunting free for all!

Regulations need to happen. Human lives are at stake.

Get proactive to Add an initiative for weapon rentals for seasonal hunting in order to cut down on the year round threat of shootings & gun accidents.