Friday, May 11, 2018

Targeted Individual "draft' "Taken" from Vacation.

If I live long enough as I am still being Gangstalked & harassed as a targeted individual....Living through physical harm, repeated attempts on my life & undue diress as well as financial harm & international.political humiliation & public torture.
This situation has caused me to have need for 24/7 security should I attempted to return to normal life in New York & Pennsylvania. It is not possible for me to afford after I have been forced into destitute & continue to be targeted by the involved parties in Honolulu County; however diverse the gangstalkers have become due to changing circumstances & the rise of USA interest in MMA fighting & contractor killer careers and attempts to assassinate me.

Plaintiff: Angela Kneale
Hawaii State, it's agents, officer, judges and directors as well as residents, commissions, agencies have caused intentional harm and undue diress to my personal well being. Some people have speculated &  believe this may be due to 'misunderstandings of' the following:
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2.  my Attendance at APEC 2011 for Shipping related issues, my private consulting, & JPN linked EXIM politics.
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I am the niece of a retired Japanese National Infrastructure executive. I personally believe the attacks on my person are meant to harm Japan-USA security Agreement that was re-written since my brother's unnatural death. Due to other people with High profile political relatives in an international group of Americans & US Citizens called Targeted Individuals.
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3. Past issues with a Military Combatives, Navy Seal,  & MMA  trainer who has students in the Mililani Area of Honolulu County who have reached international fame in MMA

The harm caused to me by Hawaii state may not be limited to government, Honolulu County judges, employees, subcontractors or contractors and those in their employ in what is collctively known as Gangstalking. This may include other parties making decisions regarding Honolulu's rail transit project and/or shipping industry employees or Private investigators.  The Cause seems to be for intended harm &/or misperception of my intention to vacation in Hawaii that was disrupted.

