Thursday, April 26, 2018

People hitting my vehicle in Bucks County

My vehicle was broken into several times in the driveway.
Sometimes it would pick up short wave radio broadcasts of plans to undermine the Green party & also manipulate Open Space laws. I think this had to do with my neighbor & insurance agent who had a track development project proposed. They were trying to kill anyone who stood in their way.

In Doylestown, PA just a few minutes away from the Conservatory/Music School where I was a piano faculty member. I was waiting at a red light at a full stop. Traffic was backed up to the front of the Doylestown Court House. I saw a car in my rear view mirror just before it slammed into the rear of my 2door vehicle. The car crashed into the back of my vehicle & crushed the trunk to the rear passenger seat.
I was in shock & when the ambulence arrived I had to insist going to the hospital for any neck & head trauma. They took me to the Doylestown Hospital.

This was one of many accidents that occured in Doylestown & Quakertown.
Another unreported accident was by a student driving their parent's vehicle the day before I was to trade in the car for another newer vehicle.  My vehicle was parked at the time.

One other incident at the Quakertown library where a woman backed into the passenger's side door with an SUV in the parking lot. I was attempting to leave the lot. She looked back at me and was laughing.