Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Targeted Individual Intro to 5d warfare

To accept that you might be a targeted individual
To look at the facts objectively is a battle between denial & real survival.
To admit slightly to yourself, yeah this is possible- Noone else has a better explanation.
To actually come out in public and admit to others that you are a targeted individual is a huge step.

It is a reframing of mindset that will blow your mind.

It feels like a faith leap into the cyberspace of modern  5d warfare on the "advanced battlefield". This is where full on information warfare is destroying political boundaries & real lives. It doesn't matter if you are a soldier, a housewife or a political asset;- warfare is here. You could be the grocery checkout person where a larger target shops.
Or it could be that you drove by a military base and a terrorist cell decided to jam the signal that day & temporarily captured your cell phone.
Eventually, the targeted harassment escalates to financial devestation instead of abuse. Then all your friends disappear & never call or text. Maybe someone was planning to text you, but they jammed the person's phone & your ride never showed up.