This writing &  publication which is a draft of my, Angela Kneale's, a basic perception of what has transpired since I first arrived on Oahu for a one month vacation and February 2009. This is my perception from 1st contact with a person who serve & serves as a military combatives & MMA trainer: who resided in Mililani Town at the time 2009 forward.
I'm speaking as a woman who was also trafficked, as defined by Honolulu Liquor Commission employees who did not allow use of phone by a trafficked individual as a starting point for accusing women of prostitution, off her vacation. So many threats & stalking from Honolulu Liquor Commission themselves outside establishment & formal office & their licensed establishments.
Part of how they were so successful;-
Is due to the handler or the abductor being a community figure who people look up to including;- children, their parents, & other respected people in the community. In my situation it included law enforcement, since this person is a high level martial arts trainer and is known in both the intrrnational sports arena of MMA mixed martial arts as well as the underground illegal & pride fight rings.
So despite there being an understanding of my intentions to vacation in Hawaii state, my free will was compromised from time arrived at HNL forward.
of school I am and my family background at a high political level internationally. Many of those nuance is that are important to the world of politic were ignored at a very basic level in my surrounding when I came to Hawaii for vacation.
In other words because of the high level trainer contacting me and making his self visible  scene with me and public others became jealous and those others were not of the same caliber of Plata call understanding. Many of them or normal people who were seeking favor with this particular trainer.
He also was teaching several military intel,  Navy SEAL, and contract killer types of men when I came to Oahu in 2009. So these men did not speak with me about who I am directly. Rather they addressed the trainer about who they perceived me to be and what they thought should be done with me. This is despite my being in a so called martial arts class with them. Though the trainer occasionally reminded them, his students, that I was none of those people or in the professions that they tested and where fantasizing I was in. This had severe adverse impact on not only my emotional well-being but also started to create a bad energy in the community that I was forced into.
When I arrived in Oahu I was 35 years old and I had built a company with my ex partner over a course of 9 years which was back in New York. I also had directly worked for one Fred Gross as he mentored me at his home with his wife, and a child and his AA which I had kept private for nearly a decade.
The people here in Honolulu County surrounding this particular trainer did not ever ask me about my prior history in life. They only asked whether I went to any local Honolulu County high school or not. They did not care about anything further or if I was even from Hawaii as if the trainer was speaking for me on all matters of my life. He is a famous martial arts coach so most people seemed enthralled to speak with him directly, thus overshadowing any pleas for help I had. This included the Honolulu Police officers who I called .
that I had they did not care to ask to my family is they did not care to ask any personal details of me other than which High School on the island I might have attended. So I was quite dumb founded to be honest to answer such a nanny not type of question as far as I was concerned. This put a big buffer emotionally between me and the community around me. Since these people put this wall up I assume they cited with the trainer and I was not looking for more abuse so I found it easier to remain silent in most cases.. It took me some time to learn that when I refused request by the trainer specifically that one of his disciples or students would hurt me for him.
And, I was hurt numerous times. The worst being when I was punched in the kidney by a large Navy SEAL who was 250 lb. & I was laid- up for approximately 5 days. The trainer had carried me out of his dojo and to the room I had been told to rent from his friend. It was a house with 3 military men at the location. He dropped me off at my roomam enclosef Lanai, with an uncomfortable futon I had Been forced to purchase. He did not check on me for 5 days. I was still in pain after 5 days and so he took me to a chiropractor and fellow Hawaiian and martial artist to attend to my back injury. He also wrote a note to the strip club where I was employed to make up for the mist days since I was not able to communicate. And the money I made went majority to his expenses as the money was cash and was easy for him to dismiss as non existence which is of course a complete lie. I was also stalked because I did not have a vehicle. The worst incident of two ways wear a very large man got on the bus that I had to take each day and tried to tackle me in the middle of an intersection in Mililani town next to where the bus dropped me off I was literally running for my life I had called the cop the Honolulu Police Department as well as their care advocate by May 2009 in order to try and put an end to this however they refused any assistant because of their friendship with the trainer. I had breeze counseling session with the CA re advocate. Also the sum of my better clothing was taken from me in this time and the trainer insist that I trained with him been that I only wear black pants and a red shirt. So for this time I only had black pants and red shirt aside from any remaining clothing I had from my arrival in Honolulu. Though again back to the strip club where I was employed it was a clean and professional entertainment environment. However I was separated from the other people at work actively by the owner who knew this trainer which is why he employed me at age 35. I did not know the reputation of this trainer claim to at the time be a federal agent which he said to me only twice that I had known him in those first 3 years I was stuck on the island. And the money I made should have easily covered some of my bills on the mainland such on my office in Ithaca New York where the rent was low but I was not permitted to keep my money and pay anything so that I would not lose what I had worked for at home in Pennsylvania as well as New York. The trainer as well as the law enforcement here in Mililani town as well as Honolulu seem to be quite amused with the sexual abuse and sexism and as I speak now at 11:13 p.m. Hawaiian time a Honolulu Police Department vehicle just passed by me.
These men & now women I do not know their exact ages but seemed to be between the ages of 16 and 56yrs old. It may include minors from the Mililani dojo associations who I had seen trying to break into the apartment realtor box I kept on the door.
He threatened to murder me when he told me he would drop me out of a helicopter to the sharks on multiple occasions. He claimed to be employed as a helicopter pilot & first responder. He also poisoned my coffee with rat poison as I had coags & my stomach felt torn up from 1sip of coffee. He also had me bring food to him in the dojo at his parents home & threatened to punch me in the face each time by stopping his fist at the tip of my nose each time. I did not feel he had any particular care for me & I was
So, I was forced to grin and bear it for many years and kept surviving despite the criminal actions against my life. To keep my person/body secure on Oahu. This includes court abuse by the trainer and  includes his attempt to sue the domestic violence attorney I had for her name change due to marriage, after securing her law degree and also trying to harm other women financially for his personal gain who were married to his students. This went on for some time before the United States Army stepped in to do a military intelligence investigation. One young woman one young married woman who I meant called her family and they feared for her life with this trainers story and her husband's involvement.
These people here in Hawaii in the neighborhood of where the DoJo's are in Mililani and the Mililani Town Association affiliation to their resident using their recreation facilities for training in martial arts seem to support this type of treatment to women and not ask where I came from or who I am and attempted to silent me by excluding me as an outsider so that I would have no way to leave this situation. Additionally the Mililani town Association was very aware of this instructor in the community as he also was a boy Scout leader as a prior Eagle Scout his self and also a night at the through the Catholic Church and a ninja to master with over 30 black belt in addition to his Grandmaster titles in a half dozen martial art. Mililani town Association apparently had been excessively vining he and his family for building maintenance in fractions some of which were as simple as grass growing by the sidewalk near the street. It appeared to me that it was possibly a way for them to Launder money from trafficking individuals. I hot wind of the deli find the Mililani town Association was billing to the instructors the trainers family home and trafficking money. Years later when there was military intervention with this particular trainer in a military intelligent investigation, be Hawaii court honored my request for a temporary restraining order until be hearing for a more permanent temporary restraining order TRO. However, in court I was told I had to sign and agreement that he the trainer and his attorney constructed without debate which I feel is also illegal unconstitutional and this person inside that it was an agreement to try and kick me out of Hawaii State at the time we were
I have lost everything I worked for on the mainland as well as my personal and professional reputation. Space this is import due to the auction and ignorance and intentional harm committed buy Hawaii state employees, contracted companies and their employees, federal employees, employees of the Department of Education, paramedic services, parties who appalled the Mililani town Association as well as the Mililani town Association and their properties.
This is a draft of my perception is as things transpired from my arrival for the first time in my life at Honolulu International Airport on February 1st, 2009. This Contract killer trainer & MMA coach also made contact with me  initially through a website called was invited to join the website forum by an invitation sent to my YouTube channel in January 2009. This is a tactic known as Gangstalking,  where the sum of actions and to a crime while the smaller actions are ignored. I Believe that someone had the record to see who was flying to Hawaii Honolulu International Airport when I was contacted. The trainer I am speaking of also was part of Obama's Secret Service team in Hawaii, and attended the same high school in Honolulu to the best of my knowledge. I do not know how many people were involved in this destruction of my life but it was apparently part of their plan as and information warfare campaign on behalf of the Chinese government and or then president Obama, to harm United States protocol asset who had multi levels of security as as well as directly trying to harm military operations regarding China's military and putting my life further at risk by exposing me directly to adverse political actors against Japan.