Thursday, May 10, 2018

Nightmare of my last days

The light of a street lamp quivers on with the gleam off backs of cockroaches swarming;- consuming a dead man beneath the solar powered wonder.  Pitbulls fight nearby over a scrap of limb for the bone torn from it's socket.
Incandescent illumination is so linear under the tin sounding Hood with a screech of the prop fitting into it's hole. Nothing else working that was full of tech. No autos, TV's, games, no phones, maybe an app diary downloaded prior to the fall, the massive industrial blackout.
Pre dawn we sit holding ourselves watching the real spirits fighting & reliving their past wetware life as if permanently glued to some Electromagnetic reel. Real life that was before the fall.
The hood is up and a big cockroach sits with antennae waving at me between the radiator's steam off the engine. I am just astonished, shocked. It's as if nature is telling me I'm the weakest prey on this dry ground.
Cars, cars can't box jump across dips & crevasses. Earthquakes shook loose the constructs of infrastructure, a symbol of humanity's social networking en masse.
Post apocalyptic upheaval wasn't enough biblical preparation to truly grasp the frequency & feel to my gut of reality.
Drone flyby with DEW Electromagnetic warfare maintenance. It makes orienteering difficult with a compass.
The scum they call America, finally fell fell hard. All the warnings, all the ignorant games, ads diet plans & brain enhancing neurostacks couldn't save it. The rich & the poor. The elite & the meek. They spewed out palates of cash till the end, even bitcoins and cryptocash was played out in the Electromagnetic lottery like the grandest slot machine of life.
shoes feet walk. Hope to find a shoe store that hasn't been eaten. Pigskin, chemically laden or not. Some chew toy for the big Dawgs to keep biting down on without a drop of relief.
No blood. Nature, runs its course. Enough said.
All the dispensaries we're the first hit for obvious reasons. Those who were already hanging on trying to keep their souls from electromagnetically ripping out of the unanalogous wetware decaying to zap the brain out.
Electromagnetic warfare., They could have told us sooner. They could have told everyone sooner. We weren't ready. The whole world wasn't ready for such a chaotic collapse. But the EMP strikes that came, were an unpredictable storm. No, not like a military assault. It was the raw accumulation of radar cloaking nanoparticles that lit everything to fry the system. That's why we survivors call it "The Fall." The stuff falling from the sky brought us down. It was like the most explosive heat lightning you have ever seen.
I was at a construction site, under a bucket flipped over me. I saw flashes of light coming out from under the crawl space I dug. Everything just zapped like a huge cd in a microwave up in the sky.
Some, went blind from it. They wondered into the ripped up Earth from the quakes that continued. Like God used us to orchestrate the most unreal, geo-engineered plan ever in the history of the universe. Maybe it tore a gateway to a new dimension. Whatever it is, it passed.  What's left is a barrage of disfunctional deconstructed planet surface.