Thursday, June 14, 2018

Entrainment dream Multiverse

I woke all cramped & grateful for my natural Hawaii surroundings.
The dream last night to this morning was so vivid & militant I could only guess it was entrainment from some of 5 nearby radio towers (within a block) or some fragment of Earth's future.
One I was inside a barn inside a school bus like vehicle (I sketched out and isn't a school bus. It's an observation room with a partial horizontal sized window of thick glass) the barn had em from the exterior. It seems so dark that it could be an empty mineshaft large enough to hold 80 or so people who were killed with this EM., we were being followed, tracked by drones.
They found us, they being cyborg human soldiers & their remote ai drone mechanisms. I had just gotten on the bus and was looking at the people surrounding us. Then, in a short instance a white light like wave hit them. I quantum to witness the wave movement & behavior. It was a wave that didn't behave normally and was quite sensitive to bend at each human in location like individual warps forming. I witnessed the wave form's movement through the crowd of unsuspecting humans. There was no frequency of anger or being hunted to pull  from for the trained precog. There was simply a breach of locaTion and then total EW infiltration.
And just as we were pulling away from the parking spot inside the barn. I think I witnessed 50+ humans who got killed by this pulse after the makeshift compound was compromised.
They kill relentlessly.
Hundreds & thousands of people this way.
In between segway, I saw my mom & my dad. My mom insisted on being outside working with her plants. I asked my dad if she is aware of the damage these new enemies can do. The enemies can arrive at any time & seem to kill indiscriminately.

In a secondary dream, later date? I was at a military compound where sheets of iron had been made. A driver/soldier made a large armored transport. It was at least a train car long. I was standing on sheets of oxidized iron held together by thick, riveted 3" iron seams. The armored train was covered in a similar fashion without windows, which I was excited about when shown the work.
In hindsight, My excited state disturbed the EW/EM plane.
I went aboard the transporter. I was told this one compartment is most important;- A Refrigeration unit compartment, covered in sheet iron over the door & interior. Only a stainless freezer locker handle indicated what is there. Uses for the cold transport: body cooler to evade EM thermal & for body parts & for the injured.
I then took my seat behind the driver. I looked at him and as we were about to leave, a sound of a ricochet bullet hit him. Still in Entrainment mode, I realized they accessed my eyesight to gain his location coordinate. I felt betrayed by myself and the dream ended.