Monday, June 18, 2018

My Martial arts reflection

Today, I retaliated against my boredom & started dusting off my Hawaiian yoga mat. Out of shape even after taking Mark Divine's course last year. After 20yrs...I did some basics for some of my prior Senseis &  Professors 80 crunches with toe touch to partial roll, about 80-90 Foot sweeps making marks in sand & water in the surf.
I tried the shrimpie exercises in the relatively still ocean, hands behavior behind back & ankles locked 3x  to shore from 15-20" out. It was interesting to watch my breath control, and make a serious adjustment. Then treaded water for 25min -- I should have a weight for this.
After 20yrs of intermittent martial arts & street defense seminars, I only have left 1 dirty white belt & an Israeli Krav 1 diploma somehow with E. Yanilov's  signature on it. and a Kajukembo Yellow belt issued at the Founder's funeral, and an Orange belt in Kempo from Allemany's line. Pretty pathetic since I'm a female & part Japanese.

Oh well, I'm not much of a fighter anyway & prone to non-violent literature and past actions involving me getting pinned under a car. Or wearing an ice vest in a Mylar Fish costume in 90 degree weather to protest Bass Masters.
20 years---