Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Retaliation by HPD in addition to driving me into destitute.

In addition to many other violations of my free will. I have not made a formal complaint to the HPD head as they have a history of harassment & poor conduct, as well as retaliate against women. However, they are retaliating anyway due to the changes on Oahu, past friendships, & damage done to my livelihood & career & social life from some of their relationships.
They have been bulldozing me with their new state system since the department changed it's leadership. And, I have recently just seen the tip of the iceberg in retaliation while someone else is demanding their record be cleared of ANY court matters that passed. This is current & of this past month and a half. I am writing since I am fearing for my life at this point. I am also unwilling to work in their industry they had pushed me into & kept me in due to insurmountable cost of damages on a regular basis to my body, person, and any belongings and or rental issues, which does not exclude the Trainer which one PD referred to as a pimp nearly 7 years ago. This is real, and should anything more adverse happen to me due to some respect if any left for Japan-USA security agreement & or Export Import politics; this last part lies in the hand of the State of Hawaii by the United States for attempted murder of me, especially after learning I attended APEC 2011. They are proud to harm me, I have no doubt NOT to put trust in those people who have resided in this state for decades.

Two examples of minor police harassment are as follows;-
To sue Hawaii State for police harassment on 2 occasions when I had a temporary restraining order to serve and they ignored the TRO ansd conversely
Harassed me for NOT driving  a parked & not removed from the owners possession vehicle in a Grand theft auto charge made by the TRO recipient, a male. His vehicle was parked at his home that we shared. 

The 2nd at a later date after a landlord had sexually harassed, coerced, & threatened me if I tried to leave & also stole some of my valuables in addition to attempting to keep my other posessions.