Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Notes LockheedRPerps on my Car

Yesterday I was driving to Waikiki and drove by the airport. Obviously there are lots of car rental auto rental places by the airport however it was near lunch time. In between stoplights and where one road 

So this adds to the collection of red vehicles perping. I think they're using either GPS tracking which is illegal unless they illegally put their own boxes on the towers. Or and I have seen extra drones flying. Ew One by ground one by air.

I sent one of the other TI a photo of me with one of Lockheed F-35 Avionics guys. Last last year they manage to hack my phone apps or as someone else said the AI coordinated at the meeting since no employment employer was listed. I can only confirm he's an F-35 Avionics guy because I went on base to see the drones and the F-35.

Since some people know I attended a peck for the USA and to my relatives are in Japan I suspect they are prepping me to try and make F-35 sales 2 Japan.

This is a massive headache. I have already expressed stream unhappiness with lockheed's approach to sales. How their perps affect my life on this island. How I can use anything to secure work or make phone calls to relatives in the United States. And if it's not coming from Lockheed., It is similar to Shane Kylie grabbing me from the airport off my vacation so that it attracted too much attention from others who are inclined to harm me due to my family relation in Japan. So until I have secure work job everything on this island the hashtag on my car is not coming off. I have already expressed to Japan ideas for a strategic minerals Alliance since Lockheed is behaving as an oligarchy and appears to with Syria be coordinating efforts with other possibly Russian Aerospace firms to enhance their sales of weapons since their cash flow is still. Japan spending over 16 billion + upgrades after purchasing 6 F-35 is nearly 25% of Japan's kids current gross. Panda needs more of a military than 6 planes.