Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hawaii Is Too Small to be Social

Hawaii is too small to be social (for me)
Men here assume too much & the beach & wait staff clothes are not making enough of an impact. Plus it's a far cry from NYC. AND, I've been (gang) stalked out of housing for the past 4 years so I float around the island hoping things improve.

There is a good about telling a guy to get lost here. They approach & usually want sex. It doesn't matter if I'm offering, interested or not. 2 nights ago a white guy executive manager for hotel chain approached me as I was about to shower the sand off from my Memorial day weekend. Literally, I took a look at him, clean cut white privilege, nice watch & clean fresh clothes. We went to a bar and he bought a round of drinks. Then walked back to the beach I was leaving to watch fireworks. We got along conversationally well enough to have a conversation for about an hour or so.

Then lured to take a night drive up Tantalus, he had to stop at his place to pick up a bottle of aguarde.

So, I left my things except my phone & chapstick in the vehicle. & Followed inside & conversed for another hour over some shots.

I really would have preferred to have gotten to know him & left out the sex, but we are in Hawaii & the men are demanding.

He didn't want to spend money on me, taking me out… maybe it's the economy.

Or the hint at a cup of morning coffee.

So, he dropped me off in the morning & headed to join his friends. Aside from a duplicate verbal invite to the dojo he belongs to;- it's a dead end. No socializing, no friendship, no help & definately no money. Just sex.

At 43 for me, this is old news and very disappointing repeat of what the Hawaiian paradise has to offer me. The next day I spent at the beach.

He said his last digit is 9. So if he's 79’ it's bad. 89’ better.west group vs east group kua Feng shui.

I crashed out in my car & on a lunchtime shady nap someone knocked on my window. Another guy with 2 dogs.

So he asked me why I was in my car at 2-3pm. & We chatted a bit. Coincidentally he was persistent texting me & we coincided to walk his dogs & head to a pub for a last call pitcher. We then took a nice walk to the jetty & back. No hook up, he is a good listener. This afternoon after I took a beach walk & nearly got a sprained ankle from the sidewalk & broken slippers...I returned to my vehicle with a banana hanging off the rearview. I guess that was screamed white boy all over it. I being “yellow on the outside white on the inside” rearview ..was a little psychologically creeping me out. Then another brown gent asking to trade coke for weed approached my car. I decided to leave.