Friday, April 20, 2018

Give up on USA

Finally being able to interview and tell someone about the living nightmare I have suffered for 43 years in the USA Has made me think forward.
Without the USA bases being removed from Japan permanently, some of my relatives do not feel that the laws of the Patriot Act will protect me or them from a USA home invasion.
It has been a really really tragic & UGLY life in the USA. Sure some of the once in a while photos look pretty amazing. However, my quality of life is low.
The political conversation that has existed since we were wrongly attacked, my brother executed without question in our neighborhood, my life threatened & many attempted murder by USMC, US Army,  DOE, US Navy, & ATF & Narcotels  & other Federal employees as well as USA's white supremacists domestic terrorist groups and other opportunistic criminals also from South East Asia & Latin America
Have bestowed extreme difficulty for me to continue my life in a positive way. That is not to live with the mistreatment that USA puts on sterotyping.
I realize I want to share my story. But as I have refused to write a book about my political views;- I feel it only confirms USA's intentional defilement of the core of international society.
As I am still in Hawaii, they continue to impress forcing me into their wealth of criminal actions to make an example of me here in Hawaii.
They have lied to other Americans about me for a long time. About my brother too. About my mother & insulted all of us. They can lie as much as they want in the USA. My mom's family is ashamed that we exist and hid me from other Japanese seeing me sight when I returned in 2010. Even the translator who exists to confirm I understand my family was shocked that I came from America.  Ignoring me another trip aside from wiping my flight off the NEX board. It does not change some permission my parents initially had in the late  60's to make a trip to the USA together.  Everyone in USA govt have tried to Axe murder every one of us. My mom & I remain. I cannot and do not want to live through more humiliation & abuse from the USA & now +Hawaii.