Monday, April 02, 2018

My stack of Keto Diet & Vegan Supplements 2018 Q1

2018 Q1 keto-vegan shopping list
Oils & MCT’s
North Shore Goodies (no honey)
         Original Coconut PeanutButter       
Laird - Hydrate Tumeric
Almond Butter 
Justin’s Maple Almond Butter 
Once Again Sunflower seed butter 
Artisana or Nutiva Coconut Manna 
Haleiwa Plantation Coconut oil

Organic Cacao Powder 
Organic Mustard 
Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (for tofu)

Daily 3-4.5 liters water - bottled or boiled only due to bacteria (Hawaii)
Nuts- almond, macadamia nuts, mixed nuts
Celery sticks
Raw tofu 1lb 
Teriyaki nori
Organic Lemons
1/2-3/4lb Alkaline vegetable salad (no lettuce)
2 small containers Vegan Pesto
Med side -lg side -bowl mixed steamed Veggies Panda Express.
Shredded Beets
Potato Chip weakness:- Almond oil smoked potato Chips
Other popular keto type snacks.

 Supplements -Keto Vegan
Creatine - A. Cre5  B. Cre-Elite (wake-up)
Protein - PLNT 
Green 2o Liv international 
Udo’s Omega 3-6-9 blend 
MK-7 Jarrow - Gummies or Capsule
Dry Vitamin A
Yohimbe HCL (before work)
Vira Guard 605 (2weeks)
Activated Charcoal