Saturday, May 05, 2018


God created the Electromagnetic spectrum wash. The EM absorbtion of fast growing trees
Before developmental companies in em warfare & defense technologies.
Coconuts are the clean food. keto Paleo
You never find someone up high, down low where I am. Never find them even passing through to see the pretty tropical ocean views. Me in my soul cloth gifted from God, I'm sitting by the ocean on particulate sand watching, watching the Electromagnetic liquid bath ending in white noise of all frequencies, no matter what the sky reflects or sunset sets in a rainbow of promised colors. God provided wave in front of me with darkened sky as I watch the frequency increase and am calmed with slightly damp cool sand on my feet.
I keep thinking about victims of Wetware. How we are now soul clothed beings of God's making & contaminated with some other  diluted godly being in a soul cloth claiming the human sphere has now overlapped with their imposition of perceptible godly power over humanity.