Thursday, May 17, 2018

Conspiracy I am targeted in Hawaii

Most of my time in Hawaii has been consensual only due to extreme diress. And they changed laws to make severe contractors a "weapon". Hawaii state Oahu has been using me to make a political statement to the international world.

Also, Shane Kai Li an IMDB & internationally know  martial arts choreographer & world champion associated with Mossad. He & his cousins, like many singing families in Hawaii attribute Bing Crosby to their associations in USA music & belittle everyone else.

He had spread a rumor to make a mockery of me & my USA DIY lifestyle;- that I am the great-grand daughter of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, under the supposition that my great grandmother's identity was concealed in the USA. I believe it was due to my close proximity of the Rosacrucians. It is a fact that my Great-grandmother Eva Kelly was from Ohio & a singer, voice teacher, & pre-madonna in Philadelphia at the same time and died approximately the same time as the Princess. However, my great-grandmother married my grandfather Kneale who installed the new sound revolution in silent movie theaters & had been US Navy & commended in memory by the late President John F. Kennedy. After my grandfather's passing it came forth that she had a "lover" everyone called Rice.
And so to make a mockery of me in Hawaii state after Shane Kai Li's knowledge of my brother's untimely death at age 26. This is aside from my actuality of being born a dual national of Japan & the granddaughter of a "govenor like" grandfather & the niece of a now retired Japanese infrastructure & steel executive.
My grandmother in Japan is a known National Artist first as a woman, in the likes of Basho, as a Haiku poet.