Saturday, September 22, 2018

Leave Hawaii;- Considerations.

Leaving Hawaii for the Fall was a decision I made, not out of convenience;-
There is a dramatic increase in crimes & violent crime all over Oahu.
There are many of us, Hawaii State Residents, Kamaaina who have parents and relatives on the mainland USA. However, when these incidents of crime occur that involve us;- the State Law does not allow (victims) to leave if the State Prosecutes a criminal. This is an unfair, Unconstitutional, practice in our eyes.

I have already lost years of my life, professional career to having to work in hospitality and remain on Oahu. I was afraid, to even go into Honolulu my last weeks in order to avoid being the target of more theft (which i also didn't report for the same reason) & random violence that has increased.

I think, in hindsight, due to the process, many people on island leave crimes unreported in order to keep the option of Leaving Hawaii state open. And, since the police make biased decisions that the crime has actually increased.

So, in leaving Hawaii;-
I learned many things from my own hypothesis.
When my plane was late & delayed by 5 hrs & also rebooked to get to the East Coast  30 hrs after arriving for Airport Checkin;-
I realized that flights out of Hawaii originate from many areas Japan, Alaska, California that may be affected by natural disaster (due to increased earthquake & volcano activity). So, the increased earth activity will also impede any type of evacuation of Hawaii.
The number I heard in June was that 9 people  (permanent residents) leave Hawaii a day.
Also, I booked a flight in between 2 hurricanes. So even our very foggy landing in Boston was approached again.

I left Hawaii with very inconvenient circumstances that don't allow me to settle on East Coast now at a level where I can have respect. So, I have tried to do my best here. I'm praying alot and asking for a path so I can move forward. I decided I need to move to a place where I can use public transportation too. I don't have any understanding partner who can assist me so I am very grateful for the financial support of my friends.

Monday, September 17, 2018

1st week back on East Coast 9/2018

This morning, my first week in Massachusetts after leaving Hawaii State, I am feeling the push of the American Economy. It's like a disgruntled economy willing to help those only from nations that do not challenge the American Economy;- AKA Japan is too high on the Economic Roster.
The USA, still, after 9 years with Clinton Boys pushing me into poverty by their direct presence, coupled with the PA Cabal's following slaughtering my siblings & attacking me... is leaving me jobless and more disparaged as a  Japanese-American born female with a college degree.
The Latino & African American & SE Asian crowds have pushed their human trafficking and prostitution ideas of employment on me. They are largely sex traffickers coupled with a White Privileged crowd who largely cannot & would not be at all respectful of me as Japanese-American and reasonably afford me time & pay to maintain my relationship with my relatives in Japan. The USA freedom" is entirely a farce to me at this point in my life.
I'm realizing that after being forced to "cool off" and "sort through the Hawaii riff Raff" for appx. 8 yrs. unwillfully.

Despite being here for one week and doing a short resume drop over the past 4 days;- I'm waking up with my precognition filled with condescending views of my Japanese-American heritage in yet another American neighborhood filled with DOD & Military related views of harming me & bulldozing me on every level.
After 22 long years of being held hostage by the United States & in rough shape;-
I'm not at all enthusiastic as I was a week ago.
Especially having to apply for manual labor waitress jobs after representing the USA at Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in 2011 for the international symposium.

I also tried to explain to someone the legalities of Japan which affect my status with my family that the USA has interferred with with full intention of harming the quality of my life since I was a child.
Week one is nearly here at 1:30AM Tuesday morning & I have lost ALL confidence in this trip already. It has been at great personal expense that I have tolerated & afforded the bulldozing by USA from multiple states and levels of its society. And, that being born a dual citizen;- the USA has violated most of my basic rights and should be challenged under ICJ or UNI due to not only gross negligence, but with full intent to murder me and my siblings who are extended family of a Japanese Infrastructure & Security relation.