Sunday, May 06, 2018

Millenia turn in @Stargate

I was never a Lockheed employee. I rarely got paid & the Stargate program was a long time. I did work for a Gross family member to learn from him about building a successful business. This became my turn into business organizational development after many years in the non-profit & do gooder organizations that operated with limited money. After undergrad college & met & I was psychotronically summoned to Siesta Key well after Clinton apologized for radiation testing. The crowd there was a mix of Democrats & Republicans with classified information about USA infrastructure and future developments &  seeking to control the private stock exchange run corporations above & out of the public's reach.
Other things discussed pre-9-11 were how to manipulate the American public to move & implement new infrastructure.
My personal life was not respected because after what was to be a 1 week stay in the Florida Keys & Key West; I was to make arrangements to permanently leave the USA. As I was detained for work & projects learning, my Japanese family was angered with me. They thought it was a stupid child's game of hookey from my Japan responsibility. It was not. I was prevented from leaving Florida again due to my handler who is/was a friend of the a Breed family member (ask Matt Damon). I returned to Pennsylvania after a year in Florida, I had $300 sent to me secretly & was able to pack stuff & leave. I returned in time to Commence teaching at a strangely haunted & empty Conservatory in Doylestown,PA where I had to assist in rebuilding the ENTIRE student population.
Shortly after, as i felt saddened & humiliated, as my Japanese family did not appreciate my falter on my word;-  9-11 happened.