Saturday, April 28, 2018

Strategic Minerals Alliance & ASEAN manufacturing

Tri-Lateral with possible India extension for a Strategic Minerals Alliance { &  for the TPP
BRAZIL agreement} Bring manufacturing back to CONTINENTAL ASIA &/or Mexico riddled with security issues.

- Cuts down on USA IP theft
- Less sales through Lockheed opens defense budget to Japanese Zaibatsu
- Production costs lowered if quality standard meets expectations in Mexico-TPP
- Eliminates Trade War tarriffs from finished USA & NA products
- Speeds production & devlopment time & creates possiblity for peaceful negotiation process.

USA makes an enormous profit after purchasing strategic minerals & is ALSO putting tarrifs on the products ie., Lockheed F-35's ---ABE appears to be A MORON at the moment.

Excerpt from my post in October 2016
2. WW3 looks more like USA/India/Korea VS. China/Russia/Japan 
The United States is responsible for endangering Japanese born nationals within the USA Homeland. The US has jeopardized and pushed out standard business and family safety for Japan in key areas from the US Homeland in county courts in small locales. Instead, the USA business elite has embraced the family presences of Korean nationals and Indian nationals in particular while collaborating to create a facade of Japanese business relationship to the US public. In fact, most of the Korean & Indian linked business presence on the East Coast is aimed at destroying the Japanese image and presence in the larger US public at the ground level.

In the past decade and a half, before the talks of TPP vs. ASEAN;- it was more common to find micro level business & friendships between Japanese and Chinese within the USA homeland. There is still a huge lack of respect from the Korean and Indian communities/neighborhoods towards Japan in the USA. Of course this disrespect is only carried out politically with the help of the usual in charge USA white majority (that includes anyone of European descent who appears more caucasian). The dual national Israelis nearly top the list of foreigners pouring